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KLINGENSMITH posted by Minnie Bowser on Thursday, November 4, 1999

I am starting a family tree. I only have one family member's name which is Shirley Klingensmith. I know that in 1968 she lived in Armstrong County. After that I lost track of her whereabouts. If you have any information on her or her family PLEASE email me. Any information at all would be DEEPLY appriciated. Thank you!!!!.


KLINGENSMITH posted by Minnie Bowser on Thursday, November 4, 1999

I am looking for any information on Shirley Klingensmith or her family. She was born on 6/18/35. In August of 1968 she lived in Kittaning, Armstrong County. After that I lost track of her whereabouts. Prior to moving to Kittanning her previous address was R.D. #2 Vandergrift, Armstrong County. Any information would be DEEPLY appriciated. PLEASE help me!! Thank you..


BOWSER, MCANINCH posted by Lorna Gilbert on Friday, November 5, 1999

My Armstrong County great-great grandparents are HENRY McANINCH [sometimes spelled McININCH], born abt. 1801, married ELIZABETH BOWSER, b. abt. 1804. I am seeking information about their children, and about HENRY McANINCH's parents.
First: Who are all of HENRY McANINCH and ELIZABETH BOWSER's children? I know that Henry and Elizabeth left Armstrong County PA and were in Jackson County, Iowa in 1856 and in Iron County, MO, in 1860, with their children NELSON, PETER (my great-grandfather), GEORGE, SUSAN and NANCY McANINCH (from census info). Now I have reason to believe that these were merely the five younger children wholeft Armstrong County and went west with them.
Saw a transcript of an 1840 census, Armstrong County, Franklin Twp. PA, for "HENRY McINNISH" [Sic.] but unfortunately no first names, just the list of household members and their approximate ages in 1840. The approximate birthdates would fit Henry, Elizabeth, and their five children that I know about. But it appears that there are in fact at least TEN children! I have previously suspected that Henry and Elizabeth possibly also had daughters LEVINIA, JANE and/or JULIA McANINCH, and the approximate 1840 census ages would also fit my projections/speculations for those possible daughters. In any event, I'm pretty sure that the older children probably remained in PA after 1856 when Henry and Elizabeth went west with apparently their five youngest children. The MO and IA census both state that all were born in PA. If anyone knows anything about ANY of Henry and Elizabeth's children, I will be most grateful to have that information!
Second: Who are the parents of HENRY McANINCH b. abt. 1801? I have learned that there were three McANINCH brothers, all born in the 1700s in Armstrong County PA, whose names were HENRY, WILLIAM and JOHN McANINCH; and that my great-great grandfather "1801" HENRY McANINCH is almost certainly the son of one of those three brothers. But which one? Thanks for any information whatever about this family!


HAINES, MANSFIELD posted by Daisy Haines on Saturday, November 6, 1999

I am looking for information on a Jacob Haines/Haynes/Hain and wife Margaret Mansfield. Est birth about 1800. From the Armstrong County area. They had at least one child, Frederick Haines, he had a home in Bryan. They ran a Gris Mill on the land in Bryan. Does anyone have any information on these people?.


GIVEN, SHRIVER posted by Mary Garrison on Monday, November 8, 1999

Search For information and relatives of William Albert Given born Dec 03, 1861 and died June 13, 1916 in Kittanning, Armstrong County, PA. He is the son of George Washington Given born in 1844 in Allegheny, PA and Era Ann Whited born 1836 in Armstrong County, PA. William married Ester Catherine Shriver in Kittanning, PA. Ester was born Oct 02,1860 in Kittanning, Armstrong County, PA and died April 02, 1922 in Kittanning, Armstrong County, PA. She is the daughter of Archibald Shriver and Sarah Jane McElroy both of Armstrong County, PA. Any help is greatly appreciated..


BASH, BRINK, COMISKY, COMMISKEY, DITTS, MCCOMISKY, MCDONALD, PORTER, TRAVIS posted by Mary Jane Martin on Thursday, November 11, 1999

