Chapter 2
Armstrong County in The War of the Rebellion
204th Regiment - Fifth Artillery

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This regiment was principally recruited in Allegheny, though considerable numbers of its men were from Armstrong, Beaver, Cambria, Greene, Lawrence and Westmoreland. Battery M was entirely composed of men from this county. Recruiting was commenced in August, 1864, the place of rendezvous being Camp Reynolds, near Pittsburgh. Soon after its organization the 204th was ordered to Washington, and upon its arrival was assigned to duty in the forts north of the Capitol. Afterward it was employed in guarding railroads, and during the period it was discharging that duty the regiment had several sharp brushes with the rebel forces under Mosby. In the winter of 1864-5 the regiment was engaged in building stockades and blockhouses, and in the spring of 1865 expeditions were sent out to bury the dead of the second battle of Bull Run. In June the regiment was ordered to Pittsburgh, where it was mustered out upon the 30th.


[The members of this battery were mustered into service at various dates from August 20 to September 10, 1864, and nearly all of them were mustered out with the battery upon June 30, 1865. Opposite the names of such we have not inserted any remarks; but in the case of those who were promoted, who died in the service, were wounded or killed in action, transferred to other organizations, or who were mustered in or discharged upon other dates than that of the common muster-in or muster-out, the facts are stated.]


Captain John E. Alward.

First Lieutenant Adkinson H. Sellers, m. i. s. Nov. 15, 1864; absent on detached duty at m. o.

First Lieutenant Albert C. Pontious, pro. from 1st Serg. Jan. 19, 1865.

Second Lieutenant Charles G. Barclay.

Second Lieutenant Wm. W. Barnett, pro. from Serg. Jan. 19, 1865.

First Sergeant J. A. Stephenson, pro. from Serg. Jan. 19, 1865.

Sergeant Peter Stockdill.

Sergeant Miles Beatty.

Sergeant Joseph W. Traves.

Sergeant William McCanna.

Sergeant Geo. W. Thompson, pro. from Corp. Jan. 19, 1865.

Sergeant Patterson River, pro. from Corp. Jan. 19, 1865.

Sergeant James Stivenson.

Sergeant Wm. T. Glenn, died at Alexandria, Va., Oct. 20, 1864, grave 2782.

Corporal Andrew H. Sheisley.

Corporal Barton Guthrie.

Corporal Charles F. Morgan.

Corporal John O. Delancey, pro. to Corp. Jan. 19, 1865.

Corporal Alexander Browne.

Corporal Alexander George.

Corporal Elijah W. Martin.

Corporal John Stoops, pro. to Corp. Jan. 30, 1865.

Corporal John Browne.

Corporal Archibald Hemphill, dis. by G. O. June 7, 1865.

Corporal John W. Morrow, dis. by G. O. June 9, 1865.

Corporal B. W. Blanchard, dis. by G. O. June 15, 1865.


Nelson C. Arnold, Eli J. Artman, Thomas M. Allen, Ephraim A. Adams, Samuel Ayres

(prisoner from Nov. 1, 1864, to Feb. 5, 1865); dis. by G. O. June 19, 1865.

Samuel W. Beatty, Geo. L. Blose, Henry Beer, William Blain, William M. Blain, Thos. D. Buzzard, Peter Beck, Samuel W. Bruner, Henry H. Burket, Thomas C. Byers, Robert A. Barr, Simon D. Brown, Geo. W. Brown (absent, sick, at m. o.), William J. Brown, Samuel Brown, Jacob Buzzard (died at Alexandria, Va., Oct. 6, 1864, grave 2736), Henry Brown (died at Fairfax C. H., Va., Feb. 19, 1865).

Samuel Clark, Ephraim F. Coffman, William Coleman, Daniel L. Coleman, William Carson, Andrew Carson.

John E. Dunmire, Phillip Dunmire, Isaac Dunmire, Jacob B. Darbarker (died at Piedmont, Va., Oct. 21, 1864; buried in Nat. Cem., Arlington, block 2, sec. E, row 14, grave 60).

