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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
BEARD, Cynthia A.UnknownVNP-72
BEARD, Goldie (Princler)1999-04-18JHOC-B
BEARDSLEY, Mary Aujay2000-03-24JHOC-B
BEARER, Marian C. (Curran) [Mrs. Orvis R. "Dick"]2001-02-08JHOC-B
BEARER, Olivia [Sister]1998-05-18JHOC-B
BEASLEY, Robert Mary, S.C. [Sister]1996-12-01JHOC-B
BEATTIE, Anna O'Brian1969-01-08FF-69-2
BEATTIE, Anna Rebecca (Patterson) [Mrs. William R.]1945-03-21FFP-12-43-84
BEATTIE, Elizabeth J.1964-07-19FF-62-11
BEATTIE, James Patterson1943-04-23FF-41-16
BEATTIE, Richard L.1999-02-07JHOC-B
BEATTIE, Robert Ralph1966-07-18FF-62-28
BEATTTY, _______ [Mrs. Clarence]1922-07-22ONC-5
BEATTY, _______ [Mrs. Clarence]____-07-23JMOC-9
BEATTY, Charles Marlin1991-07-25+Death NoticeMFC-B-T-1A
BEATTY, Charles S.2001-06-11JHOC-B
BEATTY, Clara "Susie" (Shearer) [Mrs. Edgar E.]1999-11-16JHOC-B
BEATTY, Donald Alexander1964-05-05FF-62-9
BEATTY, Douglas William2001-09-29JHOC-B
BEATTY, James A.1990-11-27+Death NoticeMFC-B-T-1A
BEATTY, Loretta M. (Johnson) [Mrs. Donald R.]1998-07-21JHOC-B
BEATTY, Marie Marshall [Mrs. Eugene W.]2000-08-14JHOC-B
BEATTY, Martha Osborne [Mrs. James R.]1991-01-11+Death NoticeMFC-B-T-1A
BEATTY, Theresa M. (Groh) [Mrs. Robert E., Sr.]1986-02-05MFC-B-T-2
BEAUBIEN, Marie (Rusin) McLaughlin [Mrs. Mark H.]1997-07-17JHOC-B
BEAUFORT, Jessie M.1997-08-18JHOC-B
BEAUFORT, Thomas L.2001-11-14JHOC-B
BEAVER, Della Shawley [Mrs. Robert C.]2001-07-07JHOC-B
BEAVER, Harold E.2009-05-01THOC-B-4
BEAVER, Leona (Swanger) [Mrs. Abraham]1993-07-16THOC-B-4
BEAVER, Mildred G. (Barton) [Mrs. Harold E.]2006-03-22+PhotoTHOC-B-4
BEAVER, Robert C.1991-10-21THOC-B-4
BEAVERS, Daisy M. (Cooper) Harper2001-06-15JHOC-B
BEAVERS, Emilie E. (Heritage) [Mrs. John W.]1993-11-11THOC-B-5
BEAVERS, Shirley A. (Cardiff) [Mrs. Robert M.]2002-02-04JHOC-B
BEBAR, James A.1997-06-30JHOC-B
BEBENEK, Donald W. [Attorney]1999-08-15+PhotoJHOC-B
BECAR, Andrew John2002-01-29JHOC-B
BECAR, Elizabeth [Mrs. Stephen]1940-06-19FFP-11-39-51
BECAR, Stefan Francis1972-11-12FF-69-27
BECAR, Victoria Babish (Kanuff) [Mrs. Stephen]1962-11-05FF-62-5
BECHARD, Joseph P.2001-05-19JHOC-B
BECHTOLD, Nelle F.1997-07-22JHOC-B
BECK [Begg], Paul Augustine1956-06-01FF-54-4
BECK, Amanda Marie1997-04-08JHOC-B
BECK, Bernice M. Diehl [Mrs. Clarence W.]1997-04-06JHOC-B
BECK, Cecelia M. (Thomas) [Mrs. Andrew L.]1996-08-15JHOC-B
BECK, Clarence W.1980-11-27Death Notice OnlyVNP-5
BECK, David1938-05-08SS-15
BECK, Dora Eleanor1992-10-05Funeral Notice OnlyGUCO-3

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