I am the great granddaughter of William Bash Travis. He lived in both North and West Mahoning twp. Armstrong Co. He was born in 1851. He was first married to Emeline Brink. According to the census from 1860, they resided with her parents and siblings. Perry-49, Agnes 52-, Laura-5, Morris?-3, Nancy-1, Samuel-19, William-16, William and Emeline and other Brink family members listed below probably neighbors William-27, June-38, Susie-4. I have no proof but was told by an aunt that Emeline and William had 5 children through their marriage. All I know is Samuel born in 1866 that William took from her to raise with my greatgrand mother Mary Jane. With Wm. having the middle name of BASH. I feel that was his mothers maiden name. I also found a deed In Jefferson County where a MAG BASH, gave him a piece of property that he built a home on and still stands today in Jefferson County, Reynoldsville Pa. This MAG could stand for MAGNUS and was possibly his grandfather. While still living in N. Mahoning twp. Indiana, Pa. they ( Mary Jane and Wm. ) had in addition to Samuel 2 more sons. Joesph, married a lady named Kitty and lived in Punxsutawney. He worked as an adult for the railroad and she was a hair dresser. And Robert who as an adult was a barber in Clearfield Co. DuBois, Pa. My g. grandmother Mary Jane Comminskey was the daughter of AUGUSTUS (GUST) MCCOMISKY and SARAH PORTER, (as listed in her obit in 1933) She was born in 1859.Sarah must of dropped the Mc and just used Commiskey for her last name. In the 1860 census Sarah is listed as residing with her parents, William Porter-66, Betsy-58, John-40, Patrick-28, SARAH BEAM- 1 yr. Mary Comminskey-1 yr. In the 1870 census she is shown living with another PORTER family. Patterson Porter-43, Margaret-35, Rebecca-3 and Mary Jane Comminskey 9. No mention of Sarah. There is a census from 1860 with a Dr. E.M.COMMINSKEY-57, Jenie-51, Joesph-20, Critian-18 female hard to make out writing. A Mary J.-16 and Martha A- 9. in North Mahoning twp. There is also a Joesph Comminskey living with a HK DITTS-28, Nancy J.-25, a male Allison-3, James L.-2, William 4 mo., Henry Pieffer 15, and Joesph Comminskey -18, farm hands. My great grandmother used alot of these names from the Comminskey's to name her own children. It is very confusing with all the different ways they used Mary Jane's last name...COMISKY COMISKEY. I can not find any thing on the Comminskey family from Indiana Pa. After having the 3 sons in W. Mahoning , they built a house on the property MAG BASH gave them and moved to Jefferson County, Reynoldsville Pa. and raised a large family. Ethel MCDONALD, married to George Leo McDonald, Susan Belnap, Ada or Adaline Hartless- Cricky, Mae Yohe, Margaret Shannon- Spratt, Martha Elizabeth (Betty or Bessie) Cassatt, Walter and Patrick. Another important factor...William had shaking palsy. He had to be completly cared for by his children. He and Mary Jane are buried under a Huge tombstone that only states TRAVIS-YOHE, in Reynoldsville Cem. in Reynoldsville, Pa. Any one who can help me please contact me soon. Thank you Mary Jane Martin..


ROWLAND, WHITLINGER posted by Doug Coleman on Tuesday, November 16, 1999

Looking for info regarding the Whitlinger and Rowland families of Apollo, Kiski Twp., Armstrong Co. My Great Grandfather was Harry Siebert Whitlinger, of Apollo..


STEFFEY, STIVENSON, STOOPS, YOUNT posted by LeAna on Tuesday, November 16, 1999

Maternal Grandmother: Blanche Steffey
Maternal GG Grandmother: Christina Stoops
Maternal GG Grandfather: Johnathan C. Steffey
Mother: Christina "Clara" Yount
Paternal Grandfather: Benjamin Yount
Paternal GG Grandmother: Clara Moorhead/Moorehead?
Paternal GG Grandfather: Ben Stivenson
All maternal family was from Garretts Run and all Paternal
family was from Valley Township, Armstrong County


DALE posted by Dona Halad on Wednesday, November 17, 1999

looking for the decendants of james dale and eliz.bell. lived in armstrong co. any help happily accepted....


BENN, CAMPBELL, POLLOCK, STEELE posted by Pegi Nelson on Wednesday, November 17, 1999

Searching for parents of Margaret Campbell (Benn) born Kellersburg, Armstrong Co, 5/17/1829 D. 4/16/1913 in Clarion Co. Siblings were Anne Campbell Steele married John Steele ran Shridan House Hotel, Curllesville, Clarion Co, Charlotte Pollock, & James of Peakskill, NY. Margaret was a Baptist and was listed in Clarion Co. in 1850 census..


BRINKER, HIBBS, SCHEETZ posted by Susan Walters on Wednesday, November 17, 1999

I am looking for infomation concerning Ulrick BRINKER and his children epseically Adam marreid to Amelia HIBBBS They may of come to Armstrong County. Any help that can be given would be appreciated..


FERGUSON posted by Carol McBurney Bokas on Thursday, November 18, 1999

Searching for family of James Ferguson said to be living in Parker's Landing in 1914 per his mother's obit. Parents John McCammon Ferguson and Sarah (maiden name possibly Dynes). Sarah died in Hamilton, Ontario 1914..


COOK, HURTMAN posted by Cynthia Venturini on Thursday, November 18, 1999

I am looking for information on Lemuel Harvey Cook. He was born in Allegheny (now either Bethel, Gilpin, or Parks) Township in Armstrong County in about 1848, and is listed as the youngest child/only son of Jeremiah and Mary (Hurtman) Cook in the 1850 Census. He had 3 older sisters, one of whom (Amanda) is listed in the 1860 Census as being a housemaid in Kittanning. In his later years he went by Harvey Cook, and married first to Mary L. Smeltzer; second to Ida Martha Houser. Both wives were from Manor Township. With his first wife, he had 3 children: Bertha A., Albert James, and William Harry. With his second he had at least 2: Rose (or Ruth?) and Wiley. I'd like to know what happened to him, his second wife and their children. Rose (Ruth) and Wiley were both born in the 1890's. He lived in Manor Township from marriage to first wife in 1870's until he moved to Kiski Township in the 1890's..


