Methodist Episcopal Church, Everett, West Providence Twp.

History: This organization was formed, in 1809, under the ministerial labors of Rev. John Gilwatt, who was the first circuit preacher on the Bedford circuit. The original society was composed of eight members, viz.: Charles Ashcom, class-leader, and family; Mrs. Fishburn and family; Mrs. Anna Barndollar and family. Bishop Asbury, who visited Bedford circuit in 1810, writes as follows, concerning this class: “In passing through Bloody Run, I preached at Barndollar’s. The Lord has seven in this family who fear and worship Him.”

The church was served by the ministers traveling Bedford circuit until 1844, when East Bedford circuit was formed. Rev. J. Gamble preached on the latter circuit for two years, and was succeeded by James Stevens, 1846; Jacob Gruber, 1847; H. Hoffman, 1848; C. Graham, 1849; W. A. McKee, 1850; A. Bland, 1851; W. H. Bellman, 1852; D. Shoaf, 1853-4, during whose administration the parsonage at Bloody Run was built; G. W. Bouse, W. H. Stevens, 1856; J. A. Coleman, W. H. Stevens, 1857; J. A. Coleman, G. T. Gray, 1858; R. W. Black, J. W. Buckley, 1859; C. Cleaver, H. Linn, 1860; C. Cleaver, J. G. Moore, 1861; J. C. Clarke, __ Greenley, 1862; J. C. Clarke, J. A. McKindless, 1863; J. B. Polsgrove, W. R. Whitney, 1864. In 1865 the name of the charge was changed to Bloody Run, and Polsgrove and Rev. Crowel returned as supplies; W. G. Ferguson, T. T. S. Richards, 1866; W. G. Ferguson, W. Case, 1867. (The church had so prospered that the last quarterly conference of the year asked for a division, and Ray’s Hill circuit was formed.) G. W. Van Fossen, 1868-70; A. M. Barnitz, 1871-3; J. Donahue, 1874-6; James Curns, 1877-9; W. G. Ferguson, 1880-2.

The congregation at Tatesville is a part of Everett charge, and both number three hundred and fifty members. The church has no debts and its property is valued at ten thousand dollars (in 1884). Rev. W. G. Ferguson is the only pastor who has served the charge two terms. He preached his farewell sermon March 4, 1883.

The first church edifice in the town was erected by the Methodists in 1810 or 1812. It stood nearly opposite the present Presbyterian church. The next was built in 1839, and is now occupied by the Reformed congregation (in 1884). The present Methodist Episcopal church was built in 1859-60, and presented to the congregation by Jacob Barndollar, Sr. The society is now contemplating the erection of a new and handsome church.

(Source: The History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pa., Waterman, Watkins & Co., 1884, p. 318-9.)

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