Calhoun Cemetery
Bedford County

Before she died my Aunt Sarah Calhoun gave us directions to get to the Calhoun Cemetery and some information about the family.

Location:  West Providence Twp. Bedford, Co. Pa.
Located in a field off of Rt. 26 South of Everett, go to the Cherry Lane Church sign and turn left. Go approx. 1 mile, there is a farm on the left. Go past the machine shed, back to the fields. The lane takes you back to the cemetery.

JOHN CALHOUN: 1779--Aug.15,1864, age 85 yr., 4 mo., 14da.
REBECCA CALHOUN: died Feb. 2, 1867, wife of John

ELLEN CALHOUN: 1810--May 16, 1885, 75 yr., 7mo., 11da.
Dau. of John and Rebecca

JAMES CALHOUN: 1808--1878, 70 yr., 1mo., 13da.
son of John and Rebecca
MARY ANN CALHOUN: 1814--1857, 43 yr., 2mo., 10da.
Wife of James

ELIZABETH CALHOUN: 1845--Feb.12,1922, age 77 yr., 7mo., 15da.
NOTE: Elizabeth helped to raise her nephew
James H.'s children after his wife died.
REBECCA J. CALHOUN: 1853--Jan.16, 1900, 47 yr., 9mo., 2da.

GEORGE H. CALHOUN: Dec.5, 1847--Sept.30, 1920
JULIAN (WALLACE) CALHOUN: Feb.12, 1852--Oct.13, 1921
wife of George
JAMES H. CALHOUN: 1871--1955, age 84, Last Burial this cemetery.
MYRTLE CALHOUN: 1877--1914, age 37, wife of James H.
Sons of James &. Myrtle were Charles, Fred and Joseph
They weren't buried in this cemetery. Charles was our uncle.

CHRISTIAN CALHOUN: Aug.12, 1875--Aug.16, 1875, age 4 days.(TWIN)
JOSEPH CALHOUN: Aug.12, 1875--Feb.25, 1908, 32 yr., 6mo., 13da.
Died from a tragic hunting accident.

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