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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
WALTER, Melvin J.2001-08-03JHOC-W
WALTER, Nellie O.1973-__-__Year of Death UncertainMFC-W-L-7
WALTER, Ruth E. (Degitz) [Mrs. Melvin J.]2001-01-12JHOC-W
WALTER, Ruthetta M. (Schaeffer) [Mrs. Lester G.]2002-08-08GUCO-48
WALTERS, Blanche F. (Zakrzewski) [Mrs. James E.]1998-10-23JHOC-W
WALTERS, Daniel Eugene2000-03-28JHOC-W
WALTERS, Delmar Beryl1996-11-18JHOC-W
WALTERS, Eugene R. "Beans"1997-04-17JHOC-W
WALTERS, Harold S.1999-10-17JHOC-W
WALTERS, Hershel James2001-08-12JHOC-W
WALTERS, Isabella "Bella" Balmer [Mrs. Benjamin F.]1999-12-10JHOC-W
WALTERS, John C.1944-06-23FFP-12-43-34
WALTERS, Kenneth V., Sr.2001-04-20JHOC-W
WALTERS, Mary M. McAfee [Mrs. Bert C.]1988-02-01MFC-Mc-R-6
WALTERS, Sally Mosier [Mrs. James A.]2000-08-15+PhotoJHOC-W
WALTERS, Sara E. Blystone (Harvey) [Mrs. Jesse]1990-11-25MFC-B-L-8A
WALTERS, William C. "Bill", Jr.2001-03-12JHOC-W
WALTHOUR, Betty V. (Hays) [Mrs. Robert E.]2000-04-22JHOC-W
WALTHOUR, Carol L. (Soles) [Mrs. Fred A., Rev.]2007-08-16+PhotoMFC-W-L-20
WALTHOUR, Christopher C. "Christ", Jr., Esq.2003-08-15+PhotoTHOC-W-1
WALTHOUR, Daisy E. (Holtzer) [Mrs. Charles W.]1964-__-__MFC-W-L-24
WALTHOUR, Frank P., Sr.1938-11-27SS-36
WALTHOUR, Gertrude B. (Becker) [Mrs. William E.]2003-09-02+Memorial CardAFOC-21
WALTHOUR, John E.2011-03-18MFC-W-L-28
WALTHOUR, Lorene M. (Fligger) [Mrs. John E.]2012-02-10MFC-W-L-16
WALTHOUR, Louise "Bonnie" (Macfarlane) [Mrs. Marshall Bugher]2004-02-07+News Article +PhotoMFC-W-L-19 & 19A
WALTHOUR, Mildred R. (Kuhns) [Mrs. Edward F.]1991-07-14+Funeral NoticeSWG-85A
WALTHOUR, Olive M. (Springer) [Mrs. Melvin]1999-08-17JHOC-W
WALTHOUR, Ottilie A.1997-09-06JHOC-W
WALTHOUR, Sara E. (Zimmerman) [Mrs. Clayton E.]1991-12-22+Death NoticeMFC-W-L-18
WALTHOUR, Willis L.2006-10-02+PhotoMFC-W-L-19A
WALTON, Alice I. [Mrs. Riley]1996-09-09GUCO-48
WALTON, Bernice H. Graft2002-02-20Death Notice OnlyJHOC-W
WALTON, Bertha "DeDe" (Burk) Aston [Mrs. Ralph]1996-09-15ROC-153
WALTON, Bertha (Burk) Aston [Mrs. Ralph]1996-09-15ROC-147
WALTON, Bessie Louise McKowen [Mrs. C. Clifford]2002-02-14JHOC-W
WALTON, Betty Yost [Mrs. James E.]2000-05-04JHOC-W
WALTON, Edna Mae (Crosby) [Mrs. Evans "Evie"]1999-08-12JHOC-W
WALTON, Elizabeth Dixon1999-08-09JHOC-W
WALTON, Fred M.1988-02-14MFC-B-R-1A
WALTON, Freda P. (Porterfield) [Mrs. Harlan A.]1999-10-06JHOC-W
WALTON, Irene M. (Hanososky) [Mrs. Ralph L. "Moe"]1999-06-21ROC-2
WALTON, James A. "Scoop"1990-12-20+Funeral NoticeSGMS-153
WALTON, James A. "Scoop"1990-12-20+Death NoticeROC-156
WALTON, Jesse E.2000-03-20ROC-146
WALTON, John Michael1942-04-10FF-41-4
WALTON, Mary Jane (Douds) [Mrs. James Crawford]1964-08-21ROC-156
WALTON, Robert E.1998-09-12ROC-147
WALTON, Romayne L (Lakin) [Mrs. Roy]1994-01-13MFC-W-L-17
WALTON, Roy A.1984-11-24MFC-W-L-1

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