Wayne Township
Armstrong County Pennsylvania
1830 Census Records

Page 205



Moses Miller


John Alcorn


John Shoemaker


John Houser


Henry Shreckengost


Peter Commerdinner


Daniel Clever


Christopher Roop


David White


John Wilkins


John Stoops


John Newport


Allen Foster


Isaac Simpson


Peter Shrekengost


William Kerr


Robert McHewaine(?)


William McElhiney


Martin Shreckengost


John Shreckengost Sr.


Isaac Shall


Jacob Torney


Andrew King


William Marshal


John Morrow

Page 206



Henry Clever


Adam Canhart


George Guld


Jacob Beck


Joseph Harris


George Dill


Margaret Campbell widow


Alexander White


Joseph Powers


Jacob Sluse


John M. Cabley


Thomas Foster


John Thomas


John Gould


Joseph Clever


Robert Adams


James Cogley


Thomas Adams


Michael Clever


George Roop


Mary Porter widow


Sussana Socksman


Jacob Roop


Jacob Uplinger


Peter Thomas


Samuel McGaughey


Thomas Wilson

Page 207



John Uplinger


Samuel Marshall


Archibald Mashal Sr.


James Irwin


Thomas McGaughey


David Scott


James Kirppatrick


George Brown


Sarah Ruthuford widow


John Ruthuford


William Porter


William Kirckpatrick


William Laudford


Samuel Cockran


Andrew Morrow


William Cockran Jr.


Levi Gibson


Joseph Gibson


Edward Wells


Samuel Rarick


William Rarick


David Rarick


James M. Willson

Page 208



James Wilacre


George Rarick


Thompson Hays


Jacob Pierce


Samuel Coleman


James Hays


James Kirkpatrick Jr.


David Kirkpatrick


Adam Gahegan


Mosses Kirkpatrick


Joseph Stewart


Abel Findley


John Calhoun Esq.


Joseph Marshall


James Ressell


John Marshall


William Hall


Elisha D. Barret Rev.(?)


Samuel Refeuberwick(?)


James McKwaine


John Coleman


George McCourte


John Marshall


Hugh Denver


John Leis


Benjamin Irwin


Robert Marshall

Page 209



Thomas Wilson


Charles Coleman


John Butler


Jane Wadden widow


Joseph Butler


John McGaughey


Enoch Hastings


Elizabeth Divern widow


Joseph Marshall


Sarah Caine widow


David Lewis


Fanney Beels widow


Joseph Glenn


Aaron Irwin


Archibald Glenn


Alvah Paine


Charles Coleman


Jacob Pontius


Robert Martin


Hugh Martin


David Henry


Jesse Cabel


Casper Nulf


Brice Taylor


George Smith


John Doverspike


James Walker


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