Hugh Elgin, Jeremiah Elgin, Samuel Ecencey,Samuel J. Elgin (dis. by G. O. June 19, 1865).

Geo. W. Fry, John Fink, Jas. R. Flemming (died at Fort Sumner, Md., Oct. 1, 1864; buried in Nat. Cem., Arlington, Va.).

Jacob George, Peter George, Philip George, Josiah George, John Gould, William H. Gray.

Andrew Hardy, David B. Hankiman, John Hartman, William Hartman, Henry Hallman, Philip Hawk.

A. Klingensmith, S. Klingensmith, Wm. J. Kelly, Anthony H. Kennard, John J. Kral, John G. Kline, Samuel Kelley.

Joseph Low, Abraham Lessig.

Joseph Mathiet, William M. Mock, David Moyer, Samuel Metzler, Samuel Mansfield, James R. Moore, Samuel R. Moore, William A. Morrow, David L. Marshall, James A. Mikesell (died at Fort Simmons, Md., Dec. 10, 1864), Robert McCrum, Geo. W. McConnell, Joseph W. McKee, John A. McElroy, Thomas D. McColgin, James McGreggor, Robert McFarland, W. W. McCracken (wounded at Salem, Va., Oct. 7, 1864), John W. McElfresh, Peter McCanna, Joseph McAllister (died at Fairfax C. H., Va., Dec. 13, 1864).

Matthew Nelson.

John L. Pitts, James H. Patrick, Thomas Patterson, Francis Powell.

Edward G. Rummel, Jacob Robb, Thomas K. Robb, Oliver G. Reynolds, James Robinson (trans. to Co. E, 147th reg. Pa. Vol., date unknown).

John B. Shaffer, Christopher Shaffer, Jacob Sell, John B. Sowers, Mathew Stanford, Jacob Scholl, John C. Stewart, John A. Stewart, John Silvis, Solomon D. Silvis, John C. Stiffey, Isaac Seachrist, Henry Segar, E. Z. Schrecenghost, Thomas Sturgeon (dis. by G. O. June 19, 1865), Henry Simmers (killed at Rectortown, VA., Oct. 8, 1864), John Sheridan.

Henry Trollinger, Nathan G. C. Turner (dis. by special order Feb. 26, 1865).

William H. Weaver, Adnum R. Wolf, James W. Watterson, William Wareham, James Wadding (dis. by G. O. June 9, 1865), Adam Wagle (dis. by G. O. June 9, 1865).

Alexander Yales, Ressinger Yount (dis. by G. O. April 28, 1865), Levi K. Young (trans. to Bat H, 212th reg. Pa. Vol.; date unknown), George K. Young (trans. to Bat. H, 212th regt. Pa. Vols., date unknown).

James Zell.


[The men in this company from Armstrong county, twenty-seven in number, were from the vicinity of Freeport. Except where otherwise indicated, they were enlisted August 30, 1864, and discharged June 30, 1865.]


1st Lieutenant J. B. Miller,

Sergeants Alex. Ashbaugh, Hiram Brickel.

Corporals J. A. Murphy, R. B. McKee, Wm. E. McLelland (dis. May 15, 1865).


Joseph Evarts, Samuel Gourley, Samuel Klingensmith, Addison L. Klingensmith, James S. Klingensmith, William Kirkwood, Jacob Kuhn, John B. Morton, Elisha G. Pitt, James S. Ross, Alex. Rowland, John A. Shoop, Harry Sypbax, Stewart Therrpsen, Daniel Varner, John J. Wile, D. M. B. Weir, John A. Hughes (trans. to 147th reg. Pa. Vet. Vol. July 1, 1865), Wm. S. Russ, Geo. A. Stilt, Jno. M. Spiecher.

Source: Page(s) 60-100, History of Armstrong County, Pennsylvania by Robert Walker Smith, Esq. Chicago: Waterman, Watkins & Co., 1883.
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