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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
GILES, Mary J. (Steinberg) [Mrs. George T.]2008-03-19MFC-G-L-1
GILES, Samuel E., Sr.2000-08-20JHOC-G
GILITZ, Cynthia Esther Laber [Mrs. Michael]1997-02-13JHOC-G
GILKESON, Harry M.2000-11-01JHOC-G
GILKEY, Luella A. Klingensmith [Mrs. Wilson]2008-07-18MFC-G-L-13
GILLESPIE, Doyle2000-08-30JHOC-G
GILLESPIE, Isabel Mary Doherty [Mrs. William Urban, Jr.]1999-09-25+PhotoJHOC-G
GILLESPIE, Lisa R. (Prettiman) [Mrs. Frank]1998-05-13JHOC-G
GILLESPIE, Mary M. (McMahon) [Mrs. John W. "Jack"]2001-07-23JHOC-G
GILLESPIE, Roseanna M. (Miller) [Mrs. Doyle, Sr.]1998-12-01JHOC-G
GILLESPIE, William K., Sr.1997-01-16JHOC-G
GILLETTE, Frances Englehart1996-05-24JHOC-G
GILLEY, Rainbow Anne2000-04-13JHOC-G
GILLIGAN, Frances M. (Nolfi) [Mrs. James J.]1979-09-25+Death NoticeMFC-G-L-5A
GILLIGAN, James J.2000-02-18MFC-G-L-8
GILLIGAN, Jeannie Sperber [Mrs. Emil]1982-11-03MFC-G-L-5A
GILLIGAN, Joyce Lee Carroll) [Mrs. William]1988-08-31+Death NoticeMFC-G-L-7
GILLIGAN, Margaret (Lechner) [Mrs. Thurston]1991-04-26MFC-G-L-5A
GILLIGAN, Toressa (McDonald) [Mrs. Robert A.]1996-07-11MFC-G-L-6
GILLIGAN, William Lewis, Jr.1979-07-29MFC-G-L-7A
GILLIGAN, William R.2001-09-13JHOC-G
GILLILAND, Alice (Thomas) [Mrs. James]1939-04-12SS-49
GILLIS, Christina M. (Duffy) [Mrs. Robert M.]1996-11-03JHOC-G
GILLIS, Druann M. (McCleery) [Mrs. Richard J.]1999-12-28JHOC-G
GILLIS, Edward S.1999-01-09JHOC-G
GILLNER, Judy A. Zoltak Watson [Mrs. Sylvester F.]1999-03-26JHOC-G
GILLOTT, Albert T.2004-09-08MFC-G-L-6
GILLOTT, Lenora Mary1996-08-26JHOC-G
GILMORE, Daniel Morgan2000-11-12JHOC-G
GILMORE, Gene P.2000-10-17JHOC-G
GILMORE, Harold Lawrence "Larry"1986-02-03Death Notice OnlyVNP-64
GILMORE, Irene Helen (Fekete) [Mrs. Joseph]2001-09-22JHOC-G
GILMOUR, Daniel Nicol, Jr.1999-02-17JHOC-G
GILPIN, Helen Jane (Lape)1999-05-13JHOC-G
GILPIN, Jean D. Kozer [Mrs. George W.]2001-11-27JHOC-G
GILPIN, Mary A. [Mrs. Thomas M.]1908-12-13VNP-45 & 46
GILSON, William Leroy1961-08-21FF-54-26
GIMMEL, Daniel Gerl, Lt. Commander Navy Ret.2009-01-26Death Notice OnlyMFC-G-L-14
GINDLESPERGER, Charles E.2006-08-29BDNC-5
GINDLESPERGER, Frances G. (Hutchison) [Mrs. Wilbert Edgar]1998-11-13JHOC-G
GINDLESPERGER, Robert D.1997-01-20FPCO-8
GINTER, Margaret (Harshell) [Mrs. Edward L.]1994-07-03MFC-W-M-1A
GIOANNINI, Helen S. (Sochacki) [Mrs. Justino]1999-09-27JHOC-G
GIOBBI, August1996-11-01JHOC-G
GIORDANO, Angeline (Russo) [Mrs. Ralph P.]1998-09-27JHOC-G
GIORDANO, Beulah C. (Chandler) [Mrs. Eugene]2001-09-13JHOC-G
GIOVANNINI, Mary Jane Gritzer [Mrs. Marion Frank]2001-06-27JHOC-G
GIPSON, Stephen R.2000-12-13JHOC-G
GIRON, Charles B.1990-12-21+Death NoticeROC-61
GIRON, Charles B.1990-12-21+Memorial Card & Funeral NoticeSGMS-153 & 154

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