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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
ROSS, Barbara W. (Weisbecker) [Mrs. Richard P.]1995-05-07THOC-R-5
ROSS, Bertha Cribbs [Mrs. Leo D.]1998-11-05JHOC-R
ROSS, Catherine A. (Patty) [Mrs. Riley R.]1997-08-20JHOC-R
ROSS, Charles A.2000-02-01JHOC-R
ROSS, Charles Ronald "Buzzy"2009-06-11MFC-R-N-11
ROSS, Charlotte A. (Blystone) [Mrs. Albert]1993-07-08MFC-B-L-9
ROSS, Clifford M.2005-10-11MFC-R-MISC-17
ROSS, Cora Ada (Moore) [Mrs. Lewis N., Sr.]1999-11-13JHOC-R
ROSS, David L.2002-02-02JHOC-R
ROSS, Dolores R. (Passaro) [Mrs. Amerigo]1999-02-23JHOC-R
ROSS, Donald G. "The DR."2000-08-25JHOC-R
ROSS, Donna J. (Frazier) [Mrs. William E., Jr.]2000-02-10JHOC-R
ROSS, Dorothy M. (Smith) [Mrs. James Eugene]1996-08-20JHOC-R
ROSS, Earl Marion1956-07-28FF-54-5
ROSS, Edith1993-08-30MFC-S-N-16A
ROSS, Elaine B. (Baker) [Mrs. James W.]1999-11-16JHOC-R
ROSS, Esther V. (Campbell) [Mrs. Lawrence L.]1997-11-17JHOC-R
ROSS, Goldie L. (Lydic) [Mrs. Arthur C. "Jack"]1999-04-10JHOC-R
ROSS, Harry "Hap" Alfred2004-07-09MFC-R-MISC-12
ROSS, Helen V. (Gower) [Mrs. Andy]2000-08-29JHOC-R
ROSS, James A.1963-11-20VNP-86
ROSS, Joseph M.1999-04-28JHOC-R
ROSS, Kenneth D.1996-__-__Year of Death UncertainJHOC-R
ROSS, Kevin D.2000-07-20JHOC-R
ROSS, Linda A. [Mrs. Michael James]1999-12-12JHOC-R
ROSS, Mae Henry [Mrs. Earl M.]1947-12-27FF-41-40
ROSS, Marion L. (Lewis) [Mrs. Charles W.]2001-04-02JHOC-R
ROSS, Mary Margaret (Francis) [Mrs. Danas Hugh]1998-05-17JHOC-R
ROSS, Mary Reed (McKowen) [Mrs. Thomas A.]1941-09-19FF-41-5
ROSS, Michael [aka CONONICO, Geranno]1945-01-09See Geranno CononicoFFP-12-43-67
ROSS, Nancy Nellie Panichella [Mrs. John A.]2000-03-17JHOC-R
ROSS, Richard E.2007-01-02BDNC-74
ROSS, Richard R. "Dick"2005-03-30MFC-R-MISC-8
ROSS, Rose Cononico (Pikelo) [Mrs. Mike]1948-06-27FF-48-3
ROSS, Rosemary A. Marrazza [Mrs. Richard L.]1998-11-20JHOC-R
ROSS, Sara Marie (Zehfuss) [Mrs. Thomas]1999-07-08JHOC-R
ROSS, Scott Alan2000-04-13JHOC-R
ROSS, Thomas2000-06-19JHOC-R
ROSS, Thomas N.1997-08-19JHOC-R
ROSS, William "A"1998-08-02JHOC-R
ROSSETTI, Guy [Dr.]1998-11-05+PhotoJHOC-R
ROSSETTI, Norma J. (Albright) [Mrs. Ronald T.]1998-06-21JHOC-R
ROSSI, Anthony F. "Jess"1996-05-15JHOC-R
ROSSI, Anthony F. "Jess"1996-05-15ROC-120
ROSSI, Anthony F. "Jess"1996-05-15SWG-122
ROSSI, Camillo N.1997-04-03MFC-R-MISC-7A
ROSSI, Carrie Mitchell Conti [Mrs. Albert C.]1996-09-03JHOC-R
ROSSI, Josephine2000-04-15JHOC-R
ROSSI, Mary Daquila [Mrs. Nicholas]1997-05-17JHOC-R
ROSSI, Rose Colantino [Mrs. Nicholas J.]1997-11-18JHOC-R

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