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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
REDMAN, Cynthia Rose1999-08-21JHOC-R
REDMAN, Ruth L. (Lees) [Mrs. Franklin T.]2000-05-29JHOC-R
REDMOND, Carol Lynne (Lauda) [Mrs. Leonard]1999-01-12JHOC-R
REDNOCK, Joanne C. Avampato [Mrs. Lee J.]1999-02-26JHOC-R
REDSHAW, Daniel E. "Blackie"1999-12-18JHOC-R
REED, Allen M. "Fuzzy"1996-11-01JHOC-R
REED, Anna Mae (Moore) [Mrs. R. Roy]1961-10-12FF-54-22
REED, Barry1996-05-25JHOC-R
REED, Edgar L.2006-06-24BDNC-19
REED, Eleanor E. (Blystone) [Mrs. Philip "Cowboy Phil"]1993-02-05MFC-B-L-5
REED, Elizabeth K. [Mrs. Lawrence H.]1996-10-20JHOC-R
REED, Emma Sproull1966-08-17FF-62-13
REED, Ethel A. [Mrs. Booth]1998-10-08JHOC-R
REED, Frank A.1948-06-07FF-48-2
REED, Helen R. (Boyd) [Mrs. James]1998-11-07JHOC-R
REED, J. Ross, Dr.1908-12-22VNP-52
REED, Jacqueline R. Opatka [Mrs. John "Jack"]1998-12-22JHOC-R
REED, James1996-09-17JHOC-R
REED, Joseph1992-06-12MFC-R-MISC-13
REED, Kenneth M.2000-03-03JHOC-R
REED, Margaret E. [Mrs. Thomas]2000-07-20JHOC-R
REED, Margaret Emily (McKlveen) [Mrs. Paul H.]1998-12-28JHOC-R
REED, Martha Jean (Sproul) [Mrs. Robert A.]1994-10-03MFC-R-MISC-6A
REED, Parker R.2001-11-08JHOC-R
REED, Pearl R.1997-12-08JHOC-R
REED, Richard Charles "Dick"2011-02-21BDNC-182
REED, Rob Roy1956-11-04FF-54-8
REED, Samuel George2001-09-21JHOC-R
REED, Sarah Steel Hugus1990-08-12+Death NoticeMFC-H-MISC-6A
REED, Thomas J.2001-03-21JHOC-R
REED, William Cosgrove1968-06-09FF-62-17
REEDER, Donald H.2001-02-14JHOC-R
REEDER, Raymond B.2001-11-18JHOC-R
REEDER, Romaine Minich [Mrs. Donald H.]2001-01-20JHOC-R
REEDY, Paul Franklin, Sr.1988-04-25+Funeral NoticeMFC-R-MISC-4A
REEDY, Romayne Louise (Larry) [Mrs. Walter Dean]2000-04-25JHOC-R
REEDY, Walter Dean1996-07-15JHOC-R
REEFER, John J., Jr.1982-04-17THOC-R-3
REEGER, Geraldine Marie (Fink) Quick [Mrs. George]2010-11-18+PhotoBDNC-161
REEGER, Harry Frank1965-01-16FF-62-5
REEGER, Mary Alberta [Mrs. Joseph R.]1946-11-23FF-41-34
REEPING, Adeline E.1999-02-22JHOC-R
REEPING, Dorothy M. (Myers) [Mrs. Theodore]1996-06-01JHOC-R
REES, Faith Osterwise [Mrs. Jack Robert, Rev.]2004-12-23Two Different ObituariesMFC-R-MISC-12 & 1
REES, George L.1999-09-10JHOC-R
REES, Jack, Rev.2008-10-15MFC-R-MISC-19
REESE, Alice G. Rogers [Mrs. George]1997-06-15JHOC-R
REESE, Bonnie Barbara Marie (Leichty) [Mrs. Gerald Allen, Sr.]2001-08-04JHOC-R
REESE, David1999-09-12JHOC-R
REESE, Dolores May Churchfield [Mrs. James E.]1998-05-26JHOC-R

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