Widnoon, Madison Township
Armstrong County Pennsylvania


Widnoon is located in North Central Armstrong County, about 14 miles northwest of Kittanning. Back in 1880, it had been decided that a post office be established here at which time the area was called Duncansville. The area had been approved by the Post office dept. but not for that name since there was already a Duncansville in Blair County. Before this time the mail was carried from Mahoning, Pennsylvania to the Thomas T. Meredith store in Duncansville. When a new name was needed everyone decided to try and help out. Bibles were brought out, neighbors went through old story books, and a list of ridiculous names came about. Finally Judge Meredith, who was Justice of the Peace, came up with the name of Widnoon after reading a great deal about Africa and a road that lead from Timbukto to Widnoon. It was approved by the Post Office Dept. and the office was dedicated as Widnoon on March 22, 1880 (about 120 years ago).

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