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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
SMITH, Clyde H.2001-06-30JHOC-S
SMITH, David N. "Smitty"2002-02-03JHOC-S
SMITH, Dolores Jean Kontor1996-08-08JHOC-S
SMITH, Donald G. "Bones"1999-07-16JHOC-S
SMITH, Donald Stephen "Smitty"1991-09-13+Death NoticeMFC-S-M-8
SMITH, Dorothe H. (McKenery) [Mrs. John R.]1999-04-22JHOC-S
SMITH, Dorothy M. (Kough) [Mrs. Charles, Jr.]2000-02-15JHOC-S
SMITH, Dorothy V. (Kalish) [Mrs. William J.]1999-07-02JHOC-S
SMITH, E. Jean Goodlin [Mrs. Paul B.]2009-02-04MFC-S-M-30
SMITH, Edna M. (Bell) [Mrs. Clyde E.]2001-10-27JHOC-S
SMITH, Eileen Cope1997-07-16JHOC-S
SMITH, Eleanor Thomas [Mrs. W. Earl]2007-03-12MFC-S-M-24
SMITH, Elizabeth Allen [Mrs. Richard Schiedt]2001-08-24JHOC-S
SMITH, Elizabeth H. (Hamilton) [Mrs. Charles E.]1997-06-29JHOC-S
SMITH, Elizabeth M. "Betty" (Mitchell) [Mrs. Thomas H.]1998-04-14JHOC-S
SMITH, Elsie F. (Long) [Mrs. Charles F.]1991-04-20MFC-M-R-16
SMITH, Elsie M. (Kuhn) [Mrs. Albert S. "Ab"]1999-01-09JHOC-S
SMITH, Elwood A. "Smitty"2001-01-08JHOC-S
SMITH, Emerson W.1999-03-24JHOC-S
SMITH, Emily J. (Kocevar) [Mrs. Thomas M.]1999-04-25JHOC-S
SMITH, Emlyn N.1999-10-08JHOC-S
SMITH, Erwin "Herky"1999-05-05JHOC-S
SMITH, Esther J.1996-11-21JHOC-S
SMITH, Ethel (Loughner) [Mrs. Mathew]1981-06-16THOC-S-5
SMITH, Ethel Claire (Rhodes) [Mrs. H. Morrison]1998-10-26JHOC-S
SMITH, Ethel I. (Hamm)2001-12-14JHOC-S
SMITH, Ethel P. (Simmons) [Mrs. Glenn A., Sr.]1999-03-14JHOC-S
SMITH, Ethelwyn Mae1996-03-14MFC-S-M-7
SMITH, Floramae (DeFloria) [Mrs. Paul H.]1999-11-23+PhotoSWG-129
SMITH, Florence L. (Loughner) [Mrs. George W.]1985-06-16LC-13
SMITH, Florence L. Jagiello [Mrs. Harry N.]2000-12-16JHOC-S
SMITH, Frank W.1997-08-21GUCO-41
SMITH, Fred E.1995-10-31SWG-135
SMITH, Fred L.1998-08-22JHOC-S
SMITH, Genevieve Shay Sickora [Mrs. David E.]1999-11-23JHOC-S
SMITH, George B.2000-06-11JHOC-S
SMITH, Georgia L. (Weaver) [Mrs. William Russell]1991-12-03+Death NoticeMFC-S-M-10
SMITH, Gladys "Sandy" (Barber)1998-05-22MFC-S-M-7
SMITH, Gladys "Sandy" (Barber)1998-05-22ROC-132
SMITH, Glendlyon R. (Greathouse) [Mrs. Frederick]1996-10-15JHOC-S
SMITH, Glenn A.2000-06-02ROC-126
SMITH, Gloria June (Bossart) [Mrs. James Francis]1998-11-30JHOC-S
SMITH, Gloria T. (Bassi) [Mrs. Ralph L.]2000-07-14JHOC-S
SMITH, Greg A.2008-04-16MFC-S-M-29
SMITH, Gretta B. (Bates) [Mrs. C. Ellis]1984-06-04MFC-S-M-9
SMITH, Gwyenne (Roberts) [Mrs. Carl F.]2002-02-19JHOC-S
SMITH, Hazel O. Huff [Mrs. Harry Melvin]1996-09-28JHOC-S
SMITH, Helen Edith (Thomas)2001-04-22JHOC-S
SMITH, Helen G. (Rosky) [Mrs. Curtis]1996-06-17JHOC-S
SMITH, Herbert C.1985-03-11MFC-S-M-5A

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