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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
THOMPSON, Harry Lloyd2004-01-08MFC-T-M-7
THOMPSON, Harvey A., Rev.1998-07-22MFC-T-M-6A
THOMPSON, Harvey A., Rev.1998-07-22ROC-140
THOMPSON, Henry M.1985-01-21MFC-T-M-3
THOMPSON, James Kooser2010-09-22+PhotoMFC-T-M-10
THOMPSON, James McClellandUnknownHHC-51
THOMPSON, James McClelland1923-__-__JMOC-53
THOMPSON, Joseph D.1997-10-06JHOC-T
THOMPSON, Joseph F.1997-02-08JHOC-T
THOMPSON, Lorraine A. Malloy [Mrs. Adolphus]1996-04-28JHOC-T
THOMPSON, Margaret Madeline Louise (Brklycica) [Mrs. Fred B.]2001-03-25JHOC-T
THOMPSON, Margaret N. (Grimm) [Mrs. James M.]1999-02-26JHOC-T
THOMPSON, Margaret Szabo [Sabo] [Mrs. Ralph Clarke]1999-06-15JHOC-T
THOMPSON, Marie R. (Pierce) Maxson [Mrs. David A.]2001-01-19JHOC-T
THOMPSON, Marjorie E.1998-05-02JHOC-T
THOMPSON, Mary A. (Adams) [Mrs. William A., Sr.]1985-01-06SWG-34A
THOMPSON, Mary Ellen (Spangler) [Mrs. F. Glenn]2011-07-10THOC-T-3
THOMPSON, Odessa M. (Butteermore) [Mrs. Millard]1996-06-26JHOC-T
THOMPSON, Olive F. (Allison) [Mrs. Harry W.]1984-03-17MFC-T-M-3
THOMPSON, Ralph E. "Whitey"2006-09-13BDNC-36
THOMPSON, Raymond J.2000-07-19JHOC-T
THOMPSON, Robert Irwin1945-06-27JMOC-53
THOMPSON, Robert L.1999-03-04JHOC-T
THOMPSON, Robert N.1938-05-10SS-15
THOMPSON, Roy B.1985-06-24MFC-W-R-5A
THOMPSON, Ruth M. (Bickerstaff) [Mrs. Donley D.]1999-02-13JHOC-T
THOMPSON, Samuel O.1999-12-26JHOC-T
THOMPSON, Sylvia A. (Cook) [Mrs. Brian]1996-02-15HCO-140
THOMPSON, Walburga Barbara Schneider [Mrs. John]1999-08-19JHOC-T
THOMPSON, Walter J.1966-05-__DOD from SSDIMFC-T-M-8
THOMPSON, William B., Jr.1999-05-17JHOC-T
THOMPSON, William W.1999-12-06+PhotoJHOC-T
THORN, Claire H. (Hoyer) [Mrs. H. Clifford]1996-07-30JHOC-T
THORN, Richard E.1996-10-14JHOC-T
THORNBERRY, Grace E. (Bauer) [Mrs. Bayard D.]1997-03-07JHOC-T
THORNBLADE, Carl E.1999-02-15JHOC-T
THORNBLADE, Edna L.2004-01-11+News Article +PhotoMFC-T-R-7
THORNBLADE, Julia H.2008-07-04MFC-T-R-14
THORNE, Barbara S. (Siebert) [Mrs. John Reinecke]1995-02-15MFC-T-R-10A
THORNE, Dale Allen1996-05-17JHOC-T
THORNE, Harry Richard "Rick"1997-04-08MFC-T-R-10
THORNE, Margaret A. "Peggy" (Jones) [Mrs. Frank "Juba"]2000-06-11JHOC-T
THORNE, Ruth Iris2009-06-19MFC-T-R-16
THORNE, Ruth M. (Nedsger) [Mrs. John W.]0200-10-22JHOC-T
THORNHILL, Virginia M. (Shearer) [Mrs. Frank]1999-10-15JHOC-T
THORNTON, Douglas N., Sr.1997-02-07JHOC-T
THORNTON, Glenn2000-05-07JHOC-T
THORNTON, Mildred "Moody" Marchand [Mrs. Robert]2001-04-21MFC-M-R-1A
THORNTON, Thelma Siegel1996-09-22MFC-T-R-11
THORPE, Julia A. Toth1998-08-10JHOC-T

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