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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
CONLAN, Mary Elizabeth2001-09-18JHOC-C
CONLAN, Ruth L.1999-12-31JHOC-C
CONLEY, Robert F.1999-11-24JHOC-C
CONLIN, Vanessa Slater (Wilkins) [Mrs. Patrick]2004-06-15MFC-W-L-18
CONN, Suzanne (Nelson) [Mrs. Glenn M.]1997-04-02JHOC-C
CONNAHAN, George V.1997-09-20JHOC-C
CONNARE, Mercedes1997-05-08JHOC-C
CONNELLY, Ann Adamson [Mrs. Christopher, Sr.]1997-03-12JHOC-C
CONNELLY, Julia Mae "Chad" (Quartz) [Mrs. Thomas J.]2000-01-18JHOC-C
CONNELLY, Julia Mae "Chad" (Quartz) [Mrs. Thomas J.]2000-01-18ROC-38
CONNELLY, Matthew Joseph2001-02-26JHOC-C
CONNER, Edward C.1998-02-24JHOC-C
CONNER, Helene S. [Mrs. Richard H.]1996-05-12JHOC-C
CONNER, Louise R. Robson [Mrs. Edward C.]1996-08-15JHOC-C
CONNER, Mary M. (Dunn)1993-09-05HCO-24
CONNOLLY, William J.1997-08-26Funeral Notice OnlyJHOC-C
CONNOLLY, William P.2006-04-04ROC-38
CONNOR, Clara Bell (Baker) [Mrs. John E.]1998-08-14JHOC-C
CONNOR, Doyle R.2001-11-01JHOC-C
CONNOR, Edward J. "Split", Jr.1998-01-17JHOC-C
CONNOR, Elizabeth I. Altman [Mrs. James C.]2001-07-02JHOC-C
CONNOR, Euphemia G.1997-06-19JHOC-C
CONNOR, Jack W.2001-01-17JHOC-C
CONNOR, James N.2001-03-31JHOC-C
CONNOR, Joycalyn M.2008-03-08MFC-C-N-7
CONNOR, Kenneth Lee1997-12-06HCO-30
CONNOR, Mildred B. (Bakewell) [Mrs. Oscar Alan]2000-11-08JHOC-C
CONNOR, Vaughn E. "Grizz'2000-09-24JHOC-C
CONNORS, Adam J.1999-12-11JHOC-C
CONNORS, Elizabeth F. (Spieshock) [Mrs. William "Harry"]1996-04-26JHOC-C
CONNORS, Margaret R. (Parker) [Mrs. Roland "Red"]2000-11-08JHOC-C
CONNORS, Mary Margerite Weimer [Mrs. Patrick H.]1992-12-27MFC-W-M-5A
CONNORS, Mildred A.1997-06-02JHOC-C
CONNORS, Thomas A., Sr.1997-01-11JHOC-C
CONONICO [Ross], Donet2000-08-23JHOC-C
CONONICO, Anthony1967-05-24FF-62-25
CONONICO, Anthony1967-05-24VNP-1
CONONICO, Geranno [aka Michael Ross]1945-01-09FFP-12-43-67
CONONICO, Mary Grace (Carbine) [Mrs. Anthony]1969-05-01FF-69-2
CONRAD, David E.1998-11-06JHOC-C
CONRAD, Flora R. (Rodgers) [Mrs. Henry C.]1908-12-13VNP-47
CONRAD, Grace A. (Hayes]2001-07-03JHOC-C
CONRAD, Grant E.1994-06-09ROC-33
CONRAD, Grant E.1994-06-09SGMS-199
CONRAD, Jennie Blanch [Mrs. Joseph A.]1908-11-29Death Notice OnlyVNP-39
CONRAD, Marie Pauline Lipple [Mrs. Ralph D.]1996-07-07JHOC-C
CONROY, James J. "Jim"2009-02-20MFC-C-N-9
CONROY, Jane S. (Sample) [Mrs. Thomas J.]2001-09-17JHOC-C
CONROY, John P., Sr.1999-06-13JHOC-C
CONROY, Peter J.1997-02-24JHOC-C

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