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Posted Queries for October 1998


HENRY, HILL, HOUSTON, KLINGENSMITH, RAGER, SOUTHWORTH, TILTON posted by cheryl stewart on Saturday, October 3, 1998

Am searching for info on Otis Southworth born 1806 in Mass. Presumably lived in region of Armstrong Co., PA. Descendents remain in area-would enjoy hearing from them. Am descendent of Otis' son, Samuel (Chancey) and wife, Lottie Tilton. Seeking names of Otis' parents or any clues to same. Have some info on Augustus Houston's family, some on Peter Hill, very little on Tilton ( there are books on the subject) and have much on the Klingensmiths of western Pa. for any interested. Would welcome any info you have on same.E-mail me with your e-mail and will research and answer if I can find in my gen books.Help with Otis!!!! Seek info on Andrew Henry of Westmoreland Co. and Eliza Rager of Blacklick area of PA..


EVANITCKA, KUHN, MCGAUGHEY posted by Betty Evans on Monday, October 5, 1998

Looking for the parents and ancesters of Anna Margaret McGaughey b.1864 (Ford City?) Armstrong Co.PA., and also her husband, Christian Kuhn b.1863. They had one child that I know of named Margaret J. Kuhn, b.Sept 2,1892, Ford City, Armstrong Co.,PA, who married Harry Henry Evanitcka. Margaret and Harry were my husband's grandparents. I need any info I can get.


BOWSER, BURKHART, LIPS, NOLDER, RUPERT, SHARPNECK, WOLFE posted by Dawn Dutra on Wednesday, October 7, 1998

I am looking for these surnames in Armstrong County..


CARNAHAN, CARROLL, KENNEDY, UNCAPHER posted by Irene D'Amato on Thursday, October 8, 1998

Looking for the parents and any other information about James Carrell of Plum Creek Township Armstrong County, PA. James born 1776 and died 1863. He married Eleanor Carnahan 1803. Eleanor born 1784 and died 1863. They are buried in Concord Cemetery, Plum Creek. Family letter says he had a War of 1812 marker on tombstone. Possible his family came from Cumberland County, PA need proof. Their children were Joseph, Adam, William, James, Jane M. and unknown daughter who married a James Bleakney. Any help appreciated. Will share what I have..



My gr grandfather, Joseph Franklin Lessig "known as Frank", was born in Armstrong Co in 1840 and died in 1923 being buried in Finleyville Cemetery. His father, Joseph Sands Lessig, was a squire in Gilpin Twp. His mother, Mary M Allshouse Lessig, died in June, 1853 but there is record of a child being born to her in 1856 being baptised in 1857. Does anyone know where she is buried? Forks Zion I believe has a Mary Lessig and Joseph Lessig but don't think these are the right people. If you have any information, I would certainly appreciate your help. Also does anyone have info on Frank's brothers being in the Civil War, I found some orphan court records that indicate that they were but I don't know what the records actually are.


FRYER, STITT posted by Michal Pahel Wayne on Monday, October 12, 1998

Looking for any information on Margaret Ann FRYER b. 1/27/1824, in Armstrong Co; d. 9/15/1903, buried Stitt cemetery, Parks Twp, Armstrong Co; m. John Stitt on 7/10/1845. Any help greatly appreciated..


KIER, SMITH, STITT posted by Michal Pahel Wayne on Monday, October 12, 1998

Looking for ancestors/siblings of Edward A. SMITH, born abt 1835 in PA, a farmer living in Kiski Twp, Armstrong Co, PA in 1870. Wife, Hannah Jane Kier, b. 1832, Armstrong Co; sons -- Andrew Kier SMITH (1858-1928) and Edward M. SMITH, b. abt 1867. Also living in the household in the 1870 census -- Christiana Ashbaugh, age 46 (housekeeper); Margaret Ashbaugh, 18; Hannah R. Ashbaugh, 17; and Mary Ashbaugh, 15. Andrew Kier SMITH, his wife Sarah Matilda STITT (1862-1894); their son Edward B. SMITH, his wife, Locie and their daughter Thelma SMITH all buried Saltzburg Cemetery, Indiana County. Family lore says this SMITH family of German descent, Andrew 7 generations removed from the original immigrant ancestor. Any help on these SMITHS greatly appreciated. Thank you..


