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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
TRUMP, Bernice Alta (Guess) [Mrs. Arthur Eugene]2004-03-18MFC-T-R-11
TRUMP, Donald C.1976-12-04Memorial Card OnlyDOF-8
TRUMP, Dorothy (Nye) [Mrs. Donald C.]1984-01-12DOF-9 & 14
TRUMP, Lila J. (Dailey) [Mrs. Denver F., Sr.]1999-04-25JHOC-T
TRUMP, Robert H.1997-12-24JHOC-T
TRUSIO, George J.1999-04-06JHOC-T
TRUSWELL, Laura Bell (Seaton) [Mrs. Delmar]1999-05-26GUCO-44
TRUXAL, Charles O.1986-06-16+Death Notice & Memorial CardMFC-T-R-1
TRUXAL, Edna S. (Bennett) [Mrs. Frederick S.]2000-04-05MFC-T-R-3
TRUXAL, Elmer W.1999-02-06MFC-T-R-3
TRUXAL, Elsie H. (Hayden) [Mrs. Thomas S., Sr.]1990-07-26+Funeral NoticeMFC-T-R-1A
TRUXAL, Esther V. (Hayden) Love [Mrs. Cyrus J.]1999-07-24MFC-T-R-3
TRUXAL, George W.1994-04-14MFC-T-R-1A
TRUXAL, Gladys (Schindler) [Mrs. Richard]1996-04-02ROC-142
TRUXAL, Gladys (Schindler) [Mrs. Richard]1996-04-01SGMS-196
TRUXAL, Gladys Schindler [Mrs. Richard]1996-04-01MFC-T-R-3
TRUXAL, Grethel M. (Weatherton) [Mrs. Thomas E.]2000-03-18JHOC-T
TRUXAL, Harriet [Mrs. Harry B.]1941-12-04JMOC-53
TRUXAL, Harriet [Mrs. Harry B.]1940-12-04SS-125
TRUXAL, Harry B.1921-12-02+News ArticleJMOC-53
TRUXAL, Harry B.1921-12-02Two Different ObituariesONC-25
TRUXAL, Jacob R. [Dr.]1995-02-07MFC-T-R-2
TRUXAL, Robert1983-05-21MFC-T-R-1
TRUXAL, Roy Wayne "Hap"1979-02-06+Death NoticeMFC-T-R-3A
TRUXAL, Thomas S., Sr.1980-10-31+Death NoticeMFC-T-R-3A
TRUXEL, Berneice V.1990-08-21+Death NoticeMFC-T-R-1A
TRUXEL, Carl E.1991-01-08MFC-T-R-1A
TRUXEL, Florence Jenny (Robinson) [Mrs. William]2000-08-09JHOC-T
TRUXEL, Mabel Mae Rice [Mrs. Albert L.]1999-03-11JHOC-T
TRUXEL, Merle G.1999-05-18JHOC-T
TRUXELL, Adrian E.1940-02-26SS-89
TRUXELL, Eugene S.1996-10-07Two Different ObituariesMFC-T-R-3 & 10
TRUXELL, Eva Blanche Reed [Mrs. John S., Sr.]1986-02-16MFC-T-R-1
TRUXELL, John S. "Jack", Jr.1992-09-24MFC-T-R-2A
TRUXELL, Willie J.1884-07-14VNP-72
TRYBUS, Cecilia D. Falkowski [Mrs. Frank L.]2001-03-26JHOC-T
TRYBUS, Deloris R. "Dee" Sorbin [Mrs. Philip A.]2000-02-23JHOC-T
TRZECIAK, Ann Przkopaski [Mrs. John Stephen]1999-04-24JHOC-T
TRZOS, Theodore Stephen "Tadju"2000-05-12JHOC-T
TUA, Anna K. (Revitsky) [Mrs. August J.]1997-08-13JHOC-T
TUBBS, Anna M. Cole [Mrs. Wesley Earl]2003-08-04MFC-T-MISC-1A
TUBBS, W. Earl1983-03-17+Funeral Notice & Memorial CardSWG-10
TUCCI, Florence Olinzock [Mrs. Mario]2000-01-31JHOC-T
TUCCI, Helen C. (Ciampini) [Mrs. Rocco]1999-11-01JHOC-T
TUCCI, Josephine V. (Tiberio) [Mrs. Joseph]1996-08-20SWG-127
TUCCI, Louis D.2001-01-11JHOC-T
TUCCI, Margaret M. (Celani) [Mrs. Romeo]1998-03-29ROC-139
TUCCI, Marion J. (Pugh)2000-01-18JHOC-T
TUCCI, Romeo2000-10-30+News Article +PhotoROC-141
TUCHOLSKY, John Joseph1967-10-07FF-62-10

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