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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
MYERS, Elva Jean (Sheppard) [Mrs. William J.]2001-12-18JHOC-M
MYERS, Emma E. (Garris) [Mrs. Albert "Beanie", Jr.]1993-11-13ROC-99
MYERS, Eunice H.1999-12-06JHOC-M
MYERS, Eurith June2000-08-30JHOC-M
MYERS, Frances M. (Yeskulsky) [Mrs. William E.]2000-08-01JHOC-M
MYERS, Gladys P. (Ruffner) [Mrs. Dick W.]2010-06-17+PhotoMFC-M-R-29
MYERS, Goldie H. (Davis) [Mrs. Ernest M.]1997-04-06MFC-M-R-15
MYERS, Harold R.2008-06-24MFC-M-R-22
MYERS, Harold S.1983-12-04SWG-20
MYERS, Harrison F. "Bill"1991-07-04+Death NoticeMFC-B-L-8A
MYERS, Henry J.2001-07-08JHOC-M
MYERS, Hilda Marks (Lantz) Kalp [Mrs. George Ward]2001-07-02JHOC-M
MYERS, J. Regis1996-06-01JHOC-M
MYERS, James N.1981-07-16HCO-88
MYERS, James R., Sr.1992-02-22Death Notice OnlyMFC-M-R-2
MYERS, James W.2000-11-10JHOC-M
MYERS, Janice Marie (McAdams) [Mrs. Charles R.]2006-07-17BDNC-32
MYERS, John J.1993-01-29MFC-M-R-2
MYERS, Joseph W.1996-08-28JHOC-M
MYERS, Laura (Ahlborn) [Mrs. Robert D.]2011-01-03MFC-M-R-30
MYERS, Laura B. (Glen)1999-12-14JHOC-M
MYERS, Laverne Smith [Mrs. Les]1999-03-21JHOC-M
MYERS, Louise A. (Krysevige) [Mrs. Harold R.]2008-07-18MFC-M-R-12
MYERS, Margaret Joan2000-06-08JHOC-M
MYERS, Martha S. (Harrold) [Mrs. Albert]1995-04-22HCO-90
MYERS, Marvin M.1991-04-08MFC-M-R-16
MYERS, Mary Catherine (Baird) [Mrs. Charles J.]1963-11-02FF-63-10
MYERS, Mary Jane (Patterson) [Mrs. Robert J.]1958-02-13FF-54-25
MYERS, Mary Ruth Binkey [Mrs. Clarence R.]1997-05-04JHOC-M
MYERS, Maurice M.1967-05-26VNP-3
MYERS, Nell Marie [Mrs. Clifford L.]1999-11-30JHOC-M
MYERS, Olga Jean Maizlik1996-06-02JHOC-M
MYERS, Olive B. (Mosbaugher) [Mrs. Walter A.]1991-06-02+Death NoticeMFC-M-R-16A
MYERS, Olive O. (Rosensteel) [Mrs. Otho A.]1986-02-03MFC-R-N-5
MYERS, Orpha O. (Overly) [Mrs. Clifford]1991-04-23+Death NoticeMFC-M-R-16
MYERS, Paul J.1998-06-08JHOC-M
MYERS, Ralph W.1998-10-04JHOC-M
MYERS, Raymond L.2001-05-04JHOC-M
MYERS, Richard Kay2000-03-13JHOC-M
MYERS, Ricky A.2000-03-17JHOC-M
MYERS, Ruth J. (Zimmerman)2000-09-07JHOC-M
MYERS, Ruth Naomi Echard [Mrs. Roy B., Jr.]1996-12-28JHOC-M
MYERS, Ruth Ora Kuhns [Mrs. William C.]2001-11-11JHOC-M
MYERS, Ruth W. (Miller) [Mrs. James T.]1996-12-02MFC-Mc-L-5
MYERS, Shirley W. (Wolfe) [Mrs. Duane V.]2012-01-10MFC-M-R-31
MYERS, Susan [Mrs. Tobias]1914-09-16HHC-41
MYERS, Tobias1907-01-13JMOC-41
MYERS, TobiasUnknownONC-8
MYERS, Velma Marie2000-02-06Funeral Notice OnlyJHOC-M
MYERS, Vernon C.1976-07-14+Funeral NoticeROC-11 & 99

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