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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
KEOUGH, Blanche Marie (Jamison) [Mrs. Francis C.]1988-02-02+Memorial Card & Funeral NoticeSGMS-92
KEOUGH, Emma B. (Tinkey) [Mrs. Edward P.]1997-01-01SWG-150
KEOUGH, Grace E. (Staber) [Mrs. Arthur A., Jr.]1991-09-02+Death NoticeMFC-K-MISC-1A
KEOUGH, Robert G.1998-08-30JHOC-K
KEPCHIA, Mary (Perich) [Mrs. George]2000-08-16JHOC-K
KEPHART, Thomas Lynn "T.K."2000-11-04JHOC-K
KEPICH, George1970-12-04FF-69-10
KEPICH, Susan M. (Bartko) [Mrs. George]1963-11-21VNP-85
KEPICH, Susan Margaret (Bartko) [Mrs. George]1963-11-21FF-62-10
KEPPLE, Adam Seanor "Dutch"1969-02-18FF-69-1
KEPPLE, Adam Seanor, Dr.1963-03-25FF-62-8
KEPPLE, Betty M. (Baughman)1999-07-11MFC-K-L-7A
KEPPLE, Edna (Shrader) [Mrs. John B.]1995-08-21SWG-136
KEPPLE, Edna Shrader [Mrs. John B.]1995-08-21MFC-K-L-7A
KEPPLE, Elizabeth R. (Remaley) [Mrs. John E., Jr.]1993-08-04MFC-K-L-19
KEPPLE, Ellen E. (Lamb) [Mrs. Ralph N.]1999-01-07MFC-K-L-19
KEPPLE, Gertrude Susanna (Thompson) [Mrs. John C.]1971-02-23FF-69-12
KEPPLE, Glenn Clements2010-08-24BDNC-142
KEPPLE, Grace Hudson [Mrs. T. Ray]2001-02-15JHOC-K
KEPPLE, Helen E. (Sarver) [Mrs. Harry R.]1989-02-03+Death NoticeMFC-S-R-7A
KEPPLE, John Charles1951-11-24FF-48-13
KEPPLE, John Edwin, Sr.1946-08-01FF-41-24
KEPPLE, Kathryn B. (Zyhowski) [Mrs. Bert]2002-01-21JHOC-K
KEPPLE, Kenneth A.1993-06-15MFC-K-L-19
KEPPLE, Kenneth Gary1962-12-15FF-62-4
KEPPLE, Lloyd S.1993-10-15MFC-K-L-8A
KEPPLE, Lois C. (Corcoran) [Mrs. Lewis H.]1999-06-17JHOC-K
KEPPLE, Lydia C. (Dell) [Mrs. Charles C.]2009-10-24+PhotoAFOC-44
KEPPLE, Lydia C. (Dell) [Mrs. Charles C.]2009-10-24+PhotoMFC-K-L-25
KEPPLE, Marceda "Skee" (Bell) [Mrs. Paul "Bud"]1997-07-18MFC-K-L-20
KEPPLE, Margaret Maude1992-03-31+Death NoticeMFC-K-L-3
KEPPLE, Margaret Maude1992-03-31+Death NoticePMF-11
KEPPLE, Mary Louise1986-09-24+Funeral NoticeMFC-K-L-7
KEPPLE, Merle R.1989-03-10MFC-H-M-5
KEPPLE, Paul S. "Bud"1989-11-28+Death NoticeMFC-K-L-19
KEPPLE, Roberta Sterrett [Mrs. Lloyd S.]1999-11-16MFC-K-L-7A
KEPPLE, Samuel Ulysses1960-09-04FF-54-23
KEPPLE, V. Bruce1990-02-26MFC-K-L-1
KEPPLE, Verda I. (Fry) [Mrs. John A.]1993-05-18MFC-K-L-19
KEPPLE, Verda I. (Fry) [Mrs. John A.]1993-05-18SWG-109
KEPPLE, Wilson E., Sr.2000-09-07MFC-K-L-19A
KEPS, Emma J. Molnar [Mrs. Stephen]1997-05-23JHOC-K
KERACHER, Charles1986-12-19+Funeral NoticeSWG-50
KERACHER, Jane R. (Taylor) [Mrs. John B.]1982-12-20+Funeral Notice & Memorial CardSWG-7
KERACHER, John "Johnnie Roberts"1991-08-29+Death NoticeMFC-K-R-2
KERACHER, John Robert "Jack"1992-09-26+Death NoticeMFC-K-R-2A
KERACHER, Vivian I. (Leonhardt) [Mrs. John R. "Johnnie Roberts"2009-07-09MFC-K-R-7
KEREKES, H. Clara (Krofcheck) [Mrs. Michael F.]1999-11-22JHOC-K
KERESTES, John R.2001-06-26JHOC-K
KERESTES, Michael G.2001-05-14JHOC-K

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