Bedford United Methodist Church, 132 E. John St., Bedford.

The Bedford circuit of the Methodist Episcopal church was formed in 1809, and it is altogether probable that the first organization was effected here at about that time. The society is not in possession of any early records, hence we can only deal with recollections and some facts obtained from an early pastor, Rev. D. Hartman, concerning pastors stationed on this circuit from 1809 to 1837.

When Mr. Daniel J. Shuck came to Bedford from Cumberland, Maryland, in 1825, the few Methodists met for worship in the old colonial court-house, though a church edifice (a small one-story brick structure) was then being built. It was completed in 1826. Among those who were members at that time were: Henrietta Fishburn, an old lady; Daniel Lybarger and his daughters, Rosanna, Margaret (Cruseburg) and Hester: William Creichbaum and wife; Elizabeth Daugherty; a daughter of Mrs. Fishburn; Juliana Piper; Daniel Shuck and his wife, Susan; Henry Hoblitzel and Jacob K. Miller. The preacher in charge was Dennis B. Dorsey, assisted by John A. Gere, a single man. William Lysinger, Jesse Keely and Albert Grubb joined soon after. Daniel J. Shuck and his wife became members in the fall of 1830.

About 1839 an addition was attached to the rear of the original church structure, making a long, narrow building, which was occupied until removed to give place to the present house. The latter was built during Rev. Mr. Gibsonís pastorate, at a cost of about ten thousand dollars.

During the years from 1809 to 1836 the following named pastors officiated on the Bedford circuit: John Gill Watt, 1809; Jesse Pinnell, 1810; Jacob Snyder, 1811; John Watson, 1812; William Butler, 1813; John Bull, 1814; Robert Hanna, 1815; James Reily, 1816; James Sewell, 1817-18; William Barnes, 1819; James Moore and B. De Forrest, 1820; Bennett Dowler and B. De Forrest, 1821; Jacob Larkin, 1822; John Tannahill and William Hank, 1823; John Tannahill and Jesse Chesney, 1824; Dennis B. Dorsey and John A. Gore, 1825; Isaac Collins and William O. Lunsden, 1826; Isaac Collins and Jacob Doub, 1827; N. B. Mills and J. Forrest, 1828; T. N. W. Monroe and J. McEnally, 1829; Thomas Larkin and J. V. Rigdon, 1830; H. Best and John Houseweart, 1831; Thomas Larkin and J. McEnally, 1832; John Rhodes and Z. Jordan, 1833; N. P. Cunningham, 1834; B. Hartman, 1835-6.

(Source: History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pa., Waterman, Watkins & Co., pp. 262.)

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