Defibaugh Farm Family Cemetery

This cemetery is located on the south side of Walnut Road, on the property of Mr. Earl Kimble of RD No. 7, Box 52, Bedford, Pa. and in Snake Spring Twp., Bedford Co., Pa. The cemetery plot is situated approximately 100 yds. east of the farm house, in a wood plot.

The buildings of what is known as Camp Hartley are located on the east side of the cemetery plot. The property of Mr. Shaffer, of Johnstown, Pa., adjoins the cemetery plot, on the east side.

The cemetery is rectangular in shape, It is approximately 79 feet long and 75 feet wide. It is no longer in use and is in poor condition. Many of the headstones are broken off of their foundations. There are a number of trees and bramble bushes growing in the cemetery plot.

The headstones are arranges in rows extending from the east to the west, along the length of the cemetery plot. All of the remaining headstones face the south.

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