CAMPBELL, RUPERT, STICKLER posted by Sean Stickler on Wednesday, October 14, 1998

I am seeking info. on my great grandmother Effie May Rupert. She was born on May 23,1872 in Kittanning,Armstrong co.,PA. Her parents names were Jackson Rupert and Sandie Campbell/Rupert.I do not when or where the parents where born ,married ,or died.All I know is her father had a house in Kittaning.Her mothers cause of death was dropsy.I am not sure of how many brothers a sisters Effie had?She married George Franklin Stickler in kittaning on June 22,1893 ,and I think that is the last I heard of her living there.Iwill be greatful for any links you might have on her or her family.


COLLINS posted by Virginia Borkowski on Friday, October 16, 1998

William H. Collins was born March 4, 1849 in Pa. I can not find him in the 1850 or 1860 census. Since yhere were Collins in Armstron Co. in 1850 I am hopeful. His parents were also born in Pa.


HETRICK, SAYERS, SAYRES posted by Maureen Cooper on Friday, October 16, 1998

Looking for info on George W. HETRICK, b.2/1859. Married Margaret SAYRES (or SAYERS). Lived in Armstrong County, Madison Township in 1880 & 1900. Children: Warren (my grandfather), Mary, Boyd, Nathan, William, Walter, Russell, Alice. Lived in Clymer (Indiana County) in the 1920's with son Walter (b.4/1893, d.4/1938). In 1870 census, there is a George L. Hetrick, wife Elizabeth, daughter Mary and son George W - age 13. The name is right, but the age doesn't match. Would like to contact any descendants of the other children..


HORNER, YOUNG posted by Kathy Stentzel on Friday, October 16, 1998

I am looking for parents and sibilings of David Young, b. 14 Jul 1804 in Armstrong Co(now Clarion Co). He married Catherine Horner, b. 30 Jul 1806, also form the same area. I believe all but the last few of his children were born in PA, as they moved to OH and were listed in the 1850 Census with all their children. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks..


ANSLEY, DICKEY posted by Judy Hoover on Saturday, October 17, 1998

need inf.on John and Eliz.(DICKEY)ANSLEY children Maude b.1878 mar.Clark Burn Jay b.1883 mar.Leona Steffy Samuel b.1887 mar.Cora Freedline


STARRY posted by Bob Davidson on Sunday, October 18, 1998

Looking for information for any member of the Starry family who resided in Armstrong and Indiana counties..


KUHN, VARNER posted by Suzy Bettac on Tuesday, October 20, 1998

Did Rachel Kuhn marry a ? Varner in Armstrong Co. about 1846? Rachel was niece of Peter Kuhn of Armstrong Co., Pa. Peter on the 1840 census Buffalo Twp. but missing in 1850. Where did he go?.


KUHN posted by Suzy Bettac on Tuesday, October 20, 1998

Am looking for Peter Kuhn after 1840 from Buffalo Twp., Armstrong Co.,Pa. Did he die? Also looking for his brother Abraham. Also seeking information about the possible marriage of Rachel Kuhn about 1846 to a ? Varner. Was ? Varner from Freeport, Armstrong Co..


REA, WEAVER posted by Richard Essenwein on Wednesday, October 21, 1998

searching for information on Lemuel Rea, S. Buffalo Twp. Armstrong County PA. Lemuel was born 1843 and died 1908. He married Mary WEAVER 1845-1890.


