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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
OVERHOLT, Gertrude1998-06-20MFC-O-R-7
OVERLY, Anna E. Clark1983-02-02+Death NoticeMFC-O-R-2
OVERLY, Betty J. (Shuey) [Mrs. Edward S.]2011-09-16MFC-O-R-12
OVERLY, Betty Jane (Colbert) [Mrs. Frank E., Sr.]2002-02-25JHOC-O
OVERLY, Catherine F. (Hartge) [Mrs. Harry L.]2000-12-21JHOC-O
OVERLY, Charles S. "Chuck"1997-03-16JHOC-O
OVERLY, Clara Catherine Melko [Mrs. Merle Edward]1999-12-01JHOC-O
OVERLY, David Charles1999-09-18JHOC-O
OVERLY, Delores (Miller) [Mrs. Eber H. "Duck"]2008-02-23MFC-O-R-11
OVERLY, Donna L. (Sheppard) [Mrs. George A.]2000-05-29JHOC-O
OVERLY, Donna L. (Sheppard) [Mrs. George A.]2000-05-29ROC-106
OVERLY, Edward R.2000-08-07JHOC-O
OVERLY, Emma F. (Thomas) [Mrs. Walter B.]2001-02-23JHOC-O
OVERLY, Flora Mae (Cramer) [Mrs. Lester R.]2002-01-12JHOC-O
OVERLY, George A.2000-11-06JHOC-O
OVERLY, Gertrude M. (Fox) [Mrs. Harry E.]2010-12-23+PhotoMFC-O-R-13
OVERLY, Harry A.1984-04-26MFC-O-R-3
OVERLY, Harry E.1998-12-14+PhotoJHOC-O
OVERLY, Harry E.1998-12-14+PhotoROC-106
OVERLY, Hazel M.1998-12-04JHOC-O
OVERLY, Henrietta C. E. [Mrs. Cyrus G.]1939-09-09SS-69
OVERLY, Herman L.1983-01-20+Death NoticeMFC-O-R-2
OVERLY, Howard A.2001-07-29JHOC-O
OVERLY, John R.1998-08-11JHOC-O
OVERLY, John R.1985-10-13MFC-O-R-3A
OVERLY, Joseph1963-__-__MFC-O-R-2
OVERLY, Joseph William1963-05-11FF-62-3
OVERLY, Judith G. (Flack) [Mrs. William D.]1987-05-24+Death NoticeMFC-O-R-3A
OVERLY, Laura I. (Duncan) [Mrs. Harold J.]1985-02-28MFC-O-R-3A
OVERLY, Lawrence F.2001-01-30JHOC-O
OVERLY, Lawrence W.1997-05-30JHOC-O
OVERLY, Margaret K. (Fullem) [Mrs. Denver M.]1992-08-21+Death NoticeMFC-O-R-3A
OVERLY, Mary H. (Hayden) [Mrs. Elmer G.]1991-11-12+Death NoticeMFC-O-R-3A
OVERLY, Richard C.1999-07-20+PhotoJHOC-O
OVERLY, Richard C.1983-10-21MFC-O-R-2
OVERLY, Robert R.1985-01-17MFC-O-R-3A
OVERLY, Thelma P. Warman [Mrs. Joseph W.]1998-06-10MFC-O-R-4A
OVERLY, Virginia R. (Krepps)1984-11-05MFC-O-R-3
OVERLY, Vivian R.1983-03-29MFC-O-R-2
OVERLY, William Fisher1938-07-__SS-24
OVERSTREET, Lucille Ridilla [Mrs. Charles]1999-09-22+PhotoJHOC-O
OVITSKY, Martin1999-05-16JHOC-O
OWEN, William, Rev.1949-07-02FF-48-4
OWEN, Mabel Danby (Roote) [Mrs. William]1956-06-11FF-54-2
OWEN, Randall J. "Randy", Jr.1999-12-17JHOC-O
OWENS, Ann A. (Throm) [Mrs. Albert M.]1999-02-01JHOC-O
OWENS, Annie B.1888-__-__Circa 1888MFC-O-N-1
OWENS, Carolyn L. (Schaeffer) [Mrs. Jim]2003-11-19MFC-O-N-1
OWENS, Jack A.2002-02-09JHOC-O
OWENS, Sim1908-__-__Death Notice OnlyVNP-36

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