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Family Histories page title

Our Research Library has many Westmoreland County family history books. Many of these books are devoted to individual family lines. Others are a compilation of genealogical information about several related family lines At last count, we had over 230 books in this section of our library. We welcome donations of any family histories.

Some of the surnames covered in these books are listed below. Please note that we are adding new titles all the time. In addition, we have many, many folders in our vertical files about area families. You are free to browse through these references when you visit our library. Or, if you prefer, you may want to take advantage of our research services. We have some very competent researchers on our staff. They have many years experience in genealogical research as well as familiarity with our resources.


  • Abramson Ackermann Aeschbacher Albright Alhieruhl Allshouse Alshouse Altman Ambrose Anderson Applegate Armbruster Ashbaugh Augustine Averick
  • Badman Baer Bahr Bair Baker Bar Barkley Baughman Bear Beauchamp Beck Bell Bergman Berkman Berlin Best Bleiberg Blose Bly Boroughf Brant Branthoover Brechbill Breegle Briegal Brill Brinker Brookover Brough Brown Brownlee Bryan Buchman Bungard Bush Byerly
  • Cameron Campbell Caplan Carnahan Carter Chew Claypoole Clingingsmith Coleman Cope Cornelis Cort Coulter Craig Cribbs Croninger Cuppage
  • Daley Davis Dellinger DeShields Detar Detweiler Devore Dice Dillinger Dopp Dryland Dunhoff
  • Eberhart Ebersole Eddy Eisaman Erretts Eschbach Eshbach Eshbaugh Eshelman Everett Everhart
  • Farber Felbaum Fennell Fischer Fisher Fox Franz Freed Fretts Fretz Fritchman Fry Frye Fulmer Funk
  • Gaffney Gambill Gee George Gettemy Glassbrenner Glasser Glick Glunt Gold Goldman Goodlin Greenawalt Greer Gross Guthrie
  • Hahn Haines Haldeman Hall Halpern Hardings Harmon Harris Harrold Hartzel Hauer Haught Hauser Hawk Heiberger Heil Heilman Henry Hepler Herault Herbst Herman Herrold Heuberger Highberger Hiles Hill Himler Hixson Hobaugh Hochstedler Hochstetler Hoefflich Hoeroldt Hoffman Holman Holtzer Hormell Hough Howell Huffnagle Hunter
  • Iseman
  • Jablonsky Jenkins Johnson
  • Kackley Kahanowitz Keefer Keiser Keister Kelly Kemmerer Kempfs Kennedy Kepple Kern Kiester Kimmel King Kirchner Kister Kistler Kline Klingelsmith Klingenschmidt Klingensmith Klingingsmith Knappenberger Koder Koepple Kohr Koser Köster Kuhn Kuhns Kunkle Kuntz Kunz Kuster
  • Lambing Lang Lapsley Lauffer Leix Lenhart Liebman Lilly Lisle Lockson Long Louck Loucks Loughner Loutzenhiser Loux
  • Mace Machesney Macklin Markle Martin Martz Masor Mathias Matthias Mäyer McCain McCauleys McClelland McCollough McCracken McCurdy McDonald McDowell McGuckin McKean McKelvey McKleen McLaughlin McLin McReynolds Mechlin Mechling Meier Mendler Mendon Mensch Merkel Messor Meyer Meyerhoff Miller Millstein Moore Morrow Moyers Muhlenberg Mumau Mumaw Mumma Munshower Myer Myers
  • Neubauer Neumann Newcomer Newhouse Newlins Nicholls Null
  • Osterwise Otterman Overholt
  • Painter Perkins Perman Pershing Pfeifer Pifer Pittler Plank Pontius Portser Portzer Poster Price Pritts
  • Radman Rager Rather Ratner Raub Rauch Raver-Croco Raygor Reager Remaley Rhodes Richard Rickel Rickle Riehl Riffle Rigor Robbins Rodabaugh Röger Rosensteel Rowan Rowe Ruby Ruch Ruckel Rudolph Ruff Ruffner Rugh Ruth
  • Saal Saddler Sadler Sadock Sandel Saul Sauvage Schaefer Schall Schlachter Schlachter Schmidt Schramm Schuck Seanor Sechrists Seltzer Shaffer Shallenberger Shanes Shaw Shellenberger Shellhammer Sheppard Sherrick Shields Shoaf Shotts Shrader Shriver Shrum Sillaman Silliman Silvis Skelly Slater Slaughter Smeltzer Smith Snyder Soles Sowash Spangler Spielman Stauffer Stecher Steck Stecker Stein Steinbiser Steiner Stephenson Stevenson Stoner Stouffer Strickler Stutzman Summerhill Swaney Swanger
  • Takac Takach Tarr Tennant Thomas Tinstman Tintsman Tombs Torney Traxels Truby Truxal Turners
  • Walter Walters Walthour Waltz Ward Washabaugh Watters Weaver Weber Weibels Weigel Weimer Weiss Weitzel Welch Wentzel Weygandt White Willems Williams Wine Wolf Wolfe Wolff Woods Wyland
  • Yothers
  • Zeller Zimmerman