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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
ISCRUPE, Howard Ray1981-08-06MFC-I-R-2
ISCRUPE, Jo Ann Ober1997-08-15MFC-I-R-4
ISCRUPE, John M. "Jack"2006-03-26MFC-I-R-4
ISCRUPE, Mary E. (Laughner) [Mrs. Harry E.]1981-03-31MFC-I-R-2
ISCRUPE, Robert W.1993-03-06MFC-I-R-2A
ISCRUPE, Sarah Elizabeth "Sally" (Tenney) [Mrs. Glenn E.]2010-08-10MFC-I-R-5
ISCRUPE, Violet M. (Newhouse) [Mrs. John M., Sr.]1982-07-04MFC-I-R-3A
ISCRUPE, W. Clarence "Steve"1983-02-02Two Different Obituaries +Death NtcMFC-I-R-3
ISENBERG, Christopher C.2006-05-14BDNC-13
ISENBERG, Shirley L. (Whigham) [Mrs. Charles R.]2000-01-15JHOC-I
ISHERWOOD, Nancy J. (Sweitzer) [Mrs. Horace]1983-01-17SWG-8
ISING, Mary Catherine Garvey [Mrs. Richard John, Sr.]2001-12-01JHOC-I
ISING, Richard John2001-01-02JHOC-I
ISOLA, Anthony R. "Tony"1997-06-06JHOC-I
ISOLA, Monica Fornal [Mrs. Robert L. "Guy"]1998-09-24JHOC-I
IVAN, Cheryl Grace (Miller) [Mrs. Michael Ronald]2001-12-15JHOC-I
IVANCIN, Julia (Morrison) [Mrs. Andrew]1998-01-15JHOC-I
IVANCO, Rose M. [Mrs. Michael]1999-01-03JHOC-I
IVANDITTY, Anthony1997-06-29JHOC-I
IVANDITTY, Katherine C.2000-01-04Death Notice OnlyJHOC-I
IVANOVIC, Diana1998-08-15JHOC-I
IWANIEC, Mary Loretta [Sister]1998-10-13JHOC-I
IWANIEC, Mildred M. (Kubit) [Mrs. Val]1996-09-06+Death NoticeJHOC-I
IWINSKI, Gladys Shuber [Mrs. Thomas J.]2002-01-08JHOC-I
IZZO, Carl P., Jr.2000-07-11+PhotoJHOC-I

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