Presbyterian, Saxton

History: The first Presbyterian minister who labored in Saxton was Rev. John Peeples, of Huntingdon, in the summer of 1854. In November, 1856, Rev. John Elliott was sent here by the Huntingdon presbytery, and organized a church. In 1857 Rev. Samuel Lawrence began preaching in Martinsburg, Saxton and Broad Top, and continued until 1864. Rev. Banks was next installed (as the first pastor) over Saxton and Yellow Creek churches. He was succeeded by Rev. hardy, who was installed in 1866. In 1865-6 the Presbyterian church of Saxton was built at a cost of thirty-five hundred dollars. The first officers were: John Fulton, elder, and James L. Prince and F. O. Alleman, deacons.

In 1869 Rev. R. J. Graves became pastor. Rev. J. W. Boal was pastor, 1871-5; Rev. E. P. Forsman, 1875-7; Rev. J. H. Baird, 1877-80. Since 1880 the church has been supplied twice a month by appointees of the presbytery. The congregation, which once numbered one hundred and fifty members, is now reduced to twenty-five (in 1884). The membership of the sabbath school is ninety.

(Source: The History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pa., Waterman, Watkins & Co., 1884, p. 334-5.)

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