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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
WALLACE, Mary Labi [Mrs. George]1998-03-24JHOC-W
WALLACE, Mary Theresa (Messaros) [Mrs. Michael H.]1969-12-27FF-69-5
WALLACE, Myrtle A.1999-01-20JHOC-W
WALLACE, Nellie J. (Newhouse) [Mrs. Leroy "Pete"]1991-04-10+Death NoticeMFC-H-L-13A
WALLACE, Robert J. "Bob"1999-04-27JHOC-W
WALLACE, Rose Mary (Shedlock) [Mrs. Thomas, Jr.]2009-12-01In Memoriam +Photo onlyMFC-W-L-3
WALLACE, Ruth Taylor [Mrs. William C.]1984-02-19MFC-T-L-2
WALLACE, Samuel D.2011-01-24BDNC-178
WALLACE, Sarah Catherine Dickey [Mrs. Robert V.]1997-08-08JHOC-W
WALLACE, Thomas E., Jr.1998-09-09JHOC-W
WALLACE, Thomas E., Sr.1991-09-11+Death NoticeMFC-B-L-9
WALLACE, Thomas Walker1958-12-18FF-54-11
WALLACE, Tracy M. Todaro [Mrs. Charles L.]1998-05-20JHOC-W
WALLACE, W. Keith2001-05-13JHOC-W
WALLACE, Walter R.2001-05-28JHOC-W
WALLAK, Joann Lasitis2000-08-20JHOC-W
WALLAK, Mary Ann Yandrick [Mrs. Richard J.]2001-11-25JHOC-W
WALLBAUM, Kevin M.1998-08-10ROC-155
WALLER, Mary C. "Mary Ann" White [Mrs. Robert E. "Nick"]2001-02-15JHOC-W
WALLER, Mary Marguerite "Peg" (Thompson)1996-11-10JHOC-W
WALLER, Robert E. "Rocky"2000-06-17JHOC-W
WALLS, Betty Ann (Comstock) [Mrs. Dale, Sr.]1998-09-03JHOC-W
WALLS, Kathryn T. (McDonough) [Mrs. John A.]1999-12-11JHOC-W
WALLS, Paul C.2001-07-13JHOC-W
WALLY, Edith M. [Mrs. James C.]1999-03-04JHOC-W
WALOR, Nicholas2003-07-31ROC-148
WALOR, Nicholas, Sr.1961-08-08FF-54-14
WALRO, Helen M. (Wojcik) [Mrs. John]2000-04-10JHOC-W
WALROTH, Ruth F. (Franklin) [Mrs. Clarence L.]1982-06-29ROC-154
WALSH, Mary Beth (Tonin) [Mrs. William John "Bill"]2001-06-28+PhotoJHOC-W
WALSH, Paul J., Jr.2001-08-07JHOC-W
WALSH, Rose V. Kolano [Mrs. James D., Sr.]2000-04-02JHOC-W
WALSH, William J.2001-07-15JHOC-W
WALT, Anna Marie (Hetzel) [Mrs. Harry R.]2001-09-26JHOC-W
WALT, George A. "Bud"1997-11-13JHOC-W
WALT, John H.2001-12-22JHOC-W
WALTER, Anna M. Rainey [Mrs. R.C.]1996-12-26From SSDIJHOC-W
WALTER, Bonnylyn M. (Stough) [Mrs. Clive A.]2008-05-01MFC-W-L-6
WALTER, Clement C. "Buster"2007-09-12MFC-W-L-20
WALTER, Donna L. (Fisher) [Mrs. Richard A.]1996-07-18JHOC-W
WALTER, Dorothy (Cambruzzi) [Mrs. John D.]1997-09-13JHOC-W
WALTER, Edith Marie2009-10-15MFC-W-L-27
WALTER, Edna Mae (Dietz) [Mrs. Lawrence W., Sr.]1999-06-09JHOC-W
WALTER, Emma B. Smucker [Mrs. John J.]1999-12-27JHOC-W
WALTER, George E. "Ed"2001-01-04JHOC-W
WALTER, Gladys R. (Robertson) [Mrs. Cecil L.]1997-01-22JHOC-W
WALTER, James V.2001-01-06JHOC-W
WALTER, John "De"1986-02-03Death Notice OnlyVNP-64
WALTER, Lester G.2004-11-02GUCO-49
WALTER, Linda H. (Hostnick) [Mrs. Robert]1999-01-30JHOC-W

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