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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
NAMETH, Marguerite Paull [Mrs. Joseph]1999-03-16JHOC-N
NANASSY, Claircie M. (Horner) [Mrs. William L.]1998-08-03JHOC-N
NANDOR, Ronald P., Sr.1998-12-23JHOC-N
NAPLES, Helen Ann (Woloshun) [Mrs. James G.]2000-01-18JHOC-N
NAPLES, Josephine "Josie" (Mignogna) Aurick [Mrs. Anthony]2000-12-22JHOC-N
NAPLES, Margaret L Earhart [Mrs. Ralph A.]1992-08-11+Death NoticeMFC-E-R-1A
NAPLES, Mary C. (Canale) [Mrs. Andrew "Andy"]2001-02-05+PhotoJHOC-N
NAPOLITANO, Adeline (DiVinci) [Mrs. Edward J.]1999-06-09JHOC-N
NAPONIC, Josephine Ann Trebets [Mrs. Anthony]1996-05-31JHOC-N
NAPONIC, Lavina M. (Fleming) [Mrs. Andrew]2000-04-26JHOC-N
NARAD, Janet R. Wilkinson [Mrs. Ronald L.]2008-02-16MFC-N-R-2
NARDUZZI, Anne (Gecelosky) [Mrs. Virginio "Gene"]1997-08-31JHOC-N
NARDUZZI, Marie A. (Miniconzi) [Mrs. Quinto]1996-09-11JHOC-N
NARY, Lois S. (Seabury) [Mrs. James F. Robinson]1991-04-18+Death NoticeMFC-H-N-2
NASE, Frances Swatz Marunich [Mrs. Anthony]2000-01-08JHOC-N
NASH, James Albert1999-08-15ROC-103
NASH, James L.2000-08-07JHOC-N
NASH, John P.2008-12-10MFC-N-MISC-2
NASH, Mary Ann "Polly" (Brown) [Mrs. Patrick]2000-11-20JHOC-N
NASH, Paul2000-08-29JHOC-N
NASON, Helen Louise (Kramer) [Mrs. Edward]2000-06-22JHOC-N
NASRI, Susan Elizabeth Barkemeyer [Mrs. Gus]1999-12-04JHOC-N
NASSAR, Mitchell E.1996-05-25JHOC-N
NATALE, Mary E. Gombos [Mrs. Frank]2001-09-10JHOC-N
NATALINI, Gabriel1969-06-13FF-69-1
NATALINI, Sebastino1966-01-12FF-62-6
NATH, Marie T.1997-04-07JHOC-N
NATH, Mildred M.1999-05-05JHOC-N
NATIK, Julia (Gerics) [Mrs. Joseph]1948-08-24FF-48-2
NAUGHTON, Lori Ann Lindh [Mrs. Kevin]1996-10-17JHOC-N
NAUGLE, Andrew S. "Andy"2000-07-01JHOC-N
NAUGLE, Betty J.1998-12-11JHOC-N
NAUGLE, Louella M. Roberts [Mrs. Clyde A.]2001-11-18JHOC-N
NAUGLE, Nevin J.1990-07-02+Death NoticeMFC-N-L-8A
NAUMANN, Romayne E. (Sarsfield) [Mrs. William E., Sr.]1997-12-08JHOC-N
NAVA, Lois D. (Donaldson) [Mrs. Joseph]2006-01-15+PhotoAFOC-26
NAVE, Estle G.1992-03-26+Funeral NoticeSGMS-169
NAVE, George Peter1955-08-27FF-54-2
NAVE, Jessie M. (Hitchens) [Mrs. Estle]1987-01-20SGMS-70
NAVE, Loretta Fern (Barkley)1997-06-18HCO-101
NAVE, Loretta Fern Barkley1997-06-18JHOC-N
NAVE, Veronica N. "Vonnie" (Mirolli) [Mrs. Jacob "Jake" R.]2000-03-09JHOC-N
NAVIGLIA, Mary (Colella) [Mrs. Anthony]2000-12-29JHOC-N
NAYLOR, Alice B. Manion [Mrs. J. Percy]1999-01-27JHOC-N
NAYLOR, Donald Alan1999-01-04JHOC-N
NAYLOR, Queenester R. (Solomon)1996-09-14JHOC-N
NAYLOR, Russell H.2000-05-20JHOC-N
NEAL, Danyce A. (Richardson) [Mrs. Kenneth E.]2011-12-04THOC-N-1
NEAL, Vincent B., Sr.1999-06-03JHOC-N
NEAL, Wilbert Thomas1997-08-30JHOC-N

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