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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
MILLER, Harry G.1921-12-28Two Different ObituariesJMOC-38
MILLER, Harry J.1988-04-13+Death NoticeMFC-M-L-7
MILLER, Harry J., Jr.1985-08-31Memorial Card OnlyGOC-19
MILLER, Harry J., Jr.1999-05-12MFC-M-L-14A
MILLER, Harvey J. "Jim"2003-06-21FPCO-28
MILLER, Hazel B.1992-07-20Death Notice OnlyMFC-M-L-11A
MILLER, Hazel L.2002-01-12JHOC-M
MILLER, Helen Stiffler Zufall [Mrs. Lawrence]1998-01-22JHOC-M
MILLER, Helen Viola Stairs [Mrs. James J.]1990-08-08+Death NoticeMFC-M-L-8
MILLER, Henry B.1993-11-16News Article OnlyMFC-M-L-11A
MILLER, Hilda M. (Stein) [Mrs. Glenn A.]2000-12-26JHOC-M
MILLER, Homer E.1988-10-30+Death NoticeMFC-M-L-7
MILLER, Howard R.1996-12-12MFC-M-L-13A
MILLER, Ida (Altman) [Mrs. Nelson J.]1939-07-14JMOC-38
MILLER, Ida (Altman) [Mrs. Nelson J]1939-07-14HHC-40
MILLER, Ida E. "Nanny" (Storey) [Mrs. Leroy "Lee"]2006-10-13MFC-M-L-17
MILLER, Irene (Lynch) [Mrs. Howard R.]1999-12-12JHOC-M
MILLER, Irene (Lynch) [Mrs. Howard R.]1999-12-12ROC-91
MILLER, Irene E.2008-09-14MFC-M-L-24
MILLER, Iva N. (Newill) [Mrs. Ray W.]1992-12-30MFC-M-L-11A
MILLER, J. D.1908-12-22News Article OnlyVNP-55
MILLER, Jack W., Rev.2000-03-23JHOC-M
MILLER, James1924-06-26News Article OnlyJMOC-38
MILLER, James1924-06-26ONC-14
MILLER, James A.2012-02-03MFC-M-R-31
MILLER, James A.1990-09-09+Death NoticeMFC-M-L-11
MILLER, James J. "Fuzzy"1997-02-22JHOC-M
MILLER, James Knox1948-12-24FF-48-5
MILLER, James Lewis1991-10-20Two Different Obituaries +Death NtcMFC-M-L-8A
MILLER, Jean H. (Howell) [Mrs. Glenn D.]1996-10-08JHOC-M
MILLER, Jean L. (Miller)1999-12-27JHOC-M
MILLER, Jeanne S. (Porter) [Mrs. David Lewis]2001-02-15JHOC-M
MILLER, Jennie "Mary Jane" McCurdy [Mrs. Clinton W.]2001-01-11JHOC-M
MILLER, Jerome John "Jerry", Sr.1997-03-02JHOC-M
MILLER, Joanne P. (Christopher) [Mrs. Harry W.]2005-04-09ROC-93
MILLER, John Bender, Rev.1984-01-09MFC-M-L-10
MILLER, John F.1943-05-13HHC-41
MILLER, John F.1943-05-13JMOC-39
MILLER, John F.1943-05-13ONC-11
MILLER, John G.1932-02-04HHC-41
MILLER, John G.1932-02-04JMOC-39
MILLER, John G.1932-02-04ONC-14
MILLER, John H., Jr.1996-12-12JHOC-M
MILLER, John I.1999-06-19JHOC-M
MILLER, John J.1996-12-20JHOC-M
MILLER, John M.1912-05-05JMOC-39
MILLER, John M.1912-05-05ONC-14
MILLER, John R., Jr.2000-08-30JHOC-M
MILLER, John S.2000-06-24JHOC-M
MILLER, John Samuel1953-01-23FF-48-38

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