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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
SLUTZKER, Louis2000-10-02JHOC-S
SLYMAN, Julia Jane1999-05-03MFC-S-L-12A
SMAIL, Ana Bee (Carlson) [Mrs. Richard C.]1991-12-05+Death NoticeMFC-S-M-25A
SMAIL, Anna C. Babick [Mrs. George]1999-11-12JHOC-S
SMAIL, Anna Marie (Leasure) [Mrs. Harry E.]1987-04-23MFC-S-M-30
SMAIL, Daniel2009-06-16MFC-S-M-32
SMAIL, Edna E. (Daugherty) [Mrs. William]2000-07-07JHOC-S
SMAIL, Edward H.2000-09-21JHOC-S
SMAIL, Elizabeth (Michel) [Mrs. Edward C.]1997-04-05JHOC-S
SMAIL, Elsie I. (Buckley) [Mrs. George H.]1998-09-25JHOC-S
SMAIL, George Poole1938-01-27News ArticleSS-4
SMAIL, Gerald William1991-10-13MFC-S-M-25A
SMAIL, Gladys O. (Altman) [Mrs. Earl G.]1999-01-02JHOC-S
SMAIL, Grace L. (Marsteller) [Mrs. Victor Z.]1984-02-22MFC-Mc-L-11
SMAIL, Herbert C.1997-01-11JHOC-S
SMAIL, Herbert K.2007-10-12MFC-S-M-24
SMAIL, James B.1938-08-21SS-27
SMAIL, Lorena E. (Haynes) [Mrs. Gilbert H.]1999-01-19JHOC-S
SMAIL, Lorentz M. "Buddy"2009-01-17MFC-S-M-31
SMAIL, Mary C. Komar [Mrs. Andrew]1998-07-16JHOC-S
SMAIL, Rosemary E. Hanan [Mrs. Eugene]2000-11-02JHOC-S
SMAIL, Ruth E. (Garland) [Mrs. Paul]1998-07-20JHOC-S
SMAIL, William E.1990-01-06+Death NoticeMFC-S-M-17
SMAIL, William G.2008-01-21HCO-123
SMALICH, Anna Marie2000-08-24JHOC-S
SMALL, Harry D. "Pete", Sr.2005-10-05+PhotoTHOC-S-4
SMALL, James B.2001-07-20JHOC-S
SMALL, Mildred C. "Millie" (Stabile) [Mrs. Harry D., Sr.]1997-11-16JHOC-S
SMALL, Sheila Marie1984-05-22+News ArticleMFC-S-M-25
SMALL, Thomas E.1999-02-03JHOC-S
SMALLEY, Anna Jane (Baker) [Mrs. D. B. "Buck"]1994-09-16MFC-S-M-14A
SMALLEY, Bessie Mae (Gindlesperger) [Mrs. Dearl E.]2009-04-19Two Obituaries/One +PhotoMFC-S-M-33
SMALLEY, Bradley D.2001-08-21MFC-S-M-18
SMALLEY, Bradley D.2001-08-21PMF-4
SMALLEY, Clarene E. (Swanson) [Mrs. William O.]1996-09-02JHOC-S
SMALLEY, David "Glenn"2007-10-04MFC-S-M-27
SMALLEY, Dorothy I. (Lauffer) [Mrs. John O.]1999-09-28JHOC-S
SMALLEY, Gertrude Bryan [Mrs. George]1999-08-17JHOC-S
SMALLEY, June Rose (Weyandt) [Mrs. Bradley D.]1999-10-12JHOC-S
SMALLEY, Myrtle L. (Kessler) [Mrs. Lawrence G.]1939-10-31+Card of ThanksSS-74 & 75
SMARRA, Frank, Sr.1997-08-02JHOC-S
SMARRA, Helen M. Sivik [Mrs. Frank, Sr.]1996-10-31JHOC-S
SMARRA, Philomena1999-10-22JHOC-S
SMART, Walter E.1997-07-24JHOC-S
SMARTNICK, Damian "Butch"2008-07-29MFC-S-M-30
SMARTNICK, Eleanor M. (Hitchman) [Mrs. Andrew J.]2005-01-13HCO-136
SMARTNICK, Gladys J. (Stiltenpole) [Mrs. Edward G.]1996-05-09JHOC-S
SMARTNICK, Marlyn L. Long [Mrs. Stephen G.]1999-03-26+PhotoJHOC-S
SMARTNICK, Veronica A. Buchek [Mrs. John P.]1998-06-25JHOC-S
SMATLAK, Ruth L. Richey-Dzuricsko [Mrs. Edward]2001-08-03JHOC-S

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