Bethel Reformed Frame Church Cemetery
Bedford County

Partial listing fo the Bethel "Frame" Church Cemetery, located in Monroe Township, 5 miles south of Clearville PA.

Mathias Robinette: 1858-1940  son of Jasper C. and Elizabeth (Rice) Robinette

Judith (Redinger) Robinette: 1863-1940  wife of Mathias dau. of Philip V. and

 Sarah Ann Redinger

Scott E. Robinette Sr.: July 20,1901 - Jan.30,1960 son of Mathias &.Judith

Olive (Mills) Robinette: June 8,1911- June 26,1989 wife of Scott.

Shirley M. Robinette:  Dec.18,1937- Jan.11,1938 dau. of Scott &.Olive

Top Robinette:  April 1,1833- Jan.13,1963  son of Mathias &.Judith

Mazie Ellen (Imes) Robinette:b.Mar.9,1886- May 13,1931 wife of Top

Bertha A. Robinette: . Oct.28,1912-. July 28,1916  dau. of Top &.Mazie

Mable G.(Robinette) Nelson: . May 21,1922 - July 22,1946 dau.of Top &.Mazie

Richard E. Nelson: June 29,1946-May 13,1947 age 11 months.  His mother, Mable, died  three days after he was born. He was a foster son of Robert &. Margaret James

Philip Valentine Robinette: 1906-1961  Seaman 2nd.Class US Navy  son of

 Mathias and Judith

Kenneth Dean Robinette: 1953-1955  son os Edith and Sherman Robinette

Ada (Robinette) Johnson: Feb.19,1898-June 21,1973 dau.of Mathias & Judith

Earl Robinette: Sept.10,1896-Jan. 8,1972  single

Philip V. Redinger: Nov.3,1824-Oct.30,1912

Sarah Ann Redinger: June 17,1831-Nov.10,1912  wife of Philip

John W. Redinger: Mar.15,1855-Mar.5,1932 76yr.11m.10da.

 son of Philip &.Sarah Ann

Jason Redinger: 1858-1858 age 1mo.16da.

Mary W. Redinger: 1859-Oct.12,1861 age 2yr.3mo.26da. dau. of Philip & Sarah

P.Valentine Redinger: Aug.3,1873-Jan.14,1960  son of Philip V. &.Sarah Ann.

Cora E. (Morris) Redinger: Feb.24,1877-Nov.2,1944 wife of P.Valentine Redinger

M. Louise Redinger: June12,1915-June 18,1918 age 3, dau. of P.Valentine and Cora.

Martha A. Redinger: Sept.4,1881-Dec.21,1928  dau. of Philip &. Sarah Ann

Anna E. Redinger: 1785-Apr.19,1868

Catherine Redinger: 1797-Aug.27,1881 age 84yr. 6mo.12da.

Charlotte Redinger: 1808-July 20,1887 age 84yr. 6mo.2da. wife of  John Redinger

William Redinger: 1836-May 7,1890 age 54yr. 9mo.25da.

Barbara Redinger: 1837-Mar.29,1879 age 42yr.9mo.3da. wife of William

John Redinger: July 24,1846-Nov.5,1921 age 75yr. 3mo.11da.

Lucinda (Calhoun) Redinger: May 1,1846-Feb.10,1919 age 75yr.3mo.9da.

 wife of John

Delliah A: dau. of J. & ?   died June 29,1875 age 1yr. 11mo.

Sarah Ann: died June 21,1822 age 11mo.27da. dau.of William & Barbara

Scott E.  d. Aug.31,1886 age 2yr.5mo.15da. s/o L.&.J. Redinger

Name  ends with w.   age 3yr.9mo.21da.

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