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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
FISHER, Beatrice (Butler) Raymond [Mrs. Oliver P.]1999-10-27JHOC-F
FISHER, Carrie M.(Walter) [Mrs. George M.]1938-09-25SS-31
FISHER, Charles R.1998-07-02JHOC-F
FISHER, Charles W.1996-10-01+PhotoMFC-F-R-5A
FISHER, Clara E. (Stamp) [Mrs. John A.]1999-04-02JHOC-F
FISHER, Colleen A.2001-03-02JHOC-F
FISHER, Daniel J.1995-09-05THOC-F-1
FISHER, David V.2010-08-04THOC-F-3
FISHER, Donald A.2007-11-02+PhotoMFC-F-R-23
FISHER, Donald K., Lt. Col.2000-08-15JHOC-F
FISHER, Duane Robert2001-10-25JHOC-F
FISHER, E. Jane2003-12-17MFC-F-R-1
FISHER, Edna Marie Hilling [Mrs. Carroll Blair]1996-05-17JHOC-F
FISHER, Edward A.2000-02-11JHOC-F
FISHER, Edward J. [Dr.]1990-03-16+Death NoticeMFC-F-R-3
FISHER, Elizabeth K. "Betty"1983-06-02MFC-F-R-3
FISHER, Emma Florence (Poffenberger) [Mrs. Owen L.]1983-03-29MFC-F-R-3
FISHER, Esther Riccardo [Mrs. Edmund "Dutch"]2000-03-03JHOC-F
FISHER, Frances (Zalac) [Mrs. Foster W.]2000-03-28ROC-56
FISHER, Frances Zalac [Mrs. Foster W.]2000-03-28JHOC-F
FISHER, Francis L.1989-02-04+Funeral NoticeSWG-72A
FISHER, G. Robert1986-10-07+Funeral NoticeSWG-46
FISHER, Gloria DiMaria [Mrs. Charles R.]1999-03-15JHOC-F
FISHER, Harry E.2004-06-16HCO-43
FISHER, Henry W.1994-03-07MFC-F-R-13
FISHER, Irene G. (Gockel) [Mrs. Robert W.]1994-03-05HCO-43
FISHER, Irene G. (Gockel) [Mrs. Robert W.]1992-03-05MFC-F-R-5 & G-L-5
FISHER, James C., Sr.1997-10-08JHOC-F
FISHER, John J.1990-08-01+Death NoticeMFC-F-R-3
FISHER, John R. "Jack"1995-09-28ROC-58
FISHER, Joseph R., Jr.1984-01-30SWG-23
FISHER, Joseph, Dr.1999-04-01ROC-52
FISHER, Joyce Ann1942-04-16FF-41-5
FISHER, Judy A. (Kimmell) [Mrs. Calvin R.]1998-06-08+Death NoticeJHOC-F
FISHER, Lula Mae (Stahl) [Mrs. J. Harold]2000-01-29JHOC-F
FISHER, Madolin Patricia (Robertson) [Mrs. Joseph R.]1983-06-14+Funeral NoticeSWG-15
FISHER, Mary Elizabeth Cunningham Collins [Mrs. Earl]2000-06-23JHOC-F
FISHER, Myrtle W. (Washington) [Mrs. Joseph R.]1984-05-30SWG-28
FISHER, Norene L. (Olson) [Mrs. Charles]1997-12-11JHOC-F
FISHER, Robert W.2005-09-02HCO-46
FISHER, Roberta M. (Griffith) [Mrs. John K., Sr.]2003-11-24ROC-55
FISHER, Ruth G. (Gerhart) [Mrs. Charles Elmer]1996-09-30JHOC-F
FISHER, Ruth M. (Sours) Black [Mrs. Harry E.]2001-07-02JHOC-F
FISHER, Sara Jane (Good) [Mrs. John J.]1996-07-01JHOC-F
FISHER, Simon C.1993-04-12MFC-F-R-12A
FISHER, Virginia J. (Lavelle) [Mrs. Edward J.]1983-04-01MFC-F-R-3
FISHER, Wallace E., Rev.1997-10-25JHOC-F
FISHER, Wallace E., Rev.1997-10-25MFC-F-R-30
FISK, Shirley (Newhouse)2006-09-13BDNC-34
FITCHKO, Anne2001-08-22JHOC-F

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