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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
MILLER, Carmella Marie (Colangelo) [Mrs. Ray "Gib"]1999-10-02JHOC-M
MILLER, Catharine [Mrs. Jonas P.]1934-10-29VNP-94
MILLER, Catharine E. "Kay" [Mrs. A. Woodrow, Jr.]1999-01-30JHOC-M
MILLER, Catherine "Katie" (Bolish) [Mrs. William]1996-11-12JHOC-M
MILLER, Catherine E. "Kay" (Fishell) [Mrs. John W.]2007-09-13MFC-M-L-21
MILLER, Catherine F. (Bradshaw) [Mrs. Robert T. "Bud"]2009-01-05MFC-M-L-24
MILLER, Catherine Louise Swink [Mrs. Ronald E.]2000-03-11+PhotoJHOC-M
MILLER, Catherine R.2001-01-26JHOC-M
MILLER, Cecelia (Granat) [Mrs. Charles S., Sr.]1985-01-03MFC-M-L-6
MILLER, Celestia V. (Overly) [Mrs. Jay L.]1989-02-07+Death NoticeMFC-M-L-11
MILLER, Charles S.1996-12-22JHOC-M
MILLER, Charles W.1999-01-05JHOC-M
MILLER, Christi Lynn1999-01-28JHOC-M
MILLER, Clair E.2000-11-03JHOC-M
MILLER, Clare Hart1999-06-04JHOC-M
MILLER, Conrad1900-09-21HHC-58
MILLER, Conrad1900-09-21Death Notice OnlyJMOC-37
MILLER, ConradUnknownONC-14
MILLER, Conrad A.1956-05-12FF-54-15
MILLER, Cyrus1946-02-07HHC-39
MILLER, Cyrus1946-02-09JMOC-37
MILLER, David Alex2000-03-09+PhotoJHOC-M
MILLER, David Alex2000-03-09+PhotoPMF-30
MILLER, David L.1991-04-27+Death NoticeFPCO-25
MILLER, David M.1985-03-06MFC-W-R-4
MILLER, David M., Jr.1996-04-20JHOC-M
MILLER, Donald A.1995-11-28MFC-M-L-6A
MILLER, Donald F.1999-12-05SGMS-224
MILLER, Donna L. (Rager) [Mrs. Robert A.]2001-02-10JHOC-M
MILLER, Dora Louise (Shabella) [Mrs. Elmer L.]2010-12-06BDNC-167
MILLER, Doris (Flinn) Quinn [Mrs. Robert]2000-11-09JHOC-M
MILLER, Dorothy B. (Douglas) [Mrs. William "Deacon"]1996-12-01JHOC-M
MILLER, Dorothy C. "Bub" (Lowther) [Mrs. Harold O.]2000-10-01JHOC-M
MILLER, Dorothy Jane (Forney) [Mrs. Alfred E.G.]1999-09-24JHOC-M
MILLER, Dorothy Jeanne (Johnson) [Mrs. Waide E., Sr.]1998-04-27JHOC-M
MILLER, Dorothy M. (Holtzer) [Mrs. Earl F.]1997-12-29MFC-M-L-14
MILLER, E. Earl1997-10-13+Memorial CardGOC-18
MILLER, E. Earl1997-10-13JHOC-M
MILLER, Earl C. "Bud"1996-08-30JHOC-M
MILLER, Earl F.1996-11-25MFC-M-L-13
MILLER, Earl F.1996-11-25ROC-83
MILLER, Earl J., Jr.1986-06-09SWG-44A
MILLER, Edgar P.1996-11-07JHOC-M
MILLER, Edgar R.1999-12-28JHOC-M
MILLER, Edward M., Jr., Rev.2001-02-12+PhotoJHOC-M
MILLER, Edward M., Rev.1999-05-29JHOC-M
MILLER, Elaine B. (Marks) [Mrs. Donald E.]1997-06-03JHOC-M
MILLER, Eleanor F. (Kemerer)1998-10-18THOC-M-2
MILLER, Eleanor F. (Kemerer) [Mrs. Clyde S.]1998-10-18JHOC-M
MILLER, Elinor B. (Bush) [Mrs. John W.]2003-07-26HCO-16

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