Location: Bedford Twp., 1395 Briar Valley Road, Bedford PA 15522.

Historical Account: Pleasant Hill Reformed Church, in the township of Bedford, was organized in 1862 by Rev. Henry Heckerman. Prior to that date its members had belonged to the Bedford church. Among them were Adam Koontz, Daniel Koontz, John S. Ritchey, Jacob Yont, George Dibert, John R. Ritchey, John Wisel, Jacob Croyle, Michael Holderbaum, Catharine Ritchey, Eve Koontz, Mary Croyle, Rebecca Wisel, Mary Diehl, Jonathan Diehl, Catharine Holderbaum, Elizabeth Reighard; Jacob Dibert, who gave the lot on which the house of worship stands; Sarah Dibert, Samuel Walter, Mary Walter, Daniel Walter, Abraham Reighard, Caroline Reighard, Frederick Schnable and wife, Andrew E. Dibert, Elizabeth Dibert, Ephraim Koontz, Rebecca Koontz, William Phillips and John B. Phillips.

The church edifice was commenced in 1861, and completed in 1862, at a cost of one thousand one hundred dollars. Andrew E. Dibert, John S. Ritchey and Ephraim Koontz composed the building committee. A Sabbath school has been maintained since 1865. The present (1884) members of the congregation number one hundred and thirty-five. The pastors and the length of their pastorates have been the same as for St. Paulís church--Rev. Henry Heckerman from organization until October, 1871, to October, 1881; Rev. C. S. Slagle, from October, 1881, to the present date. Of the present church officials Abraham Reighard, William Dibert and William Fletcher are deacons; Andrew E. Dibert and Adriel Koontz are elders. The first interment was made in the burial ground in 1861.

(Source: The History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania, 1884, Waterman, Watkins & Co., p. 269.)

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