Bald Hill Lutheran Church Cemetery

This cemetery is located on a small section of land, situated between Rt. 30 (Lincoln Hwy.) and Twp. Rt. T664 (Old Lincoln Hwy.), about 3 miles west of Everett in Snake Spring Twp., Bedford Co., Pa.

The cemetery is about 97x57, no longer in use and in poor condition. It is bounded on the north by T.R. T664 (Old Lincoln Hwy), on the east by a portion of a field belonging to the Penn Wood Bible Church, on the south by Rt. 30 (Lincoln Hwy.) and on the west by the Penn Wood Bible church building. The Bald Hill Lutheran Church is to the north, across T.R. T664 from the cemetery plot.

The headstones are in rows from north to south, mostly facing east. One footstone with no headstone reads L. E. S. Three graves are marked with field stones and at least 30 unmarked graves.

Diehl, Elias d. 12 Nov 1865 aged 32y 8m 6d.

Fetters, George (footstone says G. A. F.), Co. B, 3d US Cav. No dates given, no marker.

Hartzel, J. Wesley d. 21 Dec 1862, aged 26y 8d.

Heffner, Mary Elizabeth Welsh b. 3 Dec 1826, d. 28 Dec 1891, aged 65y 25d. "Born in Baltimore, Md. Dec. 3, 1826 Married in Franklin Co, Pa. Dec. 10, 1846 Died in Bedford Co., Pa. Dec. 28, 1891."

Heffner, Samuel, Sr. d. 7 Jan 1903, aged 88y 20d.

Lee, David son of J. L. and M. Lee, d. 18 Dec 1870 aged 1y 6m.

Lutz, Charlie B. son of Michael and Rosanna Lutz, d. 27 Dec 1862, aged 5y 7m 27d.

Lutz, David Taylor b. 15 Sep 1848, d. 24 Apr 1918, aged 69y 7m 9d.

Frances Virginia Heefner (Lutz?) b. 1 Oct 1847, d. 1 Apr 1926, aged 78 y 6m.

Lutz, Earl b. 1 Jan 1890, d. 25 Apr 1957.

Lutz, F. Blaine b. 22 Feb 1884, d. 4 Oct 1954.

Lutz, Harry b. 31 Dec 1881, d. 12 Nov 1957.

Lutz, John b. 1 Jan 1773, d. 13 May 1858.

Luttz, Rosanna, relict of John Lutz, b. 14 Jan 1773, d. 21 Mar 1861.

Lutz, Lloyd E. son of D. T. and F. V. Lutz, was b. 16 Apr 1882, d. 9 Apr 1897.

Lutz, Mary E. daughter of D. T. and F. V. Lutz, b. 8 Mar 1873, d. 3 Aug 1873.

Lutz, Michael d. 16 Jan 1882, aged 75y 11m 29d.

Lutz, Rosannah, his wife d. 5 Jan 1883, aged 69y 5m 18d

Lutz, Simion (Simon?) S., b. 19 Nov 1839, d. 3 Jun 1864; member of Co. A, 18th Reg. Pa. Vol. "Killed at Coal Harbor" (Cold Harbor? ed.) No marker.

Smith, Elizabeth K. wife of J. Smith, d. 15 Oct 1873, aged 29y 6m 23d.

Welsh, Mary V. daughter of E. J. Welsh, 1918.

Woy, Joseph R. son of J. and M. H. Woy, d. 8 Sep 1865, aged 1y 2d.

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