Methodist Episcopal Church, Loysburg

History: The Methodist Episcopal Church. Morrison’s Cove had not many settlers when the Methodist itinerant preacher found his way here. This territory was then part of the Baltimore conference, and the preachers traveled far and wide. They preached almost every day and every evening. They distributed tracts and were colporteurs for the Bible house, giving Bibles in homes where people had no money, and selling them to the folks who could pay for them.

The oldest available records show that a Methodist Episcopal church was built in Loysburg in 1853. Among the members whose names can be found were Captain Daniel Karns, Mary Ensley Karns, Mrs. John Chamberlain and Miss Sara Chamberlain.

The house of worship was dedicated in 1900, having been begun in 1898 under the pastorate of Rev. J. B. Brenneman and completed under the pastorate of Rev. J. K. Lloyd and dedicated by Rev. Richard R. Gilbert, D. D. The building committee was composed of H. B. Aaron, James Little, George W. Karns, J. S. Biddle, Henry Brown and the pastors.

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