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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
ANSELL, Charles A.2000-07-06JHOC-A
ANSELL, Grace (Hone) [Mrs. Earl]1998-09-05JHOC-A
ANSELL, Hilda R. (Barkley) [Mrs. Martin M.]1999-09-27+Death NoticeJHOC-A
ANSELL, Irene R. (Blackburn) [Mrs. J. Herbert]1998-06-27+Death NoticeJHOC-A
ANSELL, John E.2002-02-06JHOC-A
ANSELL, Larry E.1999-11-17+Death NoticeJHOC-A
ANSELM, Arthur W.1999-03-20JHOC-A
ANSICK, Mary A. (Stofko) [Mrs. Joseph J., Sr.]2007-11-23MFC-A-N-8
ANSILIO, Mary D. (DiMaria) [Mrs. Joseph A.]2000-07-05JHOC-A
ANSTIS, Jane L. [Mrs. Albert E.]2000-01-11JHOC-A
ANSWINE, Anne M. Palanko1999-07-09Death Notice OnlyJHOC-A
ANSWINE, Michael E.1997-11-27JHOC-A
ANSWINE, Samuel J., Sr.1998-08-05JHOC-A
ANTAL, Rose Marie (Katonka)2000-01-24JHOC-A
ANTHONY, Betty J. (Baughman) [Mrs. Dale]1988-11-02+Death NoticeMFC-B-M-3A
ANTHONY, Dean1997-05-11MFC-A-N-4A
ANTHONY, Elsie G. (Adams) [Mrs. Robert W.]2004-09-16MFC-A-N-7
ANTHONY, Florence E. (Hurst) [Mrs. Wayne H.]1991-02-13+Death NoticeMFC-A-N-6A
ANTHONY, Florence V. (Dropik) [Mrs. William John, Sr.]1996-07-24JHOC-A
ANTHONY, Frank M. "Buster", Jr.1998-12-15JHOC-A
ANTHONY, Garnet N. (Lenhart)2001-11-07JHOC-A
ANTHONY, Helen M. (Salley) [Mrs. Frank, Sr.]1999-03-04SWG-144
ANTHONY, Jane B. (Haney)1998-12-06JHOC-A
ANTHONY, Larry Robert "Butch"2010-10-31BDNC-158
ANTHONY, Louis M.1996-11-17JHOC-A
ANTHONY, Mariam [Mary] (Solomon) [Mrs. Samuel]2000-02-17JHOC-A
ANTHONY, Mary M.1996-04-16JHOC-A
ANTHONY, Meda Loraine (Parry) [Mrs. Elmer M.]1996-06-20JHOC-A
ANTHONY, Mildred R. (Accipiter) [Mrs. Clyde L.]2007-10-26MFC-A-N-8
ANTHONY, Ray A.1963-10-20VNP-83
ANTHONY, Robert Carl1997-01-13JHOC-A
ANTHONY, Ruth E. (Exton) [Mrs. William T.]2007-10-30MFC-A-N-8
ANTHONY, William E. "Bill"1997-02-20JHOC-A
ANTHONY, William T.2009-08-18Memorial Card onlyMFC-A-N-10
ANTHOU, Sam Emmanuel2001-10-24JHOC-A
ANTINORI, Augustina (Cantini) [Mrs. Basilio]1944-03-08FFP-12-43-13
ANTINORI, Basilio1958-06-12FF-54-6
ANTIS, Floda M. (Stiteler) [Mrs. Matthew E.]1999-06-25JHOC-A
ANTOL, Joseph Nicholas1998-08-20+Death NoticeJHOC-A
ANTOLIK, Mary Agnes (Kosick) [Mrs. John G.]1996-08-07JHOC-A
ANTOLIK-FIOLA, Cynthia L.1999-11-25JHOC-A
ANTON, Christine K.1997-04-06JHOC-A
ANTON, Nettie (George) [Mrs. Abraham]1999-01-11JHOC-A
ANTON, Rose (Abraham) [Mrs. Lee N.]1998-02-16JHOC-A
ANTONACCI, Bebe (Brett) [Mrs. Edward]1996-08-29JHOC-A
ANTONELLIS, Angeline Miconi [Mrs. Daniel]1997-03-11JHOC-A
ANTONETTE, Frank, Sr.1963-10-22VNP-84
ANTONIAK, Frances T. (Shinoski) [Mrs. Charles]1997-07-13JHOC-A
ANTONIAK, Georgia B. (Miller) [Mrs. Walter M.]1997-05-18JHOC-A
ANTONIAK, Lucille "Lucy" (Brasco) [Mrs. Theodore A.]2001-12-17+PhotoJHOC-A

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