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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
NEWELL, Donald R.1997-10-25JHOC-N
NEWELL, Donald R. "Don the Baptist"2001-12-21JHOC-N
NEWELL, Robert C.1999-03-26JHOC-N
NEWELL, Sara B. (McKnight) [Mrs. Emmett]1990-11-01MFC-N-L-3
NEWHOUSE, Adrian Raymond1998-07-13JHOC-N
NEWHOUSE, Carl John1974-04-30FF-74-1
NEWHOUSE, Carol Ann Heard [Mrs. Elmer R.]2008-10-14MFC-N-MISC-1
NEWHOUSE, Charles W.1997-01-10+PhotoSWG-125
NEWHOUSE, Dewey T.1971-10-16FF-69-3
NEWHOUSE, Dorthy P.1992-10-21VNP-67
NEWHOUSE, Eleanor D. (Dowden) [Mrs. Theodore Dewey]1997-12-14JHOC-N
NEWHOUSE, George, Jr.2006-09-09BDNC-36
NEWHOUSE, Helen Kathryn Kavel [Mrs. Adrian R.]2007-06-23+PhotoMFC-N-MISC-4
NEWHOUSE, Helen M. (Albright) [Mrs. William]1996-12-20HCO-100
NEWHOUSE, Helen M. (Albright) [Mrs. William]1996-12-20ROC-102
NEWHOUSE, Jeffrey Alan2009-05-20MFC-N-MISC-5
NEWHOUSE, John Clay "Tunney"1942-06-27FF-41-2
NEWHOUSE, John D.1976-09-09VNP-66
NEWHOUSE, John Washington1972-12-20FF-69-6
NEWHOUSE, Judith M. (Cox) [Mrs. Melvin Ernest]2006-05-21BDNC-7
NEWHOUSE, Katherine Florence (Kelly) [Mrs. John W.]1958-09-24FF-54-6
NEWHOUSE, Margaret C. (Hysong) [Mrs. William J.]1982-04-04SWG-1
NEWHOUSE, Margaret L. (Mueller) [Mrs. Otis H.]1948-06-13FF-48-1
NEWHOUSE, Patricia J. "Alma Jane" (McAdams) [Mrs. Ronald L.]1999-09-25FPCO-32
NEWHOUSE, Raymond E.2006-03-13MFC-N-MISC-3
NEWHOUSE, Reba Gertrude (Mardis) [Mrs. Welty "Ike"]2001-08-08MFC-N-MISC-7
NEWHOUSE, Robert E.2006-07-12BDNC-26
NEWHOUSE, Robert E.2006-07-12MFC-N-MISC-4
NEWHOUSE, Rose D. (Collincini) [Mrs. Charles W.]2011-12-24MFC-N-MISC-8
NEWHOUSE, Shirley Jane (Doverspike) [Mrs. Elmer R.]1966-11-08FF-62-8
NEWHOUSE, Wayne E.2011-03-08MFC-N-MISC-8
NEWHOUSE, Willard I., Sr.1996-06-30JHOC-N
NEWHOUSE, Zelda Tressler [Mrs. George W.]1997-02-21JHOC-N
NEWILL, Alma I. (Stairs) [Mrs. Edward B.]1993-01-31MFC-N-L-3
NEWILL, Alverda Tinkey1989-10-03Death Notice OnlyMFC-N-L-1
NEWILL, Andrew J.2000-05-01JHOC-N
NEWILL, Clara (Lenhart) [Mrs. Elmer, Sr.]1990-06-07+Death NoticeMFC-N-L-1
NEWILL, Donald E., Sr.1994-10-04+Funeral NoticeMFC-N-L-3 & 4
NEWILL, Edna M. (Derr) [Mrs. Edward C.]1998-08-05JHOC-N
NEWILL, Frances P. (Weitzel) [Mrs. Marion P.]1993-08-26MFC-N-L-4
NEWILL, Franklin R., Jr.1989-01-23MFC-N-L-1
NEWILL, Kenneth L.2002-01-06JHOC-N
NEWILL, Marie W. (Workman) [Mrs. Andrew]1999-09-01AFOC-8
NEWILL, Marie W. (Workman) [Mrs. Andrew]1999-09-01MFC-N-L-4A
NEWILL, Marion P. "Murns"1989-07-16+Death NoticeMFC-N-L-1
NEWILL, Nora I. (Randolph) [Mrs. Charles M.]1989-03-17+Death NoticeMFC-N-L-3
NEWILL, Ray1991-10-03Two Different Obituaries +Death NtcMFC-N-L-1 & 8A
NEWILL, W.K. [Dr.]1999-03-06Death Notice OnlyJHOC-N
NEWINGHAM, Anne L. (Kubicek) [Mrs. Wilfred D.]2000-12-09JHOC-N
NEWINGHAM, Glenn R. "Sarge"1996-11-02JHOC-N

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