Bethel Cemetery
Hopewell, Pennsylvania

James J. Barton May 29, 1929 - Jan 9, 1954 (s/o John S. & Pearl Barton)

Elbert Robinson Jan 10, 1923 - Jan 17, 1989

Evelyn L. Robinson June 25, 1927 (w/o Elbert Robinson)

Ronald D. Clark Mar 20, 1931

Donna M. Clark Sept 24, 1929 - March 1, 1999 (w/o Ronald Clark)

Emma E. (Whitfield) Hart Feb 20, 1905 - Sept 1, 1959 (d/o Amos & Henrietta
(Ritchey) Whitfield)

Jason G. Hanks May 1, 1893 - Aug 23, 1957 (s/o Benson & Mary (Schooley)

Phoebe L. (Whitfield) Hanks Nov 15, 1895 - Dec 10, 1966 (w/o Jason Hanks
d/o Amos & Henrietta (Ritchey) Whitfield)

Jay D. Cottle July 27, 1927 - Nov 16, 1980 (s/o Frank & Grace (Turner)

Gloria L. Cottle May 19, 1930 (w/o Jay Cottle)

These cemetery listings were compiled by Lenora Faith Colledge. I do not claim that these are complete listings. When I visited the above cemeteries I only recorded the names that were connected to my various family lines or were interesting. I recorded my names by taking pictures of the tombstones. I did this to avoid damaging the writing on the tombstones.

I tried not to make any mistakes but if there any, remember I did not do it on purpose. s/o = son of; d/o = daughter of; h/o = husband of; w/o = wife of.

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