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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
HILL, Arminta Kinsey (Eby) [Mrs. Levi J.]1949-06-06FF-48-7
HILL, Beulah Shuster [Mrs. G. Gardner]1999-10-09JHOC-H
HILL, Clarence Raymond1943-03-03FFP-11-39-250
HILL, Dennis D.1981-12-28MFC-H-L-10
HILL, Dolores M. "Dory" (Hill] [Mrs. Lawrence "Boy"]1997-06-24JHOC-H
HILL, Edith I. Trenney [Mrs. Ronald L., Sr.]1999-10-01JHOC-H
HILL, Elinor T. Dran [Mrs. Robert E.]1998-07-11JHOC-H
HILL, Elizabeth1908-12-09Death Notice OnlyVNP-49
HILL, Franklin C. "Frank"2000-12-24JHOC-H
HILL, Grace I. (Straley) [Mrs. Frank K.]2000-04-29JHOC-H
HILL, Jacob M.1979-__-__Year of Death Uncertain)MFC-H-L-10
HILL, James Leroy "Roy"1938-07-06SS-23
HILL, John M. ‘Jack"1996-10-10JHOC-H
HILL, Katherine W. (Waugaman) [Mrs. Russell R.]1988-01-17+Funeral NoticeSWG-59A
HILL, Kathryn M. (Krovontka) [Mrs. Joseph Kline]1998-09-04JHOC-H
HILL, Kenneth E.1999-11-13JHOC-H
HILL, Kenneth E.1999-11-13ROC-64
HILL, Lawrence Henry , O.S.B. [Father]2001-11-09JHOC-H
HILL, Michael2006-05-12BDNC-5
HILL, Patricia E. Eckenroad [Mrs. Robert]1999-08-25JHOC-H
HILL, Patricia Madeline Sphon [Mrs. Paul Robert, Jr.]1997-06-28JHOC-H
HILL, Paul Robert, Jr.1997-06-28JHOC-H
HILL, Richard H., Jr.1984-03-02MFC-H-L-15
HILL, Robert J.1999-05-14JHOC-H
HILL, Russell R.1984-05-16SWG-30
HILL, Sara Zundel [Mrs. Joseph A.]1998-03-31MFC-H-L-9
HILL, Shirley J. (Clawson)1996-09-04JHOC-H
HILL, Stella Blanche (Baughman) [Mrs. Jacob W.]1994-03-21MFC-B-M-5A
HILL, Verna McClune [Mrs. Harry T.]1981-12-09MFC-H-L-10
HILLARD, Vallie Fallon1996-12-07JHOC-H
HILLEGAS, Clyde R.2000-12-22JHOC-H
HILLING, Eleanor C. "Peg" (Lawton) [Mrs. Samuel M.]2001-04-21JHOC-H
HILLING, Thomas W.2009-02-17MFC-H-L-25
HILLIS, A. Helen1997-02-06JHOC-H
HILLIS, Genevieve F. (Waugaman) [Mrs. Dennis D.]2008-07-17MFC-H-L-11
HILLIS, Nellie G. [Mrs. Richard Lee]2008-07-18MFC-H-L-13
HILLWIG, Carrie M. (Douds) [Mrs. John W.]1967-05-12VNP-2
HILLWIG, J. Robert, Sr.2001-07-16JHOC-H
HILTON, Mitchell Lecil1998-12-01JHOC-H
HILTY, Albert Jesse1957-09-30FF-54-15
HILTY, Anna Mary (Bortz) [Mrs. A. Jesse]1948-12-17FF-48-5
HILTY, Charles "Pete"2008-05-31MFC-H-L-10
HILTY, Edward R.2007-09-06BDNC-104
HILTY, Elsie M. (Musgrove) [Mrs. James D.]2001-02-18GUCO-17
HILTY, Ethel M. (Shaner) [Mrs. John C.]1999-09-23JHOC-H
HIMES, Amy J.2002-01-07JHOC-H
HIMES, Ruth Anne "Rudi" (Faulds) [Mrs. Ray]2005-04-07ROC-66
HIMIC, Dennis A.2002-02-01JHOC-H
HIMLER, Alex J.1997-03-16ROC-70
HIMLER, Alex J.1997-03-16SGMS-221

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