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NameDate of DeathCommentsLocation Code
AMMONS, David R., Sr.1997-07-11JHOC-A
AMOND, Evelyn (Kellerman) [Mrs. Harry Russell "Russ", Sr.]2000-09-02JHOC-A
AMOROSE, John James, Sr.1998-08-25JHOC-A
AMOROSO, John R.2000-05-09JHOC-A
ANASTASIUN [Anastasion], Katherine M. (Kilger) [Mrs. George]1997-02-21JHOC-A
ANCOSKY, John J. "Yankee"1998-08-31JHOC-A
ANDERSON, Ada B. (Dillow) [Mrs. Paul W.]1998-01-31MFC-A-N-1A
ANDERSON, Aina I. (Petersson) [Mrs. Gunnar]2001-10-23JHOC-A
ANDERSON, Alexander [James]1947-10-25FF-41-6
ANDERSON, Anna M. (Jarko) [Mrs. John W.]1996-07-11JHOC-A
ANDERSON, Betty (Raling) [Mrs. Audley A.]1996-07-12JHOC-A
ANDERSON, Carl A.1987-11-09+Funeral NoticeSWG-57A
ANDERSON, Carl M.1991-03-21+Funeral NoticeSWG-89A
ANDERSON, Charles E.1999-08-19JHOC-A
ANDERSON, Charles F. "Andy"2000-08-10JHOC-A
ANDERSON, Charles F. "Andy"2000-08-10ROC-15
ANDERSON, Charles W. "Bill"2006-11-08BDNC-58
ANDERSON, Clara I. (Frain) [Mrs. Raymond L.]2001-11-14JHOC-A
ANDERSON, Cynthia [Mrs. Joseph]1928-06-24VNP-23
ANDERSON, Daniel Albert1943-09-13FFP-11-39-289
ANDERSON, David C.2000-02-20JHOC-A
ANDERSON, Dolores L. [Mrs. Harry]1999-05-30JHOC-A
ANDERSON, Donald J.1992-01-12Memorial Card OnlyGOC-1
ANDERSON, Donald Wayne1999-12-05JHOC-A
ANDERSON, Dorothy L. Truxal (Snively) [Mrs. Edwin "Pete"]1993-02-09SWG-101
ANDERSON, E. Margaret2002-12-02+Photo & News ArticleMFC-A-N-3
ANDERSON, E. Margaret2002-12-02+Photo & News ArticleSWG-169
ANDERSON, Eleanor A. (Barry) [Mrs. Harold B.]1999-03-10JHOC-A
ANDERSON, Eleanor M.1987-10-31SWG-57A
ANDERSON, Elizabeth J.2006-06-19BDNC-7
ANDERSON, Esther Louise [Mrs. Thomas, Sr.]2001-08-14JHOC-A
ANDERSON, Ethel Marie (Fennell) [Mrs. Daniel A.]1975-01-20FF-74-2
ANDERSON, Floyd R.1999-01-02Memorial Card OnlyGOC-1
ANDERSON, George E.1990-03-20+Death NoticeMFC-A-N-1
ANDERSON, George E.1990-03-20Memorial Card & 2-yr. Memoriam OnlySWG-78 & 91A
ANDERSON, Gladys I. (Altman) [Mrs. Walter L.]2007-11-18MFC-A-N-7
ANDERSON, Goldie E. (Martin) [Mrs. Wilber]1986-01-19MFC-M-R-13
ANDERSON, Hannah (Fulton) [Mrs. James P.]1995-02-06MFC-F-L-4A
ANDERSON, Hazel O. (Thibodeau) [Mrs. Lawrence]2001-04-29JHOC-A
ANDERSON, Helen (Krawtz) [Mrs. L. Eugene]1996-10-14JHOC-A
ANDERSON, Helen M. (Shetler) [Mrs. Albert]2001-02-17JHOC-A
ANDERSON, James E.2002-03-15JHOC-A
ANDERSON, James Edward1958-08-30FF-54-7
ANDERSON, Jean (Cole)1998-01-29JHOC-A
ANDERSON, John1938-02-15SS-6
ANDERSON, John Cloyd1998-09-24JHOC-A
ANDERSON, John T., Sr.1998-09-02JHOC-A
ANDERSON, John W.1972-11-26MFC-A-N-7
ANDERSON, John W.1972-11-26PMF-20
ANDERSON, June B. (Brown) [Mrs. David E.]2000-11-30JHOC-A

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