Chapter 2
Armstrong County in The War of the Rebellion

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1. On April 18, 1861, a large concourse of people from the town and country assembled to witness the departure of the company of three months men, organized in pursuance of the call of President Lincoln. The sky was clear and the weather pleasant for an April day. The company formed in the Diamond, at the intersection of Market and Jefferson streets, where the ladies presented to each member a copy of the New Testament. The sum of nearly four thousand dollars was soon after raised by the people of Kittanning and vicinity for the support of the families of such of these as depended on their labor to subsist them. The night of August 14 was made memorable by the return of that company, the first since 1812 that had gone hence to meet the hardships and perils of war.

2. The regiment presented a fine, military, and, to most of the spectators from town and country, an unaccustomed appearance as, in the clear sunlight of that beautiful October day, it moved down Jefferson street to the depot.

3. Of this amount, the sum of $15,170 was raised in Kittanning of which the sum of $5,033,83 was raised by tax, and the residue, $10,136.55, was contributed by individuals.

4. This roster has been compiled with much care and at considerable expense, under the direction of the publishers, as an addition to Mr. Smith's history. -- EDITOR

5. The men whose names are thus marked were soldiers in the Mexican war.

6. The company was mustered out May 24, 1864.

7. Company G, 40th reg., 11th Reserve was mustered out June 13, 1864.

8. This regiment was mustered out September 11, 1865. Where the date of muster out does not follow the name, the reader will take for granted that it was as here given.

9. This company was mustered out September 11, 1865.

10. Bates' History of Pennsylvania Volunteers

11. Dis. by G. O. May 30, 1865.

12. Dis. Aug. 9, 1865.

13. Died at Norfolk, Va., June 1, 1865.

14. Died at Norfolk, Va., Aug. 10, 1865.

15. Died at Norfolk, Va., Aug. 23, 1865.

16. J. R. Henderson enlisted at the age of thirteen years. He was transferred to the 19th N. Y. Independent Battery, and on account of not being able to engage in the marches of the campaign was made powder monkey. He was discharged Jan. 29, 1866. He was in the following engagements: Eighteen days in the Wilderness, Spottsylvania, North Ann River, Coal Harbor, Shady Grove Church, Petersburg, Welden R. R., Chapman's Bluff, mine explosion Petersburg, evacuation Richmond, and Appomattox C. H.


# - other footnotes

1. Accounts of other aid societies will be found in the history of those places in which they were organized.

Source: Page(s) 60-100, History of Armstrong County, Pennsylvania by Robert Walker Smith, Esq. Chicago: Waterman, Watkins & Co., 1883.
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