GARDNER, RICHTER, RICHY, SPAWR posted by Ellen Byrne on Thursday, October 22, 1998

My ancestor Anna Margaret RICHTER was born about 1770 in Germany. To American about 1773. According to tradition her mother died on the voyage. A Samuel RICHY 1802 left a lot to his daughter who had married Johan Valentine SPAWR. The lot was in hempfield, Westmoreland Co. Pa. I have learned his 2nd wife was Juliana, maiden name unknown. Juliana married Abraham GARDNER. They moved to Armstrong Co. Pa. Valentine and Anna Margaret RICHTER SPAWR moved to Ohio, then mcLean Co. illinois. Any clue regarding the RICHTER/GARDNER families appreciated.


BICE, BIEL, HOLOBAUGH, STOUP posted by John Edelmann on Thursday, October 22, 1998

I have received some fairly confusing data from the LDS, regarding the Holobaugh family of Samuel and Sarah Jane, originally from Armstrong Co., PA. My data shows Sarah's last name was BICE, but Joyce Brannan, of Woodbridge VA, indicates that the name was BIEL. In any event, if any one happens to have any info related to this family, it would be greatly appreciated. The parents of Samuel Holobaugh were listed on his Probate Court death record (Pike Co., OH) as "C. Holobaugh" and "B. Stoup." This is duplicated in her data..


ALTMAN, SHOUP posted by Margie Myers on Thursday, October 22, 1998

Elizabeth Shoup married David Altman in Kittaning on April 2, 1944, according to church records. The family records have her last name spelled Shoop. David was buried in Armstrong County, South Bend Twp. I would appreciate any information on these individuals and their families..


KING, LIAS, MCINTIRE, SAXMAN, SOXMAN, WAMPLER, WILSON posted by Jane Nelson on Thursday, October 22, 1998

John MCINTIRE, b 1795, m Mary ?, d 1865 in Wayne Twp, Armstrong Co.. His children were: Daniel b 1821, m Martha LIAS (d/o Peter), d 1878 in Wayne Twp.; Alexander b 1823, m Mary SAXMAN/ SOXMAN; Maryann b 1825, m George MCINTIRE (s/o William & Martha Steffy) , d 1873 in Echo; Catherine b 1827, m John WILSON, d 1906 in Westmoreland Co.; John b 1829, m Mary Jane KING (d/o Josiah) , d 1873; Aultman b 1831, m Nancy WAMPLER. Grandchildren married; Kline, Schrecongost, Beck, Troutman, Umbaugh, Sutton, Milliron, Geiger, Marshall, Travis, and Neal. Would like to know more about all of these folks.


FORRINGER, HYNICK, MYERS, SHEARER, SHICK posted by Deb Shelkey on Thursday, October 22, 1998

I am searching for information on the Forringer family in Armstrong or Clarion County. My GGGgrandfather is Amos Forringer born 6/15/1854-4/30/1928 who married Eliza Jane Shick 5/25/1862-3/15/1935. In his obituary it states that he had half brothers and sisters by the names of Solomon,Isaiah,Elmira and Harriet. Any information on anyone in this family would be appreciated..


STIVANSON posted by Robert Stivanson on Friday, October 23, 1998

Armstrong Co. STIVANSON Family anytime period information?


REARICK, STARRY, STIVASON posted by Christopher Anthony on Saturday, October 24, 1998

My gg grandmother was Eveline Stiveson. She was the daughter of Tobias Stiveson(Civil War veteran) and Leah Starry. She married John Harmon Rearick, the sone of James and Anna Rearick. They had 11 children. I have a lot of information on this area, and am in need of some as well.


FORRINGER, HARMEN, HARMON, HERRMEN, UNGER posted by Christopher Anthony on Saturday, October 24, 1998

I am doing some research for a friend of mine. Her grandmother was Minnie FORRINGER. She married John UNGER. He was the son of Joseph UNGER and Barbara HARMON(HARMEN< HERRMEN)We are looking for information on Minnie and her family. She was born in 1882 and died in 1956. She is buried with her husband in Rimerhill Cemetery in Madison Twp Armstrong County. Her email address is


JACK, MAHAFEY, MAHAFFEY, MEHAFFEY posted by Janice Mahaffey on Sunday, October 25, 1998

