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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
LOUGHRY, Alfred Alfonse1958-12-27FF-54-12
LOUGHRY, Florence P. Best1983-04-23Funeral Notice OnlySWG-12
LOUIS, Susan (Jatko)1952-03-09FF-48-11
LOUTHER, James J.2001-05-25JHOC-L
LOUTSENHIZER, Florence L.2009-05-28MFC-L-T-4
LOUTSENHIZER, Lavina Frommell [Mrs. John H.]1988-05-13+Death NoticeMFC-L-R-1
LOUTSENHIZER, Roy E.1997-12-09MFC-L-T-3
LOUTSENHIZER, William1990-04-20MFC-L-R-1
LOVE, Alfred W.1992-03-20+Funeral NoticeSWG-94A
LOVE, Anson L.1996-09-24JHOC-L
LOVE, Emma Grace (Weightman) [Mrs. Charles K.]1998-10-03JHOC-L
LOVE, Esther V. (Moon) Johnson [Mrs. George]1999-01-28+Death NoticeJHOC-L
LOVE, Gloradean Marie (Miller) [Mrs. Donald Arthur]2006-06-29HCO-84
LOVE, Lillian C. (Hizer) [Mrs. John F., Sr.]1998-05-21JHOC-L
LOVE, Mary P. (Thompson) [Mrs. Wayne, Sr.]1998-04-25JHOC-L
LOVE, Richard A.1999-11-20JHOC-L
LOVE, Robert F.1998-10-26JHOC-L
LOVE, Steven D.2001-12-15+PhotoJHOC-L
LOVE, V. Ruth (Bridigum) [Mrs. Alfred W.]2000-11-02ROC-84
LOVE, V. Ruth (Bridigum) [Mrs. Alfred W.]2000-11-02SWG-160
LOVE, Viola V. (Jordan) [Mrs. Henry G.]2007-04-09MFC-L-MISC-12
LOVE, Willetta Y. Webb [Mrs. John M.]1996-09-24JHOC-L
LOVE, Willie Ann (Lewis) [Mrs. John]1944-03-11FFP-12-43-14
LOVE, Wilson Lewis1967-01-23FF-62-12
LOVELL, Louise M. Broadway [Mrs. Mitchell]2000-11-05JHOC-L
LOVELL, William E.2000-09-29JHOC-L
LOVERA, Amelia Mania [Mrs. Anthony]1996-06-13JHOC-L
LOVERIDGE, Lawrence R.1996-04-25JHOC-L
LOVETT, John W. "Kid", Sr.1967-05-26VNP-2
LOVIS, Joseph A. "Cool Daddy", Sr.2001-08-05JHOC-L
LOVRICH, John P.1999-05-20JHOC-L
LOWDEN, Joseph E.1999-06-09JHOC-L
LOWE, Lola V. (Finley) [Mrs. Clyde H.]2001-03-25JHOC-L
LOWE, Norma J. (Wagner) [Mrs. William A.]2000-09-14JHOC-L
LOWE, Norma J. (Wagner) [Mrs. William A.]2000-09-14ROC-86
LOWE, Velva R. (Lesight) Fair [Mrs. Merle J.]2000-06-26JHOC-L
LOWE, Von Clyde1997-08-03+Death NoticeJHOC-L
LOWEECEY, Sara E.2000-06-15+PhotoJHOC-L
LOWERY, Mary Rose (Shrader) [Mrs. Shannon W.]2010-09-04+PhotoMFC-L-R-10
LOWES, Dale D., Jr.1999-04-17JHOC-L
LOWES, Vernon C.2008-06-16MFC-L-MISC-6
LOWHIGH, Cynthia L.1998-07-04Death Notice OnlyJHOC-L
LOWMAN, Bessie M. (Steele) [Mrs. Ord]1983-04-05MFC-L-M-1
LOWMAN, Charlotte L. (McClain)2000-02-22PMF-25
LOWMAN, Florence E. (Sheriff) [Mrs. James Hugh]2010-10-16+PhotoBDNC-155
LOWREY, Leola M. (Sullenberger)2001-10-30JHOC-L
LOWRY, Gloria M. (Rekers) [Mrs. Lewis]2000-12-20JHOC-L
LOWRY, Ralph J.1998-09-21JHOC-L
LOWRY, Sara Jane (Delo) [Mrs. D. Kenneth]1998-06-24JHOC-L
LOWRY, William H.1998-09-28JHOC-L

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