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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
CAMBELL, Mildred Mae (Klingensmith) [Mrs. John "Jack"]2000-04-05JHOC-C
CAMERON, Esther Remaley [Mrs. Joseph A.]1998-12-10JHOC-C
CAMERON, Marguerite "Peg" (Hamilton) [Mrs. Robert O.]2000-04-22+PhotoJHOC-C
CAMETTI, James G.1999-02-04JHOC-C
CAMETTI, Mario B.1997-12-11JHOC-C
CAMILLI, Mary Pompei Howe [Mrs. Herman]2000-08-15JHOC-C
CAMMARATA, Frank, Jr.2002-01-10JHOC-C
CAMMARATA, Mary Louise (Zinna) [Mrs. Frank, Jr.]2000-03-08JHOC-C
CAMPAGNA, Joseph S. "Sonny", Jr.2001-04-01JHOC-C
CAMPANA, Evelyn E. (Pretola) [Mrs. George A., Sr.]1997-05-12JHOC-C
CAMPBELL, Adelene "Dutch" Krider [Mrs. Herbert H., Sr.]1986-01-16MFC-K-R-1
CAMPBELL, Alice Ray [Mrs. Donald M.]1996-07-04JHOC-C
CAMPBELL, Amy H. (Parker) [Mrs. Forrest J.]1984-01-15MFC-C-M-2
CAMPBELL, Anna Catherine (Doyle) [Mrs. Herbert]1963-10-20VNP-81
CAMPBELL, Brian R.2008-05-30MFC-C-M-3
CAMPBELL, C. William1996-05-13JHOC-C
CAMPBELL, Catherine L. (Hayes) [Mrs. Robert E.]1987-08-01+Death NoticeMFC-H-MISC-3A
CAMPBELL, Charles O.1940-05-04+News Article & PhotoSS-102
CAMPBELL, Clarence B. "Chubby"2001-01-04JHOC-C
CAMPBELL, Donald R.2000-05-07JHOC-C
CAMPBELL, Donald W.1996-11-24JHOC-C
CAMPBELL, Doris Jean1999-10-08JHOC-C
CAMPBELL, Dorothy (McWilliams) [Mrs. James J.]1999-10-09SWG-130
CAMPBELL, Dorothy McWilliams [Mrs. James J.]1999-10-09MFC-C-L-6A
CAMPBELL, Dorothy Shope (Hayden) [Mrs. James J.]2010-02-19+PhotoMFC-C-M-4
CAMPBELL, E. Pauline (Allenbaugh) [Mrs. J. Harry]1999-12-11JHOC-C
CAMPBELL, Edward A.2003-10-08GUCO-6
CAMPBELL, Edward F.1998-02-15JHOC-C
CAMPBELL, Edward P.1998-05-29JHOC-C
CAMPBELL, Giles B.1998-05-06JHOC-C
CAMPBELL, Helen M. (Hulme) [Mrs. John M.]2000-06-24JHOC-C
CAMPBELL, Imogene M.2000-10-13SWG-157
CAMPBELL, Irene Helen Sikora [Mrs. Martin A.]2000-08-27JHOC-C
CAMPBELL, Isabel Miller [Mrs. Robert L.]1999-11-27JHOC-C
CAMPBELL, Ivan E.2010-12-03+PhotoMFC-C-M-5
CAMPBELL, Jacob "Cal"1984-01-17MFC-C-M-2
CAMPBELL, Joann2000-12-11JHOC-C
CAMPBELL, John S.1991-12-31+Death NoticeMFC-C-M-2
CAMPBELL, Kenneth Henry, Jr.1997-02-24JHOC-C
CAMPBELL, Lois A. Buchanan [Mrs. Ross W.]2008-08-27MFC-C-M-4
CAMPBELL, Lois C. (Chapin) [Mrs. T. Richard]1998-09-06JHOC-C
CAMPBELL, Loretta A. Schilling [Mrs. Alan R.]1997-08-23JHOC-C
CAMPBELL, Lydia C. (Beck) Plummer [Mrs. Robert]1997-08-20JHOC-C
CAMPBELL, M. Wilda (Halferty) [Mrs. Charles R.]2002-02-24JHOC-C
CAMPBELL, Margaret V. "Sue" (Petroskey) [Mrs. Willard H. "Bud"]1996-11-22JHOC-C
CAMPBELL, Martha G. (Gardner) [Mrs. Frank L., Sr.]1999-12-26JHOC-C
CAMPBELL, Mary Alice2001-11-19JHOC-C
CAMPBELL, Mary Ann (Murphy) [Mrs. John]1944-12-10FFP-12-43-64
CAMPBELL, Mary C. Cline [Mrs. Frank R.]1991-04-18+PhotoMFC-C-L-4A
CAMPBELL, Mary Catherine (Lenhart) [Mrs. Lloyd "Pete"]1994-04-24ROC-33

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