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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
YOTHERS, Harry J.1980-03-04MFC-Y-T-3A
YOTHERS, Jacob I.2005-11-02+PhotoMFC-Y-T-5
YOTHERS, John F.2010-10-18MFC-Y-T-6
YOTHERS, June M. (Brewer) [Mrs. John F.]2010-04-15MFC-Y-T-5
YOTHERS, Lois2007-03-28MFC-Y-T-5
YOTHERS, Mary L. Good (Dzubak) [Mrs. William]1996-12-24MFC-G-MISC-2
YOTHERS, Patricia A.1983-02-20MFC-Y-T-1
YOTHERS, Ralph W.2002-11-17+PhotoMFC-Y-T-2
YOTHERS, Rex A.2007-10-19+PhotoMFC-Y-T-2
YOTHERS, Richard W.1997-10-16MFC-Y-T-1
YOUDECH, Donald J., Jr.1997-09-30JHOC-Y
YOUGER, Rita Laverne Gates2000-03-19JHOC-Y
YOUNG, Annabel West [Mrs. Frederick G.]2000-01-05JHOC-Y
YOUNG, Bullet1999-12-22JHOC-Y
YOUNG, Charles Benjamin2008-08-01MFC-Y-N-4
YOUNG, David A.1998-01-22JHOC-Y
YOUNG, Eliza M. (Morgan) [Mrs. William]1999-12-26JHOC-Y
YOUNG, Frances M.2000-04-07JHOC-Y
YOUNG, Gladys M. (Errett) [Mrs. Edward C.]1986-01-18SWG-43A
YOUNG, H. Wilson2001-02-10JHOC-Y
YOUNG, Irene M. Paschke [Mrs. Arthur H.]2001-08-18News Article +Photo OnlyMFC-Y-N-5
YOUNG, Ivan B.1997-01-17JHOC-Y
YOUNG, Jane W. (Walsh)2001-02-22JHOC-Y
YOUNG, John S.1999-08-15JHOC-Y
YOUNG, Laura Frye [Mrs. Robert C.]2000-12-15JHOC-Y
YOUNG, Leah S. (Shearer) [Mrs. Harry E.]2001-06-21JHOC-Y
YOUNG, Louis W.1996-12-15JHOC-Y
YOUNG, Margaret Catherine1988-09-24PMF-25
YOUNG, Martha Ann (Wilson) [Mrs. Glenn S.]2011-01-09+PhotoBDNC-172
YOUNG, Martha Jane (Murphy) [Mrs. Walter K.]1962-01-07FF-62-1
YOUNG, Mary E. (Gess) [Mrs. Robert J.]1997-07-13JHOC-Y
YOUNG, Mary Evelyn (Sager) [Mrs. Harold Oden]1997-03-24From SSDIJHOC-Y
YOUNG, Ronald K.1997-01-29JHOC-Y
YOUNG, Ruby G. Shaw2001-07-03JHOC-Y
YOUNG, Ruby I. (Laney) [Mrs. James H.]1999-11-29JHOC-Y
YOUNG, Theodore A.1999-06-02JHOC-Y
YOUNG, Virginia Griffith [Mrs. Lawrence W., Sr.]1997-06-13JHOC-Y
YOUNG, Walter K.1996-06-11JHOC-Y
YOUNG, Walter Knoblock1973-09-03FF-69-2
YOUNG, William B.1999-07-27+PhotoJHOC-Y
YOUNGK, Harriet V.1999-09-26JHOC-Y
YOUNKER, Charles2001-02-14JHOC-Y
YOUNKER, F. Joseph, Sr.2001-11-20JHOC-Y
YOUNKER, Norma J. (Kern) [Mrs. F. Joseph, Sr.]2001-01-05JHOC-Y
YOUNKIN, Daniel Lee2000-02-29JHOC-Y
YOUNKIN, Gerald F. "Baby Jerry" III2001-12-14+PhotoJHOC-Y
YOUNT, Josephine "Jo" (Howell) [Mrs. David L., Jr.]2010-12-26MFC-Y-N-1
YUHAS, Ann Dolores Geiger [Mrs. George]1999-05-11JHOC-Y
YUHAS, Carol L. Keto [Mrs. Andrew Richard]2000-12-05JHOC-Y
YUHAS, Sophia Duranko [Mrs. Adam J.]2002-02-05JHOC-Y

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