Would like to find out Margaret Jack family. She was born 1 April 1799 died 3 April 1885, in South Buffalo, Twp. Married January 22, 1817.
Their Children
Stephen, B. Oct. 20, 1818
John April 25, 1820
James Jan 8, 1822
Martha Sept. 21, 1823
SAMUEL Oct. 21, 1825
Robert Fulton Oct. 25, 1827
Wm Harrison May 9, 1830
Matthew Oct 9 1833
Andrew G June 6, 1836
Lewis M. May 7, 1839
Mary Jane June 3, 1841
Ann Eliza Dec. 1843

Four brothers are listed as PATRICK, JAMES, JOHN, & ANDREW JACK, setled in the Franklin, Cumberland County, PA, circa 1735. Patrick married a Lillis McAdoo, 9 Children, and died in NC. James m Jane Carnahan 6 children, buried at Newville, Cumberland, CO. PA, John m Eleanor Stevenson, 13 children, near Hannastown, Westmoreland, Co., PA., no record of Andrew. Margaret is thought to have been the last survivor of her JACK FAMILY.


BACHTEL, SHARRER posted by Holly Million on Sunday, October 25, 1998

I am looking for information on Patrick Sharrer who married Sarah Jane Bachtel and lived in Armstrong County. He was killed by some Civil War deserters in 1864 in Johnstown. Captain of 78th Penn Regiment. He is buried in Putneyville. I would like to find his parents. Sarah Jane's parents were John Bachtel(1808) and Lavinia (?). They also lived in Armstrong county. They had 9 children John, Lydia, Sarah Jane, Wilson, Richard,Caroline, David, Jeremiah and Susan. John moved to Missouri.


HECKMAN, HICKMANN posted by Mary Ellen Ponzio on Sunday, October 25, 1998

I am searching for any information on my g-g grandfather Charles Albert Heckman (Hickmann) from Bradys Bend, Armstrong County, in 1847. Anyone with information, please e-mail me. Thanks!.


NELSON, SWANK posted by Jackie Wilding on Sunday, October 25, 1998

Looking for information on Andrew and Mary Nelson, parents of Julia Ann Nelson born 7 Apr 1845 in Kittanning twp., Armstrong county, Pa. Other children are Samuel b. 1835, Mariah b. 1837, George b. 1844 and Lucety b. 1847. Julia md. John Swank they lived in Plumcreek twp. and are buried in Elderton cemetery..


BOLLINGER, WELSH, WOLF posted by Barbara Diller on Tuesday, October 27, 1998

Looking for information on Sophia Welsh Wolf. She was born around 1860 to John Welsh and Martha Bollinger Welsh. According the the "History of Armstrong County," she was married to a John Wolf and living in Gilpin Township around 1914. She also attended my ggrandmother's funeral in 1938. Any help would be appreciated.


FRENCH, HENRY posted by Scott Emmel on Tuesday, October 27, 1998

Looking for information concerning Sarah A. Henry French (1839-1920) who is buried in Parker Presbyterian Cemetery, Armstrong Co., PA.
According to her tombstone, she is the wife of Julius B. French (1837-1914).
She is buried near to another collection of Henrys namely Joseph L. Henry (1838-1914).
I would like to establish the parentage of these two... Any help that you could give me in this endeavor would be appreciated....


FERRINGER, HIMES, KAUFMAN, RETTINGER, SCHRECONGOST posted by Kathy Himes on Tuesday, October 27, 1998

I am looking for the decendents of John Himes & Elizabeth Kaufman of New Salem, Arm. Co, PA. They had 4 children;
1. Catherine Himes married Joseph SCHRECONGOST
2. Jacob Himes born 1807 married Catherine ?
3. Christian Himes born 1815 married Ann Mary Rettinger
4. Samuel Himes born Jul 5, 1817 married Susanna FERRINGER.


