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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
BROWN, Harry H.2011-09-30MFC-B-R-52
BROWN, Harvey R., Jr.2001-08-01JHOC-B
BROWN, Helen L.1999-03-20JHOC-B
BROWN, Helen L. (Grimm) [Mrs. Herbert A.]2001-08-07JHOC-B
BROWN, Helen Mae1998-11-17JHOC-B
BROWN, Hilda Adelaide (Carlson) [Mrs. Thompson]1974-02-23FF-74-3
BROWN, Irma Jean2000-04-18JHOC-B
BROWN, James E. III1999-04-20JHOC-B
BROWN, James R. "Bob"2001-07-16JHOC-B
BROWN, Janet A.1998-01-10JHOC-B
BROWN, Jean K. Fulton [Mrs. George W.]1999-07-22JHOC-B
BROWN, Jesse "Reeves"2008-10-20MFC-B-R-17
BROWN, Jessie (Shearer) [Mrs. Henry G.]1996-11-29JHOC-B
BROWN, John B.1999-03-09JHOC-B
BROWN, Joseph B., Jr.2009-05-08MFC-B-R-47
BROWN, Josephine Margaret (Waddle) [Mrs. Harry O.]1968-03-27FF-62-39
BROWN, Kathryn "Kay" (Ludwick) [Mrs. Raymond S., Sr.]2011-03-01THOC-B-11
BROWN, Kathryn L. (Platt) [Mrs. Thomas J.]1996-11-03JHOC-B
BROWN, Louise1996-06-29JHOC-B
BROWN, Lynda Louise1999-02-10JHOC-B
BROWN, Magdalene W. "Mid" (Wineman) [Mrs. Carl C.]1991-04-15+Death NoticeMFC-W-N-6
BROWN, Margaret E. "Peg" Piper [Mrs. D. Glenn]1997-06-20JHOC-B
BROWN, Margaret Ramsey [Mrs. Russell]1996-11-22JHOC-B
BROWN, Margaret S. Stough [Mrs. Charles W.]1989-11-13+Death NoticeMFC-B-R-35A
BROWN, Marie E. [Mrs. Robert E.]1997-07-16JHOC-B
BROWN, Marion E.2001-02-22JHOC-B
BROWN, Marion L. [Mrs. Clyde H.]2001-03-31JHOC-B
BROWN, Martha Ellen2001-04-22JHOC-B
BROWN, Mary Bortz (Fenell) [Mrs. John N.]1966-12-17FF-62-30
BROWN, Mary Hannah (Brinker) [Mrs. R. Lloyd]1972-09-17FF-69-24
BROWN, Mary Jane Thomas [Mrs. Charles K.]2000-12-10JHOC-B
BROWN, Maxwell Emerson2000-05-07JHOC-B
BROWN, Michael A.2001-09-06JHOC-B
BROWN, Mildred H. (Stahl)1998-09-29JHOC-B
BROWN, Mildred L. (Kemerer) [Mrs. Harry H.]2003-02-15HCO-15
BROWN, Myrtle (Riggs) Lewis [Mrs. William]2006-05-31BDNC-23
BROWN, Naomi Ruth (Brown) [Mrs. Douglas]1997-06-13JHOC-B
BROWN, Ned R.2001-04-17JHOC-B
BROWN, Olive (Chiari) [Mrs. Harry]1996-09-03JHOC-B
BROWN, Pamela Horne [Mrs. Todd F.]1997-01-12JHOC-B
BROWN, Paul J.2001-04-29JHOC-B
BROWN, Paul Scott1996-10-09+Death NoticeJHOC-B
BROWN, Pauline B. (Burkholder) [Mrs. Everett O.]1990-05-26MFC-W-L-6
BROWN, Pauline M. Wilkins [Mrs. Samuel]1995-02-06MFC-W-L-10
BROWN, Priscilla L. (Ludwig) [Mrs. Donald B.]1999-08-02SWG-128
BROWN, Ralph A., Sr.1997-10-09JHOC-B
BROWN, Ray E.1984-03-29MFC-B-R-10
BROWN, Robert Lloyd1972-08-23FF-69-23
BROWN, Rosemary Matusak [Mrs. Charles C.]2001-06-17JHOC-B
BROWN, Ross H.2001-04-30JHOC-B

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