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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
TROUT, Blanche H. (Henry) [Mrs. Stanley R.]2001-07-13JHOC-T
TROUT, Brian E.2000-11-26JHOC-T
TROUT, Clarence K. "Ken"1997-11-06JHOC-T
TROUT, Donald C., Sr.1997-07-10JHOC-T
TROUT, Edward H.1998-05-26JHOC-T
TROUT, Eleanor Z. (Barnes) [Mrs. Foster C., Rev. Dr.]1991-03-21+Funeral NoticeSGMS-141
TROUT, Floyd Allison2000-02-05JHOC-T
TROUT, Francis Edward1984-04-21MFC-T-R-13
TROUT, Gilbert "Hoot"1985-12-05SGMS-65
TROUT, Ira G., Sr.1994-06-01ROC-138
TROUT, Isabel R. (Rhea) [Mrs. Willis C.]1983-03-01MFC-T-R-8
TROUT, Jacob H.1983-12-31MFC-T-R-13
TROUT, John A. "Jack", Dr.2010-02-21MFC-T-R-17
TROUT, Laura E. (Marasco)2001-09-10JHOC-T
TROUT, Marion M. "Mick"1986-02-04Death Notice OnlyVNP-64
TROUT, Mary1941-__-__SS-Back cover
TROUT, Mary (Caldwell)1996-03-23ROC-140
TROUT, Mary Agnes2000-02-03JHOC-T
TROUT, Mary B. (Bielick) [Mrs. Winfield]1994-06-14MFC-T-R-8A
TROUT, Mary Caldwell1996-03-23MFC-T-R-11A
TROUT, Mary E. (Galvin) [Mrs. Alvin G. "Gill"]2008-11-03MFC-T-R-15
TROUT, Melvin G., Rev.1999-02-08+PhotoJHOC-T
TROUT, Nelson E. "Pops", Jr.1997-08-27JHOC-T
TROUT, Robert "Bob"1999-05-27JHOC-T
TROUT, Robert A.2000-10-07JHOC-T
TROUT, Shanelle Marie1995-07-10+PhotoROC-5
TROUT, Shirley Mae (Steiner) [Mrs. Edward H.]1997-05-12JHOC-T
TROUT, Thomas R. "Rainbow", Sr.2008-12-15+PhotoMFC-T-R-16
TROUT, Wesley E. [Dr.]2000-06-24MFC-T-R-7A
TROUT, William H.1992-03-25+Death NoticeMFC-S-R-18 & T-R-8
TROUT-BROWN, Ruth E. Koontz [Mrs. Jack A. Brown]1998-11-21JHOC-T
TROW, Robert "Bob"1998-11-02JHOC-T
TROY, Thomas J.1999-07-17SWG-132
TROY, Virginia L. (Aston) [Mrs. James N.]2006-04-23MFC-T-R-12
TROZZO, Ella M. (Kaiser) [Mrs. Frank M.]1998-06-10JHOC-T
TROZZO, Joe A.1999-11-19JHOC-T
TROZZO, Susie M. (Orrico) [Mrs. Joe]1999-11-06JHOC-T
TRUAX, Nancy K. (Stark) [Mrs. James "Tom"]2002-02-16JHOC-T
TRUE, Anna W. (Whirlow) [Mrs. Jarrett W.]1996-07-22JHOC-T
TRUE, Ethel Snider [Mrs. Carl O.]1996-08-20JHOC-T
TRUE, Lenora Pehrson [Mrs. Robert Allen]1994-01-27MFC-T-R-3
TRUE, Melvin C. "Bo"1996-07-29JHOC-T
TRUE, Mildred L. (Laird) [Mrs. Robert A., Jr.]1998-05-07JHOC-T
TRUE, Robert A., Sr.1990-08-22+Death NoticeMFC-T-R-6A
TRUMBETTA, Angelina [Mrs. Michael]1951-03-22FF-48-2
TRUMBETTA, Anna Marie (Evancho) [Mrs. Joseph R.]1968-01-29FF-62-12
TRUMBETTA, Elsie Rupnik [Mrs. William J.]1998-03-24JHOC-T
TRUMBETTA, Helen P. (Pekarthy) [Mrs. Daniel A.]1993-10-20THOC-T-1
TRUMBETTA, Joseph Rocco1960-11-04FF-54-8
TRUMBETTA, Michael1945-09-10FFP-12-43-117

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