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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
HEASLEY, Mary Louise (Ehrl) [Mrs. C. R. "Bud"]1996-06-22JHOC-H
HEASLEY, Robert H.1985-04-23MFC-H-L-4
HEASLEY, Samuel B.1984-01-08MFC-H-L-4
HEASLEY, Sarah Anna Morgan1988-02-14+Death NoticeMFC-H-L-4A
HEASLEY, Thomas A.1984-10-04THOC-H-1
HEASLEY, Thomas Glenn1999-01-26JHOC-H
HEASLEY, William1989-07-07+Death NoticeMFC-H-L-5
HEASLEY, William Albert1969-10-27FF-69-1
HEATER, David R.1998-06-04+Death NoticeJHOC-H
HEATER, James W.1998-09-26JHOC-H
HEATER, Jennie M. (Legas) [Mrs. David R.]1996-09-15JHOC-H
HEATH, Faithelma "Faye" (Whitehead) [Mrs. J. Harvey]2000-11-04JHOC-H
HEATH, J. Harvey2005-01-02+News Article +PhotoMFC-H-T-5
HEATH, Mary Jean (Bertolino) [Mrs. James R.]1997-12-08JHOC-H
HEATH, Olive Louise (Westerland) [Mrs. George Russell]2004-09-13+PhotoMFC-H-T-6
HEAVERLEY, Laura Mae (Yates) [Mrs. David W., Sr.]2001-08-12JHOC-H
HEBDA, Mary U. Gavron [Mrs. John F.]1996-12-20+Death NoticeJHOC-H
HEBENTHAL, Charles W. "Whitey"1996-09-19JHOC-H
HEBENTHAL, Dale Vernon2010-10-14+PhotoBDNC-154
HEBENTHAL, Flornce L. (Tait) [Mrs. Edgar D.]1990-02-15JHOC-H
HEBENTHAL, Margaret J. "Peg" Hudec [Mrs. Charles A.]1996-09-27+Death NoticeJHOC-H
HEBENTHAL, Sarah Jane2001-05-03JHOC-H
HEBRANK, Ann (Thomas) [Mrs. Joseph C.]2000-04-16JHOC-H
HEBRANK, Ann (Thomas) [Mrs. Joseph C.]2000-04-16MFC-H-R-9
HEBRANK, Cletos R.1993-09-06MFC-H-R-11
HEBRANK, George L., Jr.2002-02-08JHOC-H
HEBRANK, Ruth Daugherty [Mrs. Earl R.]1979-02-22+Death NoticeMFC-H-R-12A
HEBRANK, Thomas David1997-03-10JHOC-H
HEBRANK, Thomas David1997-03-10MFC-H-R-9A
HEBRANK, Viola E. (Buck) [Mrs. Edmund B.]1995-11-19MFC-H-R-9
HECK, Shelton S. "Sonny", Sr.2000-06-24JHOC-H
HECKLER, Harry D.1996-06-29JHOC-H
HECKLER, Harry D.1996-06-29MFC-H-L-14
HECKLER, Nellie A. (Calhoun) [Mrs. Paul A.]1994-11-14MFC-H-L-15
HECKMAN, Althea (Nichols) [Mrs. Harry L.]1996-11-07JHOC-H
HECKMAN, George W., Jr.2000-10-03JHOC-H
HECKMAN, Mary Ellen Hammill1997-07-03JHOC-H
HEDBERG, Edith M. (Harshell) [Mrs. Robert J.]1993-01-30SWG-101
HEDBERG, Robert J.2000-06-16JHOC-H
HEDBERG, Robert J.2000-05-16SWG-142
HEDDINGER, Walter W. "Snake"1996-10-28JHOC-H
HEDGES, Diane K. (Anderson) [Mrs. Frederick J.]1995-09-02HCO-52
HEDGES, Frederick J.2003-12-16Two Different ObituariesHCO-60
HEDGES, Joseph E.2001-07-08JHOC-H
HEEFNER, Helen Buzzard [Mrs. Horace W.]2000-02-14JHOC-H
HEEG, Leo1997-12-08JHOC-H
HEENAN, Janet M. Valero [Mrs. James L.]2001-02-05JHOC-H
HEER, A. Thomas2000-03-05JHOC-H
HEFFELFINGER, Alice G. "Spirk" (Silvis) [Mrs. Robert]2000-11-03JHOC-H
HEFFELFINGER, Clara E. Weaver Yothers [Mrs. Kenneth]1989-04-16Two Different Obituaries +Death NtcMFC-W-R-29A & Y-T-3A

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