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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
ALBRIGHT, Altie (Blystone) [Mrs. Welty G.]1982-06-08MFC-A-L-1A
ALBRIGHT, Amanda I.1984-02-28+Death NoticeHCO-3
ALBRIGHT, Amanda I.1984-02-28MFC-A-L-1
ALBRIGHT, Amanda I.1984-02-28+Death NoticeROC-15
ALBRIGHT, Betty Jean (Cross) [Mrs. Jacob A.]1995-02-03MFC-A-L-1A
ALBRIGHT, Betty L. (Albright) [Mrs. Floyd W.]1997-01-18+Memorial CardSGMS-227
ALBRIGHT, Betty L. (Livingston) [Mrs. Floyd W.]1997-01-18ROC-14
ALBRIGHT, Betty (Vogt) [Mrs. James K.]2009-06-16MFC-A-L-20
ALBRIGHT, Clark M. "Pete"1995-02-07+Memorial CardMFC-A-L-2
ALBRIGHT, Clark Nelson "Jiggs", Jr.2001-07-04MFC-A-L-2A
ALBRIGHT, Clark Nelson "Jiggs", Jr.2001-07-04JHOC-A
ALBRIGHT, Donald "Beanie"1992-06-27MFC-B-L-9
ALBRIGHT, Donald E., Sr.2007-08-25MFC-A-L-18
ALBRIGHT, Dorothy M. (Zyvith) [Mrs. Donald E., Sr.]1996-10-08JHOC-A
ALBRIGHT, Douglas E. "D.J.", Jr.2009-07-16MFC-A-L-20
ALBRIGHT, Elroy S. "Dick"1987-09-15MFC-A-L-6A
ALBRIGHT, Ernest E. "Ernie"2008-12-20MFC-A-L-19
ALBRIGHT, Ethel M. (Leichliter) [Mrs. Arthur W.]1997-05-10JHOC-A
ALBRIGHT, Evelyn (Rose) [Mrs. Edward B.]1996-01-14MFC-A-L-14
ALBRIGHT, Evelyn (Rose) [Mrs. Edward B.]1996-01-14ROC-15
ALBRIGHT, Evelyn (Rose) [Mrs. Edward B.]1996-01-14SGMS-227
ALBRIGHT, Floyd William1987-05-09+Death NoticeROC-14
ALBRIGHT, Floyd William1987-05-09+Memorial Card & Funeral NoticeSGMS-77
ALBRIGHT, Frances Wilkinson1983-02-18News Article +Photo OnlyMFC-A-L-6
ALBRIGHT, George R.1999-01-04MFC-A-L-3A
ALBRIGHT, George R.1999-01-04+Death NoticePMF-14
ALBRIGHT, George W.1998-11-19JHOC-A
ALBRIGHT, Geraldine A. (Rich) [Mrs. Lawrence L. "Larry", Jr.]1997-11-25JHOC-A
ALBRIGHT, Geraldine E.2009-11-07MFC-A-L-21
ALBRIGHT, Glenn A. "Hey Man", Sr.1998-06-07JHOC-A
ALBRIGHT, Joseph K.1996-08-22JHOC-A
ALBRIGHT, Kenneth L.1994-07-26HCO-2
ALBRIGHT, Leahetta G.1989-12-17+Death NoticeMFC-A-L-3A
ALBRIGHT, Leahetta G.1989-12-17PMF-14
ALBRIGHT, Louise I. (Yeskey) [Mrs. Roy H.]1987-11-05+Death NoticeHCO-3
ALBRIGHT, Louise I. (Yeskey) [Mrs. Roy H.]1987-11-05+Memorial Card & Funeral NoticeSGMS-90
ALBRIGHT, Lucille (Filer) [Mrs. John W.]2007-01-26MFC-A-L-16
ALBRIGHT, Macklin R.1985-05-21MFC-A-L-1
ALBRIGHT, Martha L. [Mrs. Charles C.]1987-05-24+Death NoticeMFC-A-L-6A
ALBRIGHT, Mary "Murph" S. (Sieber) [Mrs. Edwin "Ike" L.]1990-08-20+Death NoticeHCO-1
ALBRIGHT, Mary D. (Dillon) [Mrs. Clark "Pete"]2008-04-11MFC-A-L-15
ALBRIGHT, Millie (Bovard) [Mrs. George R.]2006-08-05PMF-10
ALBRIGHT, Millie (Bovard) [Mrs. George R.]2006-08-05MFC-A-L-3A
ALBRIGHT, Minnie (King) [Mrs. James]1938-04-14SS-11
ALBRIGHT, Nina Loveall [Mrs. Edward]2000-06-27Death Notice OnlyJHOC-A
ALBRIGHT, Paul "Spider"2011-01-20MFC-A-L-8
ALBRIGHT, Paul Alfred1997-06-18MFC-A-L-6
ALBRIGHT, Paul Alfred1997-06-18ROC-14
ALBRIGHT, Regis C., Sr.1998-05-11JHOC-A
ALBRIGHT, Robert E.2010-05-20MFC-A-L-22

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