KILPATRICK posted by Eleanore Kilpatrick on Friday, November 19, 1999

Searching for any information about a Kilpatrick family who lived in or near Armstrong Co. in the 1830-1850's..


HINDMAN, LUKEHART, NOBLE, ROWLAND, RUNDEL posted by James Hindman on Saturday, November 20, 1999

Looking for descendants of Griffith ROWLAND or his brother Ellis ROWLAND, who lived in Cambria Co., PA in early 1800s. There were some who went to Blacklick Twp in Indiana County, and to South Mahoning twp, same county..


DAILEY posted by R.T. Dailey II on Sunday, November 21, 1999

Iam looking for information about Robert Dailey. He was originally from Kittanning (Armstrong County) Pa. He died in the summer of 1962. I believe he is buried in or around Kittanning, Pa. He was in his early forties when he died in 1962. Any information regarding Robert Theodore Dailey or his kin would be much appreciated..


posted by Larry Clever on Tuesday, November 23, 1999

Frederick Miller, b. 19 NOV 1845 Rayburn Twp, Armstrong CO, PA, d. 13 APR 1928 East Kittanning, Armstrong CO, PA, interred 18 APR in section H lot 80 of the Kittanning Cemetery on Troy Hill Road in Rayburn Twp. It would appear that Mr. Miller died of la grippe" and that his spouse was Martha Unknown.
Martha, b. 00 UNK 1849, d. 28 MAR 1927 Rayburn Twp, Armstrong CO, PA, interred 31 MAR 1927 in the same lot.
Also buried in the same lot is Jessie May, their daughter, b. 1874, d. 6 DEC 1900, interred 8 DEC 1900.
Their son Clyde, b. 1884 Petrolia, PA, d. 19 NOV 1914 Kittanning, Armstrong CO, PA, of typhoid fever, interred 21 NOV 1914, is in the same lot along with his wife, Nellie A., b. 25 OCT 1884 Cowanshannock Twp, Armstrong CO, PA, d. 26 FEB 1974 Kittanning, PA, of A. S. H. D., and interred 1 MAR 1974.
It would be a surprise if there were no certificate of death in New Castle for Frederick Miller. Perhaps if you were to try again with this information . . .


BITTINGER, ELLENBERGER, LIGHTNER posted by Martha on Tuesday, November 23, 1999

HELP, I am in search of any information regarding a Daniel Lightner born 1812-1890 buried at Belknap German Reform Church and his wife Lavina Lightner (Ellenberger)born 1834-1908. His first wife is also buried in the same cemetery. I am looking to have any suggestions at how to find Daniel parents and also to find the maiden name of the first wife. I have searched the church records,no obits, no birth records, her obit was lost in a fire. This cemetery plot was shared with the Bittinger family(Andrew and Catherine).
In 1870 census of Armstrong Co., Willie or Wallie Bittinger was living with Daniel and Lavina. He was age 9. I am also trying to find out how he may be connected.
If someone made a will do they usually use friends and relatives as exectors? because Daniel first wife will was executed by a Cornelias Bittinger dated 1866 Please e-mail me back. Thanks in advance for your help


LESSIG posted by Priscilla Webb on Friday, November 26, 1999

Joseph Lessig, gr gr grandfather, born 1814 lived in Armstrong County in 1863. In probate records, there is listed an adminstrators bond for Samuel and Joshua Lessig for $200. Can anyone tell me what that may have been for. I found no other explanation. Thanks


GARDNER, RICHARDS, RICHTER, RICHY, SPAWR posted by Ellen Byrne on Saturday, November 27, 1999

My ancestor Anna Margaret Richter b ca 1770 Germany to America 1773, her mother died on the voyage. Her father Samuel married again to Juliana-maiden name unknown. Samuel died 1802, mentioned his dau Margaret who had m 1792, Westmoreland Co PA to Valentine Spawr, left her a lot in Hempfield. After his death Juliana m Abraham Gardner and they moved to Armstrong Co PA. Valentine & Margaret Spawr to Ohio, both died in McLean Co Il. Any clues appreciated..Ellen.


DEWALT, MITCHELL, POLLARD posted by Cathy on Tuesday, November 30, 1999

I am searching for parents of Daniel Pollard b. abt.1820 in PA. He was in McKeesport in 1850 until his death in 1869.There is a Daniel Pollard in Armstrong co. in the 1840 census. Does anyone have or know anything about this family? Common names are Martha,Norval,Benjamin,Sarah,Mary,Ella to name a few. Daniel was a Pilot in the 1850 census. Am also trying to find out who his wife was. He had two children Named Martha and Norval.This from 1850 census, but no wife listed..


ALFRED, MCBRIDE posted by Esther Shultz on Tuesday, November 30, 1999

I am looking for information on my great-grandmother, whose name was I think Rachel Arminnow MCBRIDE, she was born 3/10/1857 and died 11/14/1929. She died in Sherrett, Armstrong Co, Pa. she is buried in the Sherrett Cemetery. I know she was the second wife of my great-grandfather James ALFRED Flick, I would like to know who her parents were and where they lived and who were her grandparents!


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