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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
MAXWELL, George W.1992-10-22+Death NoticeMFC-M-L-1
MAXWELL, Helen Morse [Mrs. Richard K., Sr.]1992-12-17MFC-M-L-16
MAXWELL, James G.2011-09-10+PhotoMFC-M-L-27
MAXWELL, John S.2010-05-03MFC-M-L-25
MAXWELL, Mildred I. (Rohrbacher) [Mrs. Robert H.]1984-02-11MFC-M-L-4
MAXWELL, Naomi Minnick [Mrs. Charles J.]1997-09-22MFC-M-L-2
MAXWELL, Raymond E., Rev.1992-04-02MFC-M-L-4A
MAXWELL, Richard L.1989-05-10+Death NoticeMFC-M-L-4
MAXWELL, Robert H.1996-12-19MFC-M-L-16
MAXWELL, Roy W.1997-09-15MFC-M-L-2A
MAXWELL, Samuel E., Sr.1997-11-17HCO-87
MAXWELL, Samuel E., Sr.1997-11-17MFC-M-L-1A
MAXWELL, Samuel E., Sr.1997-11-17ROC-96
MAXWELL, William I.1995-02-05MFC-M-L-2
MAY, Dean M.2000-05-05JHOC-M
MAY, Fred2000-10-04JHOC-M
MAY, Helen M. (Murray) [Mrs. Carl M.]2006-01-10MFC-M-MISC-3
MAY, James R.1993-02-08SWG-101A
MAY, Kathryn E. Popernack [Mrs. Dean M.]2000-07-12JHOC-M
MAY, Lugene Marie (Chackan) [Mrs. Pershing W.]1999-02-16JHOC-M
MAY, Martin E.2001-08-02Death Notice OnlyJHOC-M
MAY, Quentin E.2010-04-13+PhotoMFC-M-MISC-4
MAYDAK, Joseph1998-04-16JHOC-M
MAYER, J. Robert [The Reverend]1993-12-06MFC-M-R-2
MAYER, Peter2000-10-04JHOC-M
MAYER, Roberta D. [Mrs. Edward]2010-12-17BDNC-168
MAYERS, Donna Rae Lander [Mrs. Charles "Av"]2008-11-04MFC-M-R-9
MAYERS, Jean Louise Brown [Mrs. Karl E.]1998-09-02JHOC-M
MAYERS, Joseph B.1998-08-29+PhotoJHOC-M
MAYFIELD, Margaret D. (Dale) [Mrs. John]1999-04-06JHOC-M
MAYFIELD, Robert F., Sr.1997-09-12JHOC-M
MAYGER, Sue N. (Nash) [Mrs. George F.]1998-05-29JHOC-M
MAYHUE, Robin J. (Homerick)2001-11-30JHOC-M
MAYHUGH, John E.1996-10-23JHOC-M
MAYNARD, Robert W.1992-08-11+Death NoticeMFC-M-L-1
MAYO, Mary (Mickiewicz)1997-11-21JHOC-M
MAYWOOD, Richard E.2001-08-24JHOC-M
MAZA, Helen E.2001-05-05JHOC-M
MAZERO, Elsie (Florina) [Mrs. Dominick B.]2000-08-28JHOC-M
MAZERO, Mary Catherine (Nemec) [Mrs. Aldo]1997-06-01JHOC-M
MAZON, Carlie Lisa1997-07-25JHOC-M
MAZUR, Fred J.1998-07-26JHOC-M
MAZUR, Judy A. (Gerlosky) [Mrs. Joseph W., Sr.]1997-05-06JHOC-M
MAZUR, Katherine (Butler) [Mrs. Fred J.]1999-12-13JHOC-M
MAZUR, Rose B. (Stalowski) [Mrs. Walter]1998-12-30JHOC-M
MAZUR, Samuel K.1998-04-15JHOC-M
MAZUR, Tillie Wojcik2000-11-30JHOC-M
MAZUR, William J.1998-12-31JHOC-M
MAZYT, Michael1946-12-04FF-41-40
MAZZA, William V.2001-01-02JHOC-M

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