Dr. Samuel S. Neale

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Dr. Samuel S. Neale was born in Burlington, New Jersey, on January 15, 1792, where he received the usual education afforded by the excellent academy of that city. Afterward he commenced the study of medicine in the city of Philadelphia, under such eminent physicians as Dr. Rush and Dr. Physic, and also attended the course of lectures in the University of Pennsylvania.

About the year 1814, he settled in Connellsville, Pennsylvania, and in the course of two or three years thereafter located in Kittanning, where he continued to practice his profession till the time of his death, with but a single interruption of a short residence in the city of Pittsburgh.

He was married on July 4, 1826, to Margaret E., daughter of Robert Brown, Esq. Her death occurred March 18, 1851.

He died on August 22, 1857, leaving surviving him two daughters and three sons -- Rebecca B., Phebe I., Charles T., James B. and Alonzo P. Neale.

As a physician he commanded the respect of his professional brethren as well as by his skill as by his uniform courtesy and constant observance of professional etiquette; but, more than all, he became greatly endeared to those to whom he bore the relation of family physician. Constant and devoted in every case of illness, skillful in his treatment of disease, kind and thoughtful in his manner, and gentle and sympathetic in times of distress and affliction, his presence and words could always soften the grief and allay the sorrows, even at the bedside of the dying.

In social life he was always genial and open, refined in his manner and conversation, and warm and sincere in his friendships. In his death he bore with him the respect and good will of all who had known him.

Source: Page(s) 597-598, History of Armstrong County, Pennsylvania by Robert Walker Smith, Esq. Chicago: Waterman, Watkins & Co., 1883.
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