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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
ANDREWS, Mary Louise "Mandy" (Sebastian) [Mrs. William N.]2000-03-29JHOC-A
ANDREWS, Paul N.1984-04-01SWG-30
ANDREWS, Paul R.2000-02-06+News ArticleSWG-143/A-N-5
ANDREWS, Ruth1999-09-09PMF-35
ANDREWS, Ruth1999-09-09SWG-150
ANDREWSON, Diana "Daisy" (Cividini) [Mrs. Gedmen]1998-12-03JHOC-A
ANDRIECHACK, Julia1996-07-01JHOC-A
ANDRIECHACK, Roseann G. (Hensberger) [Mrs. John]1999-11-14JHOC-A
ANDRITZ, Pauline V. (Jones) [Mrs. Joseph Andrew]2001-08-05JHOC-A
ANDROS, Carolyn M. (Torba)1998-04-30JHOC-A
ANDROS, Elizabeth Agnes (Barlock) [Mrs. Lawrence Joseph]1999-03-01+PhotoJHOC-A
ANDROSTIC, Mike J.2001-01-11JHOC-A
ANDRUS, Henry O.1999-10-04JHOC-A
ANETSKY, Theresa2001-05-07JHOC-A
ANGELCYK, Edward Walter "Whitey"1997-02-14JHOC-A
ANGELINI, Renaldo2000-11-18JHOC-A
ANGELO, Alfred D.1997-04-03JHOC-A
ANGELO, Anthony2000-07-15JHOC-A
ANGELO, Dominic J.1996-04-19JHOC-A
ANGELO, Ella Mae (Garris) [Mrs. James D.]2002-02-01JHOC-A
ANGELO, Emanuela Vella [Mrs. Frank]1997-03-08JHOC-A
ANGELO, Jerry2011-02-07MFC-A-N-9
ANGELO, Maria Rose (Graziano) [Mrs. Anthony F.]1997-01-27JHOC-A
ANGELO, Marjorie R. (Yadesky) [Mrs. Anthony M.]1997-11-24JHOC-A
ANGELO, Miles "Mousie"2000-03-13JHOC-A
ANGELOPOULOS, Florence L. "Flossie" (Carnes) [Mrs. Christy, Sr.]2008-08-01MFC-A-L-9A
ANGELOZZI, Angeline C. (Quarato) [Mrs. Antonio A.]1999-10-07JHOC-A
ANGERMAN, Shirley (Lacey) [Mrs. Fred]2001-07-12JHOC-A
ANGERMANN, Doris C.1996-04-12ROC-15
ANGERT, Frances G. (Schanker) [Mrs. Budd]2002-02-09JHOC-A
ANGLE, Jerome S.1997-07-14JHOC-A
ANGLES, Harry S., Jr.1998-11-25JHOC-A
ANGOTTI, Lewis P.2000-07-30JHOC-A
ANGUS, Dora Belle (Miller) [Mrs. John]1982-02-02MFC-A-N-6
ANGUS, Helen (Lapka) [Mrs. Clinton]2000-02-27JHOC-A
ANGUS, John L.1984-01-22MFC-A-N-6
ANGUS, Lindsey Marie1998-07-06JHOC-A
ANKENY, John E.1999-12-11FPCO-1
ANKNEY, Alice1999-10-18HCO-5
ANKNEY, Alice1999-10-18JHOC-A
ANKNEY, Daniel A.2000-08-07JHOC-A
ANKNEY, David E.1990-09-08+Death NoticeMFC-A-N-1
ANKNEY, Donald Eugene "Buster"2010-09-04+PhotoBDNC-144
ANKNEY, Elizabeth Steele1983-09-24SWG-18
ANKNEY, Franklin T. "Ted"1997-10-12JHOC-A
ANKNEY, Garnet O. (Reese) [Mrs. Paul H.]1997-04-02JHOC-A
ANKNEY, Sadie L. (McCurdy)2007-05-08BDNC-108
ANKROM, Margaret R. (Arena) Hegland [Mrs. Earnest]1998-06-27JHOC-A
ANNIN, Julia2000-08-28JHOC-A
ANNONI, Violet Rose (Pegorie) [Mrs. Charles]1999-10-27JHOC-A

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