DAVIS, MCCARTY posted by Bob Kunau on Tuesday, October 27, 1998

Hi, my name is Bob Kunau, & I have listed in my family Bible a Sarah McCarty, who married a William Gee. I got a copy of her marriage cert., from Boyd Co., Ky. It stated that her parents were both from Pa., & that Sarah & william were married at the home of Mrs McCarty. Sarah was born in 1840, but dosn't say where. Her parents were named Milla (Millo) Davis, & Richard McCarty. This is all the info I have on her parents, & any help would be greatly appreciated as I can't seem to find any trace of them. Thanks in advance.


CARNAHAN, WOODS posted by Gayle Woods Gardner on Thursday, October 29, 1998

William and Fanny CARNAHAN WOODS (born ca 1812-17) appear in 1850 Armstrong Co Census at Freeport. He is a coal digger. Children are James, John, Elizabeth, Amanda, William. (Francis is born after the family moves to IA about 1855) Next to the family in Jackson Co IA are David K. Carnahan, a possible brother to Fanny, and living in those households is an Elizabeth Carnahan of the age to be Fanny and David's mother or aunt.


ASHKETTLE, HUTCHINSON posted by Gayle Woods Gardner on Thursday, October 29, 1998

James A. Ashkettle and wife Mary (Maiden name unknown) appear in Plum Creek Twp 1850 Armstrong County census. First son is named James Hutchinson Ashkettle, was Mary a Hutchinson?.


BARNHART, WHITEHEAD posted by Laura Wallace on Thursday, October 29, 1998

Is anyone searching or know of the following people;.......I know this family was also in the same County for many many years.....some decendents may even still be there..! Please i need help, I'm running out of ideas!
In 1880 census William G. Barnhart 54y Suger Creek Twp. Armstrong Co. W/ Margaret A. 44y (WHITEHEAD from Armstrong Co)
S/ James J. 26y
S/ Daniel W. 24y
S/ William H. 22y
S/ George J. 20y
S/ Charles E. W. 18y
D/ Clarinda A 14y
S/ John R. 11y
S/ Irvin P. 8y
S/ Harvey G. 6y*
S/ Warren W. 2y


FUNK, GRIMM, SUTTON, WILSON posted by Robert Wilson on Thursday, October 29, 1998

Searching for information concerning Thomas M. Wilson and Susan J. Wilson who were parents of my great-great grandfather Stewart C. Wilson born Dec 30,1844. Stewart was born on a farm near Spring Church, Kiskiminetas Twp., Armstrong Co. Stewart enlisted Co E 139th Regt. of Penna. Inf. Vol. Aug 30th, 1862 Spring Church Armstrong Co. Was discharged June 21, 1865. After discharge, Stewart married Jennie H. Grimm of Olivet, Armstrong Co. April 19,1866 by a Rev. J.S. Lemon or Lennon of M E (Methodist?) Church of Apollo, Armstrong Co. Jennie was born 1845 and died 1913. Stewart and Jennie had (3) children. Daughter Myrta Maud Wilson born 1867 and died 1930. Myrta married Crawford FUNK who was born 1866 and died 1950. Son Charles C. Wilson born 11/21/1869 and died 10/4/1949. Charles married Mary Elizabeth SUTTON born 5/13/1877 and died 4/11/1962. Son Homer Stanley Wilson born 4/5/1873 died 8/1/1897. Any information on any of the above mentioned people would be appreciated.


HOMAIS, HOMARS, HOMAS, HOMASS, STOKES posted by Roberta Hendrick on Saturday, October 31, 1998

On the death certificate of a daughter of my gt gt grandmother it lists the mothers maiden, which is hard to read, I've translated it as HOMAIS/HOMARS/ HOMASS but cannot find any of those names on the census records. In 1850 I found Griffin HOMAS living at Bradys Bend, Armstrong, PA. This is the closest I've come to the name I'm searching for. My Gt Gt Grandmothers name was Elizabeth(Betsy) b 1821 in E PA. m Anthony STOKES c 1845 thereafter lived in Crawford Co. PA Any data on this surname would be greatly appreciated.


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